What do the breast of your favorite Valkyrie characters weigh……

Anime, manga and video games are often associated with breasts, I still fondly remember the bouncing breasts of the Dead or Alive fighters….oops I’m getting of track here, anyway just check out any website which covers your favorite anime or manga and you’ll often find the stats of the female character, or like they say in Japan the “three sizes”,bust, waist and hip.

Now you can add weight to that too….yes you’re reading that right, Valkyrie Drive http://valkyriedrive.jp/anime/?cat=Character lists the characters for the new upcoming anime Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid and their size stats.

VM 2

Mirei, which lists her at 168 centimeters tall and with a weight of 65 kilograms. Her bust/waist/hip measurements are given as 111, 65, and 94 centimeters, respectively, and her breasts are listed as  large H-cups.

This site doesn’t only list het bust size (111cm) but also the size below her bossom or underwire measurement…(83cm)

Her weight is listed as 65kg and behind that is written between parentheses 3kg….which is the weight of her bust.

VM 8

Yurika chan, the half Japanese, half Taiwanese girl has a bust size of 0.1 kg……

The question is though, who has ever given thought about a girl’s breast weight…..are we in for a new trend?

anime news network


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