Dragon Ball Super has started and it it is awesome!

Anime fans weren’t quite sure what to expect in 2013 when Battle of Gods was released in theaters, becoming the first new piece of Dragon Ball animation in 16 years. After such a long hiatus, would it be any good? And would this perhaps be the very last creative gasp from series creator Akira Toriyama?

The respective answers, yes and no, came quickly. Battle of Gods was a fan-pleasing hit, and a follow-up came in the form of the recently released Resurrection “F”.

So after two movies in two years, is Toriyama ready for a break? Nope, he’s ready for more, but this time not in theaters, as Dragon Ball returned to TV this summer with a brand-new anime series.

While the manga remained Dragon Ball for all 11 years it was in serialization, its anime adaptation have gone by a number of names. Starting off as plain old Dragon Ball in 1986, the anime switched its title to Dragon Ball Z before reaching the peak of its popularity. Later came the retouched Dragon Ball Kai, a leaner, cleaner version of the Z portion of the Dragon Ball anime library.

The very first episode of the new series, titled Dragon Ball Super, was broadcast last Sunday, and of course, we checked it out to witness the start of Goku’s new adventures. Dragon Ball fans, get ready for a brand new chapter in the timeless saga that has become a manga and anime classic around the world!

And what did we think of the actual show after seeing the first episode? In a few short words, it was clean, simple fun! There was no fighting, but we’re sure long-time fans enjoyed the laid back and even comical tone of the story that showed the characters going on with their daily lives instead of engaging in fierce battles for a change.

Comments posted by viewers who saw the show also seemed to be generally positive, as many felt the episode was a genuinely feel-good story, with quite a few fans remarking on how incredibly cute Goten is or how lovely Videl is in both appearance and character (Yup, Gohan is one lucky Saiyan!).  Others were tickled by how Piccolo still seems to have a soft spot for Gohan even after all these years. Most of all, though, it feels nice to see the familiar characters we’ve known for so long just enjoying life.

Of course, as Toriyama’s comments about foes from a neighboring universe suggest, it won’t be all fun and play for the Dragon Ball warriors, but it looks like the tone will remain light at least for a little while longer. In fact, fans are already saying that they’re looking forward even more to next week’s show, which they’re saying will be a must-see episode, as it’s apparently going to be about…Vegeta taking his family out on a holiday! Yes, we’re definitely looking forward to that one, since it’s not often that you see the Saiyan prince taking time out for a vacation.

So, we’re glad to say Dragon Ball Super seems to have gotten off to a good start. We’re sure Toriyama-sensei has some exciting surprises in store for us, and we hope the fun and entertainment continues for many weeks to come!

1000091321_2dragon ball styling super saya


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