Ronaldo in Japan to promote muscle gadget


A sheepish-looking Cristiano Ronaldo was in Tokyo on Tuesday promoting an electric muscle stimulation machine, a year after he visited to push a smile-enhancing gadget that looked a little like a boomerang.71EqthNxhwL._SL1500_

The 30-year-old Real Madrid star emerged onto a Tokyo stage bathed in white smoke and blinding light. Then he just stood there for a while, looking uncomfortable, until he was joined by his sponsor and a translator.

A slick video played on overhead screens showed Ronaldo’s well-toned form with the electric muscle toner attached to his torso. The company behind the device claims it is the easy way to achieve that desirable washboard look.

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Tuesday’s PR event came a year after the Portuguese player was mocked on social media for advertising a face exerciser that users were supposed to grip between their teeth as they nodded their heads to flap its extended arms.


Despite numerous attempts by photographers and by TV talkshow hosts to make him do so, the well-paid superstar refused to put the device in his mouth.

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Ronaldo previously also promoted the Refa active…”athletic beauty


Refa active

And now for something completely different:This limited edition Kitty-chan diving suit

New to the Hello Kitty merchandise;  Hello Kitty diving suit!

The range of dry suits and accessories is a collaboration with World Dive, an Osaka-based company which makes (you guessed it!) diving suits and underwater wear

screen-shot-2015-07-02-at-13-35-04-1The full-body suit is a limited edition (of course!), with only 50 being made, and retails at 349,000 yen (US $2822). No doubt, it’ll sell out quickly. You can also purchase this Kitty-chan dive hood – which comes with a giant red bow on it – for a mere 28,800 yen ($234).

There’s a black one too, with a slightly less ridiculous bow (25,800 yen, $210).screen-shot-2015-07-02-at-13-35-07-1screen-shot-2015-07-02-at-13-35-04

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The Stradivarius of a super hero.

One-of-a-kind Ultraman violin to be sold this November


Coming to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Theater Concert Hall on 2 November is the Ultraman Symphony Concert 2015. At this event music from the high-culture tokusatsu masterpieces of Ultraman and related shows will be performed by a full orchestra.

It’s sure to be a luminous evening of sci-fi splendor, but to mark the occasion a single Ultra Violin, the only official Ultraman violin in existence, will be sold to one lucky buyer.

The Ultra Violin is made from spruce and maple with ebony used in the additional parts such as the tailpiece and tuning pegs. Of course the body is painted up to look like the torso of Ultraman, but you might also notice that the violin’s f-holes are shaped like the Science Special Search Party insignia.

Also if you look carefully around the tailpiece you’ll see a silhouette of Ultraman poised to fire off a specium ray. The ray itself is represented by the strings of the violin. Nice!

Naturally an extremely limited instrument such as this would go for a high price, and the Ultraman Symphony Concert has set it at 780,000 yen (US$6,350) in a tribute to Messier 78, the nebula which contains the Ultras’ home

Tickets for the November 2 show are on sale now and run between 5,000 and 15,000 yen ($40-$122). The lucky owner of the Ultra Violin will be selected by lottery from potential buyers and given the instrument during the event.

It certainly will be an enviable piece of Ultra merchandise, but I imagine as an instrument you’ll only be able to play it well for around three minutes at a time.

We from japanwebshopping will certainly attend this event and take part in this lottery….and if (this is a huge IF) we win the lottery the violin will go to the first person on our list! So mail us and join the list cost free of course, and in case you get cold feet, don’t worry people will line up to take it out of our hands!

What do the breast of your favorite Valkyrie characters weigh……

Anime, manga and video games are often associated with breasts, I still fondly remember the bouncing breasts of the Dead or Alive fighters….oops I’m getting of track here, anyway just check out any website which covers your favorite anime or manga and you’ll often find the stats of the female character, or like they say in Japan the “three sizes”,bust, waist and hip.

Now you can add weight to that too….yes you’re reading that right, Valkyrie Drive lists the characters for the new upcoming anime Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid and their size stats.

VM 2

Mirei, which lists her at 168 centimeters tall and with a weight of 65 kilograms. Her bust/waist/hip measurements are given as 111, 65, and 94 centimeters, respectively, and her breasts are listed as  large H-cups.

This site doesn’t only list het bust size (111cm) but also the size below her bossom or underwire measurement…(83cm)

Her weight is listed as 65kg and behind that is written between parentheses 3kg….which is the weight of her bust.

VM 8

Yurika chan, the half Japanese, half Taiwanese girl has a bust size of 0.1 kg……

The question is though, who has ever given thought about a girl’s breast weight…..are we in for a new trend?

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