Chilled, green tea, sweet potato and more mark 40 years of Japan’s Hi-Chew candy

Morinaga’s Hi-Chew is one of Japan’s favorite candies. Its popularity has spread across the world and you can often find different flavors of Hi-Chew at your local store. Fans have gone to great lengths to show their appreciation for the flavorful chewy snack over the years, including our Japanese team who once even created their own giant Hi-Chew, thus disproving the old adage that “bigger is better”.

Now, to celebrate the candy’s 40th anniversary, Morinaga is releasing some special new flavors and an extra-special version of their most popular flavor that will become the first refrigerated Hi-Chew in history.

Since the candy was first released in 1975, there have been more than 130 different flavors of Hi-Chew, so coming up with a series of new flavors to celebrate the anniversary couldn’t have been an easy task. Morinaga didn’t even figure out their most popular flavor until 1992 when they released the grape version. That great taste took off, proving to be popular with both children and adults. Perhaps for this reason, the company decided to go back to grape for one of their commemorative 40th anniversary Hi-Chews.

Named the “Shocking Hi-Chew”, this special candy is made with 100% grape fruit juice. This new rendition of a classic flavor packs a huge blast of grape flavor and completely melts in your mouth. It will be available in convenience stores Japan-wide for 298 yen (US$2.41) starting August 4 and is certainly something to try before it’s gone.

▼ Don’t forget to refrigerate the 100% real fruit juice!

hi chew 1

Also available throughout Japan will be five special flavors packaged in a 40th anniversary box for 850 yen ($6.86). The five flavors chosen for the occasion are Uji green tea, purple sweet potato, kinako mochi, affogato and grilled corn. Some of these flavors may seem a little unconventional, but Hi-Chew has had some odd flavors in the past including fresh mint and sour plum.

hi chew 2

Whether you are looking for something traditional or something new, this 40th anniversary celebration will be a wild ride for your taste buds. You’d better be sure to punch your ticket soon as they will likely only be around for a limited time.

Let us know what to get for you, and remember at japanwebshopping there is no minimal order, we go to the shop, buy and send you that one pack of hi-chew and only charge you 5% commission of the price of that sole package!


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