Figure sellers leave you high and dry…

If you’re a true  anime or manga fan, than you surely know about the often life-like figures  created after your favorite character for sale on the net.

Although often fabricated in China, the design and the final check happens in good ol’ anime obsessed Japan. Some are true pieces of art and the prices of these figures can go up into the hundred thousands of yen, but whether you’re in the “big head” variety,

ねんどろいど 衛宮士郎 (フィギュア)
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works

or the “realistic” kind

hatsune miku variant play arts

The cute sexy fully busted  “idol” kind

ヘスティア (フィギュア)

The highly erotic NSFW kind…

[閉じる] 純愛果実 木谷椎 カバーガール 夏色少女 まなつちゃん (フィギュア) 商品画像1
manatsu chan
(in case you were wondering, those are ice cream sticks in her hands..)

Maybe you’re into game characters like…

[閉じる] Monster Hunter X(Cross) PLAY ARTS改 ディアボロス装備(レイジシリーズ) (フィギュア) 商品画像4
Monster hunter

Cartoon figures like..

Robin (batman; Arkham knight)

and big scale 1/3 big figures/dolls,

[閉じる] 『劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ [新編] 叛逆の物語』 悪魔ほむら (ドール) 商品画像3
Movie magical girl Madoka (50cm)

They are all produced in limited editions and require pre-ordering. Some shops online will order these for you and sell these with a significant price increase or they cut you out of the point system. You might not think much about points until you can buy a figure for free, than you realize what you’ve been missing.

The main sellers in Japan are hobbysearch    Bandai premium    cjmart

These three sites all have in common that they don’t ship abroad and that they let your earn points.

Our policy on pre-orders is that if payment is required will ask you to pay for this, however your payment won’t be removed from our paypal account until the whole order is completed.

If due to circumstances the product won’t or can’t be produced, then we will reimburse you the complete amount minus nothing.

Shopping has never been easier!

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