Paint your room in Ayanami Blue with official Evangelion paint

While there’s no way you could call the Evangelion franchise underappreciated as a whole, one part of the anime classic that often gets overlooked is its effective use of color. Add a couple of splashes of green and black to a field of purple, for example, and any fan will instantly think of the show’s central robot, Eva Unit-01.

Likewise, it’s impossible to imagine Rei Ayanami, Evangelion’s most famous female character, without the otherworldly fragile aura imparted by her distinctive blue hair. The color is so iconic that one Japanese paint company has even started selling a new shade, Ayanami Blue, that’s an exact match or Rei’s trademark tresses.

Turner Colour Works, based in Osaka, has been producing and selling paints since 1946. The company’s water-based J Colour interior paint series is suitable for applying to wood, concrete, or wall paper, and Turner boasts that it dries quickly, too.

There are already over 200 available hues in the J Colour line, but Turner recently found room for one more: Ayanami Blue.

AB 1

AB 4

Sitting half-way between J Colour’s preexisting Water Blue and Frosty Blue shades, Turner describes Ayanami Blue as being “Colder than water, yet warmer than ice.”

AB 6

The new paint went on sale July 26, and is priced at 2,160 yen (US$17) per 500-milliliter (16.9-ounce) can, an amount that will let you apply two coats to a roughly three-square meter (32.3-square-foot) area.

If your artistic ambitions are focused more on illustration than interior design, come October Turner will also be offering three Rei-themed acryl gouache paints: Ayanami Blue, Ayanami Blue Pearl, and Ayanami Blue Gel Medium.

AB 2

Just remember that while these are sure to make your home or drawings look anime-authentic, dried paint is a serious pain to get out of your hair, so stick to wigs for your Evangelion cosplay needs.

Source, images: Turner Color Works

Training wear for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber? These DBZ threads are the perfect fit!

Halloween may be right around the corner, but October also means it’s time to break out all the hooded jackets and heavy sweaters that have been hidden away in drawers for the last several months. For those who find that moths have attacked your precious layers, look no further than these stylish zip up hoodies that are a little “bad” and a whole lot of fashionable.

Introducing a pair of parkas inspired by the greatest villains of the Dragon Ball Z universe; wearing one of these will definitely grant you a stylish level over 9,000.

Don either of these hooded jackets and you will never find yourself stronger or warmer. These lovely fashionable pieces of clothing are inspired by the villain that never seems to die, Freeza, and the combat suit that is worn by some of the strongest Saiyans.

hoodie 8

The Freeza jacket is easily recognizable by the two distinct colors of his final form, white and purple. The hood also features raised, cylindrical “ears” that will definitely set you apart from any other white-and-purple hooded figure you may be standing beside.

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

▼ Cross your arms in a pose that says, “I am far superior to you” to really emulate the Emperor of the Universe.

基本 RGB

The second zip up is inspired by the combat outfit of Saiyan soldiers such as Raditz or Nappa. The iconic protectors on the shoulder and the pouch in the front are made from thick fleece and detailed with very deliberate stitching so it looks just like the armor in the manga and anime. You will feel like you can take on any challengers when decked out like the elite Saiyan warriors. No matter where you are, this jacket will keep you warm and show everyone your impeccable style.

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

▼ Be sure to purchase this bag to really up your fierce vibe. hoodie 13

Both hoodies are ready for your pre-order at 13,000 yen each (US$108.33) in small, medium, large and extra-large and will be available starting at the end of December.

Source: Net Lab

More versatile than a snuggie or slanket, “Dame Gi” is the last thing you’ll put on…ever

Summer has already given way to fall, and those cold winter nights will soon be upon us. As economical as Japan’s method of heating individual rooms can be—usually involving air conditioning units or kerosene stoves—it does have its issues, the biggest of which being that only a couple of rooms are heated at any one time, leaving everywhere else in the house freezing cold. During winter, trips to the bathroom in a Japanese house are no fun.

But this winter brings with it a new clothing item that is going to solve all your lounging and heating issues in one fell swoop. This light-weight but incredibly warm one-piece is so comfortable, it’s like you’re wearing nothing at all.

You can check all the men in your life off your Christmas list right now, folks; just get them the Dame Gi and they’ll be as happy as can be.

If these promotional images are any indication, this ridiculous piece of lazy-wear is the best thing since the invention of the remote control for apathetic people with nowhere to go. Called “Dame Gi”, which translates as “no-good wear”, this crazy looking zip-up suit claims that it will “ruin men”, although we can’t see why it wouldn’t ruin lazier women just as well. Made of lightweight but warm material, there are plenty of special features that ensure you will never have to leave the comfort of this amazing new invention.

▼ You can shut the entire world out with the Dame Gi. Note the breathing/eating hole for not dying/convenience.

lazy 1

▼ Though thankfully the hood can be lowered for when you want to look at things. Your TV or a pizza delivery menu, for example.

lazy 3

▼ Note how the breathing hole can also be shifted to an eye hole, allowing you to watch entertainment without leaving the comfort of your hood.

lazy 4

▼ Additional handy features include a low front zipper and a rear poop chute!

lazy 5

▼ With so much room in the hood, there are various ways you can utilize the face hole.

lazy 6

They really seem to have thought of everything when they designed the most lethargic piece of clothing ever. Interested parties can order the Dame Gi for about 6,000 yen (US$49.89) on either Amazon or Rakuten. You can get them in medium (up to 175 centimeters/5’8″) or large sizes (up to 185 centimeters/6’0″) in that sweet vibrant navy blue color. You don’t want to be caught out in the cold without the protection of your precious Dame Gi, so make sure you order a spare for when you have to wash one after a month or so of continued use.

▼ It apparently took three iterations to figure out how to go to the bathroom in this thing.

lazy 7

▼ So roomy and comfortable, you will be able to dance in celebration…but you’re probably just going to lie on the couch.

lazy 8

▼ The materials used gives you a “practically nude” feeling. Apparently.

lazy 9

▼ When combined with other clothing, you can create a really awesome effect.

lazy 10

▼ …Or not…

lazy 12

▼ Complete your ultimate sleep with the body pillow that hugs you back.

lazy 11

▼ Front, side and back views of the Dame Gi

lazy 2

▼ If these pictures still haven’t convinced you that you need the Dame Gi, check out their promotional video.

Well, do you want one….?

Source: Net Lab
Images: Bibi Lab

Japanese company’s extremely revealing hot pants are certainly hot, might not be pants anymore

ompared to the U.S., Japan has different cultural standards about revealing female fashions. That’s not to say women in Japan show more or less skin than their American counterparts, just that they show it in different places.

So while you’re likely to see more cleavage in L.A. or New York, a stroll through Tokyo or Osaka will turn up more women in very short shorts. Honestly, after spending enough time in Japan, its easy to become desensitized to hot pants, until something comes along that pushes the envelope by offering less coverage from some angles than a pair of panties.

With cleavage being a rarer commodity than thigh, Japanese Internet users have been entranced by a couple of daring tops over the past few months. It takes something pretty bold to get them talking about shorts, though.

This design seems bold enough.

SP 2

These fake leather front string shorts are the creation of fashion brand Omoshiro Club. And just to reiterate, they’re officially referred to by the manufacturer as “shorts” and not “underwear,” “panties,” or “lingerie.”

Made of a snug-fitting but flexible material, Omoshiro Club recommends them for “fashionable people with a strong sense of individuality.”

▼ Compared to the other angles, the shorts’ backside is so modest as to feel downright stodgy.

SP 3

SP 4

The unique article of clothing can be ordered here through Yahoo! Japan Shopping. Since Yahoo! is, for the most part, a family-friendly Internet portal, Twitter user Mofu Mofu came to this conclusion:

“These are regular ladies’ shorts being sold by a regular apparel maker, so I think it would be wonderful if regular girls wore them.”

But while most of us would probably agree that Yahoo! is a regular, middle-of-the-road company, we’re not sure we agree with Mofu Mofu’s use of “regular” for Omoshiro Club, considering that the rest of its product lineup includes numbers like these:

▼ In determining whether or not a product is “regular,” let whether or not the models insist on their faces being obscured serve as a litmus test.

SP 5

The shorts are available in sizes small to extra-extra-extra-large. They’re priced at 2,600 yen (US$22), which, while not an unheard of price for a pair of shorts, does seem a little steep considering how little material is actually involved. There’s also the question of whether or not you’re supposed to wear panties with them, as we’re not really sure which is less embarrassing: displaying your undies for all to see or exposing so much real estate on the lots neighboring your crotch.

Then again, if the word “embarrassing” ever enters your decision-making thought process, maybe these aren’t the shorts you’re looking for. In Omoshiro Club’s own words:

“As these are bold hot pants that show off the attractive bare skin of a woman’s lower body, it will probably take a bit of courage to wear these while walking around town.”

A bit of courage, eh? For a company selling such explicit fashion, Omoshiro Club also seems to have a fine command of the art of understatement.

Source: Togech
Top image: Yahoo! Japan Shopping

Casey Baseel

Japan limited products part 2 日本限定

Every country has its share of  “limited to this country” products,  this is often  a marketing ploy to work on people’s nationalistic feelings and sometimes doesn’t involve more than a slight color alteration or worse, special packaging…and charge more. However lots  of producers realize that each country has their own set of values and tastes, and therefore develop these products with this single group of consumers in mind, and knowing that these products no matter how popular they can be in one market, they could create a huge loss in another.

A lot of producers have other local companies produce their original product through licensing, and these local producers often like to add their own flavor, which is especially the case in the food and beverage industry (Macha KIT KAT annyone?)

If a company decides that a certain product should only be sold in one country they don’t take the folks in account who would love these products…leaving them empty handed, frustrated and over-paying at various auction sites, often spending way too much money, which in turn leads to months of unpaid rent, eviction, sleeping on the streets and feeding on those cheese cake Kit-Kats and Pokka  kamenrider cola…….

We at JWS, went to through a list of Japan limited products at Amazon Japan and came up with a few examples of what you can get for limited stuff against original prices with an almost pathetic 10% commission…we will look for even cheaper options if you want us to..we just don’t want you to end up on the streets…that’s us, a company that cares!

Ok here we go:

We kick off with this handsome Luminox watch:

[ルミノックス]LUMINOX 腕時計 ネイビーシールズ カラーマーク 日本限定 ブラックアウト 3051BlackOut メンズ [正規輸入品]
Luminox navy seals color mark blackout 3051 Yen 45,360 (receive 6,795 points)

For those Apple fans who treat their phone/pad with uttermost care and love to personalize it in a distinguished matter..A spigen aluminum home button in “Japan only” royal as chips for only yen 690,- and we reckon that shipping will set you back just another 2 bucks. (no the 69 yen won’t make us rich, but we hope that you have a million friends who also love to have one..)

【国内正規品】 SPIGEN SGP アルミニウム ホームボタン 日本限定モデル [ロイヤル・ブルー] for iPhone & iPad SGP10554

spigen button

Are you Asian and do you also suffer from damaged eyelashes? Well worry no longer Rivitalash has released the revitalizer rush advance Japan mascara, which is a “reborn” product to suit the characteristics of the Japanese. But we all know that the “we Japanese have shorter intestines” is a blatant lie, so we reckon this product would work well with all women of asian decent.

[Japan only regular commodity] RivitaLash Revitalizer Rush Advance Japan 2ml
Price: ¥ 10,584

RivitaLash Revitalizer(wow that’s big)

Are you the proud owner of a Dolce Gusto machine? Try Macha(green tea) Latte, it has a mild, slightly sweetened and relaxing creamy green tea taste. Japan in two tiny capsules!

¥ 980

nestle macha latte

I’ve never been in the army, but I kick butt on the virtual warfields, my weapon of choice: Call of Duty! One of my vices (besides beer, e-cigs, anime, manga, cars, and more beer) are game consoles, and the soon to be released Playstation 4 call of duty: Black ops 3 limited edition 1TB including game is already pre-ordered.

Playstation 4 Call of Duty

For the wealthy upcoming parents there is this Phil&Teds baby car in “Japan only” pink. It isn’t cheap at yen 94.500 but remember that you can carry 2 kids, so it’s basically only 47.250 yen a kid!


Austrian company AKG will be releasing  a Japan Limited Edition of the populair DJ Style headphone for Yen 9,380 without tax (5%) It’s a proven fact that the colors green, pink and orange enhance the sound quality because they’re the mix of two primary colors,(or did I just make that up?)

Y50 JAPAN LIMITED EDITION。左よりグリーン/ピンク/オレンジ
Japanese color version
original version


If you buy sneakers as a fashion accessory, but prefer the streets of Milano over the uh well the streets,   then these Japan limited Gucci sneakers will suit your Dolce and Gabanna black jeans and black Prada turtle neck sweater outfit. I say absolutely gorgeous, but stay away from the basket ball courts. they are yours to have for yen 7,8758, yes that’s a cool $700…but while you’re reading this you glance at your $500.000 Patek Philippe and just shrug and smile

GUCCI|グッチ 7万8750円

.Gucci sneakers

A little more downscale, but certainly not less extravagant are these Adidas Original SS ENML Pamyu Pamyu sneakers, cute as a camouflage dyed French Bulldog and cheap as a few packs of gum.

Yen 7,580 :


So there you have it, if one product caught your eye, shop around on e-bay or Amazon and check the prices, if you can find them cheaper then good on you, if not ask us for a price estimation, because with the Yen at an all time low, shopping has never been cheaper!

Of course if you’re looking for something else, anything (except mail order brides) we help you track it down, and give you a price estimation….you’re not obliged to buy a thing, until you say you want to. We include all the receipts(product price, shipping cost etc) so you know with 100% certainty that you got the best bang for your buck….

We keep your personal information on a separate not internet connected computer, so you never have to worry about your security and privacy.

Give us a shot, we promise that you won’t regret it.


Rum raisin-flavored chocolate Oreo bars to go on sale in Japan!

Despite the popularity of goodies like Kit Kats and Oreos around the world, most countries sell only the original flavors of such snacks with perhaps one or two flavor variations on the side. This area, however, is where Japan goes totally nuts with novel and often downright bizarre marketing campaigns to introduce the latest flavors of ordinary snacks—just ask anyone who’s ever had the courage to try wasabi Kit Kats or strawberry chocolate-covered shrimp chips!

Nabisco Oreo bits sandwiches macha!

Case in point, confectionery and baked goods company Yamazaki Nabisco has unveiled its newest flavor of the popular Oreo cookie: rum raisin.

If you live in Japan, get ready to run to your nearest konbini, and if you don’t, well don’t cry just yet….we are here to serve you and get you mighty fat.

This new rum raisin flavor is being marketed for the older crowd with a label of “for adult tastes.” Since the bars come with a rum raisin-flavored whipped chocolate center and are encased in 70-percent cacao dark chocolate, the combination of a crunchy Oreo cookie with the softness of a creamy filling is sure to delight everyone’s taste buds. Take that, strawberry chocolate-covered shrimp chips!


Boxes of Chocolate Rum Raisin Oreos officially went on sale in Japanese stores yesterday. Their current price is listed as 200 yen (US$1.67) for one box of seven individually wrapped bars.         Also be sure to try these Oreo Chocolat with a cacao mass of 70%…’s your life in a small package; bitter and sweet and it ends far too quickly..


Source: Entabe
Image: Yamazaki Nabisco

Kancolle presents Moe battleship girls at TGS 2015..

Much is written about the phenomenon that is Kantai Collection, or Kancolle. The free-to-play online game featuring battleships anthropomorphized as cute girls has spawned an anime, mountains of merchandise, and limitless sexy fanart, cosplay, and doujinshi.

Since Kancolle is still most famous as a game, with over 3 million registered players, it had a strong presence at this year’s Tokyo Game Show at the booth. They had an impressive display of detailed figures available, faithfully recreating the 2D moe battleship girls in glorious 3D. And we got photos of some of the best!

▼ Kongou


▼ Haruna


▼ Takao


▼ Musashi


▼ Musashi Kai


▼ Atago


▼ Yamato


▼ Shimakaze


▼ Amatsukaze


▼ I-19


▼ Yukikaze


▼ Chibis!


▼ Chibi Yamato


If there are any figures you just have to have, then you’re in luck! These figures aren’t just for TGS; they’re all commercially available. However, you’ll have to grind a lot of real life currency to afford them, as most will set you back around 10,000 yen (US$83) apiece. Collecting the entire fleet could end up costing you almost as much as a real-life ship! So for us, and many other attendees, just seeing the collection and getting some close-up photos was enough. Besides, we still have all our in-game girls!

Photos © RocketNews24

Sailor moon pens and cup and saucer set now up for pre-order…earn points

When it comes to celebrating their 20th anniversary, Sailor Moon girls don’t go out on the town, swigging from a cheap bottle of Brut, yelling “It’s my birf-daaaaay” to passers-by on the street.

This is a group of soldiers who choose to stay home instead, holding tea parties with their nearest and dearest, using only the finest Japanese tableware on the market, Noritake.

Now you can sip tea like a sailor warrior too, with this gorgeous new teacup and saucer set, which blends fine porcelain details with cute motifs from the hit series.

The set, available from Premium Bandai for 7,776 yen (US$64.82), is based around the theme of “kizuna”, or bonds, and highlights the special bond shared by the inner senshi; Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.


This is only the second time Noritake has teamed up with the Sailor Moon franchise to offer a special product. Earlier this year, they offered a special set in honour of the love between Sailor Moon and her sweetheart, Tuxedo Mask.


For their second collaboration, the pink and blue rose, symbolising a union that goes all the way back to their previous lives as Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion, is moved from the outside of the teacup to the inside, and is surrounded by gerberas in the colours of four of the main senshi, as a nod to the girls who prop them up.

The saucer also features some beautiful details. In the centre, we have Sailor Moon’s palace, the Moon Castle, which is surrounded by five gerberas, motifs and ribbons of the inner senshi.

The teacup and saucer sets, on sale from 17 September, will be available for delivery in December. Get in now before they’re all sold out!


Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto join Sailor Moon in getting cool new anime pens

SM 0

It’s easy to forget, but Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Senshi actually spend most of their day as students. When there aren’t any monsters around, the anime’s cast should ostensibly have notes to take, worksheets to fill out, and reports to write, and when it’s time to stop fighting and start studying, maybe they reach for one of these pens modeled after the magical equipment of Sailors Moon, Chibimoon, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

If you’re a devoted fan of more than one Sailor Senshi, you’ll be happy to know that these new pens from anime retailer Bandai are sold in bundle packs of three. Headlining the new lineup of writing instruments is the Moon Prism Ball Pen Set (“ball pen” being the term in Japan for a ballpoint pen), inspired by Sailor Moon and her precocious daughter Chibiusa.

SM 1

From left to right, the pens take their designs from the Moon Stick, Sailor Moon’s original handheld object of power, Chibiusa/Sailor Chibimoon’s Pink Moon Stick, and the Spiral Heart Moon Rod which the series’ titular heroine upgraded to during its Sailor Moon S arc.

SM 4

▼ Writing the letter “M” has never looked so anime-elegant!

SM 5

The three black-ink 0.7-milimeter tip pens come in a clear-front package, so that you can proudly display your arsenal on the shelf next to your Blu-ray boxed sets of the series. Alternatively, you can flip the pens’ box around and appreciate the artwork that takes up the entire backside.

SM 15

And if you prefer Senshi of the Outer variety, there’s also the Planet Power Ball Pen Set.

SM 7

This time around, the Transformation Lip Rods of Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have been themselves transformed into pens.

SM 10

SM 11

SM 16

Both sets are identically priced at 3,456 yen (US$28), and can be ordered through the Premium Bandai online store (Moon Power set here, Planet Power here). Shipping is scheduled for January.

Let us pre-order them and receive your bandai store points!

A CD of Buddhist monks reciting sutras is one of Japan’s best selling albums

Man, remember CDs? For a time, they were the best and essentially only way to get your music fix, before digital distribution basically steamrolled CD sales worldwide. Now everybody uses those CD spindles—which once held dozens of CDs containing hundreds of hours of music—to keep their bagels from going stale or whatever.

Unsurprisingly, though, in change-averse Japan, CDs still do a brisk business, although sales are certainly waning and it’s only a matter of time before the Japanese, too, decide to collectively microwave their CD collections once and for all (this being the most fun way to dispose of your CDs). And one interesting side-effect of Japan’s CD business entering its twilight years is that some rather unexpected, and sometimes downright odd, albums have been stealthily cracking the top 10 charts.

For example, this CD containing a soothing collection of Buddhist monks reciting sutras.

Making the CD’s presence on the Oricon Album Ranking Top 10 even more strange is that it’s actually sold in bookstores, not CD shops, as a bonus CD attachment to a short book of sutras. The “CD Book,” Kokoro wo Totonoeru Kouyasan no Okyou CD Book, extols the many virtues and even health benefits of listening to the soothing sounds of sutras (called “okyou” in Japanese) being read aloud by groups of monks, and it looks like Japanese consumers are eating it up—with the book selling over 50,000 copies at time of writing.

The sounds of okyou

The top three beneficial effects of listening to okyou, as listed in the book and testified to in reviews, are:

It calms your nerves

The book recommends popping in the CD at work (presumably into your computer, since, seriously, no one on this earth owns a CD player anymore), any time you’re feeling overwhelmed by nagging bosses, looming deadlines, or the guy next to you that’s always surreptitiously picking his nose at his desk.

More okyou for your listening pleasure

It helps you sleep

Certainly, okyou can have a sort of white noise effect, blending into the background as it helps you to drift off to a restful sleep. It’s kind of like one of those rainforest sounds CDs, except, probably, in this one an occasional, loud gong jolts you awake a few times throughout the night.

It can even improve your physical well-being

Your mileage will probably vary on this one, depending on how much you buy into spiritualism and/or the mind-body connection of listening to music, but the book says listening to okyou can have a soothing effect on the heart and body, relaxing tension in the body and maybe even helping you feel better when you’re ill or heartbroken. There’s no mention of listening to okyou boosting your sexual prowess, unfortunately, but if you want to go ahead and believe that, we’re not going to rain on your parade here.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Amazon offers international shipping, but we can buy and send it to you for a meager 10% commission on the purchase price.



Consider us teased! Upcoming Dragon Ball Z animation promises big things【Video】

DBZ Tribute is an upcoming animation that aims to pay tribute (the hint’s in the name) to the work of Akira Toriyama. A team of professional artists have come together to create a computer-generated animated sequence as a homage to the creator of Dragon Ball.

It’s not an official project, but if the production values in these teasers are anything to go on, it’s going to be a really high-quality “tribute”.

The project is headed up by Director Javier Zumaeta, who is also lead animator. Bruno Camara is its Art Director and lead character artist. Music will be composed by Marcus Hedges of The Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra.

▼ Here are some teaser shots from the animation project.


▼ Some online commenters were quick to point out that Goku’s facial expressions are reminiscent of Big Hero Six.


▼ The attention to detail is impressive.


▼ Yup, we are definitely teased.


It’s the video teasers that are most exciting, though.

▼ Short, sweet and scary.

There’s also some neat test animations of Goku, which gives us high hopes for the quality of the animation in the finished work:

▼ And it’s not even an official project!

That’s all we’ve got for now! We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more updates. In the meantime, you can follow the team’s progress on Twitter or Facebook, or via their official website.

We can get you anything from Japan to anywhere..the cheapest way!