Autumn inspired mascara..from Harajuku.

Harajuku based cosmetic brand UPS (no not US postal service) has released three autumn color inspired masacara(s?).

Each mascara consist out of two colors, one for the upper eye lashes and one for the lower eye lashes, with the lower color to be more “vivid”.

They are easily washed  off with lukewarm water and can also be applied to eyelash extensions…however they are claimed to be water and sweat proof.

Red & Burgundy high color of red color

ink & Navy in high-color a vivid pink × chic adult Navy to develop a color to adult but cute impression.

Orange & Brown Brown

The ladies at the office swear by the high quality of ups products, and even when they sweat because I make them work so hard, but too stingy to lower the aircon, their mascara never there’s your proof!

This product will be released on september the 14th.

Product Name: Double Eye Color Mascara ■ Price: 1,600 yen (excluding tax)


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