variety goods store Village Vanguard

Famous for its weirdness, loved for its uniqueness..yes we’re talking about novelty goods/ book store, Village Vanguard. Founded in 1986 in the town were JWS’ headquarters are located;Nagoya.

Ever wondered what beef flavored chewing gum tastes like? Are you a romantic who loves candlelight….what about some sushi shaped candles?


What do you give to a friend who has everything, well in my case I was presented with a Doo Doo head mask…yes a turd shaped mask…I still don’t know whether to be insulted or …. , still I can’t wait for Halloween to start!

【おもしろマスク】DOO DOO HEAD MASK(うんこマスク)

Or what about these “new high” horror inspired half tights,



They might form a perfect match  with these ears…


And to round of the look what about this awesome kurukuru maki (around and around) ring.

【九十九一六八】束縛指輪 9号(赤)(リボンなし)

They have loads of truly interesting t-shirts for the more courageous under us.

Wrestler 4,104 yen

The fake black/red/white /blue/pink bra tee, which is a shirt with a fake rip showing a pair of impressive breast hold together by a black lace brassiere.

妄想マッピング -黒いブラTシャツ-(レディース半袖)
3,780 円

And for the lads too!

【VV限定】妄想マッピング -白いブラTシャツ-(半袖)
3,780 円

What about the chic (that’s how they describe it) roach on meat shirt…just the perfect thing to wear when you’re shy and don’t know how to start a conversation..

【オシャレもここまで来ました】オリジナルTシャツ 【ゴキ肉】
1,620 円

Truly special and a bit disturbing is this t-shirt with a print of the Japanese com(ugh ugh)edian; Egachan, famous for walking around half naked and being gross. (yeah it’s Japanese entertainment!). Worn in a conventional way it’s just a Tee….but when you pull the bottom of the shirt over your head, you become Egachan! Is this the start of a new trend?

【VV限定】江頭2:50被って変身オリジナルTシャツ【EGASHIRA2:50】(Sサイズ ピンク)

Well this is just a pinch of what they have for sale, check out their site and you’ll find the weirdest, thought provoking( Why would somebody buy this???) and truly Japanese unusual stuff. Village Vanguard novelty shop


【第一回クリエイターコンペ入選】シリダス パンツ

space alien
【靴下にマントが!!】スーパーマン ハイソックス+マント
super woman high socks with little capes attached

Let us know what you like and we’ll get it to you,,,wherever you live!

Village Vanguard novelty shop

【BAYCAMP×VV】芦沢ムネト×HAJIME FANTASY『ワン』Tシャツ(ホワイトXLサイズ)【9月下旬発送予定】

lightsaber umbrella
【巨大生物シリーズ!】メガカマキリ 73cm
Giant praying mantis

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