You no longer have to live in Japan to enjoy the Amazon JP time sale.

タイムセール 毎日更新 数量&期間限定の特価品

Now you can buy products cheaper then before with Amazon Time Sale.
All the products on this page are discounted for a limited time, when the clock runs out or the limited amount is gone…so does the deal.
We will buy and ship these products for you, there is only one catch…you have to let us know at least two hours before the sale expires…that’s all!
Happy shopping!

Follow the link and you’ll arrive on a page looking like this:

time sale link

2-Fullscreen capture 20150910 220652Click the translate button and it will look like this:

1-Fullscreen capture 20150910 215321

A close up of an item will look like this, with the remaining amount and remaining time.1-Fullscreen capture 20150910 215853Now all you have to do, is send us your request and we will send you the cost in detail. If you agree we ask you to transfer the amount, after we will buy it for you. Please note that the shipping costs of Time Sale products are decided….(most time sale products end at night) However if there’s a mistake with estimation we will refund you. (We always enclose all the receipts of the products bought and sending costs)

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