Training wear for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber? These DBZ threads are the perfect fit!

Halloween may be right around the corner, but October also means it’s time to break out all the hooded jackets and heavy sweaters that have been hidden away in drawers for the last several months. For those who find that moths have attacked your precious layers, look no further than these stylish zip up hoodies that are a little “bad” and a whole lot of fashionable.

Introducing a pair of parkas inspired by the greatest villains of the Dragon Ball Z universe; wearing one of these will definitely grant you a stylish level over 9,000.

Don either of these hooded jackets and you will never find yourself stronger or warmer. These lovely fashionable pieces of clothing are inspired by the villain that never seems to die, Freeza, and the combat suit that is worn by some of the strongest Saiyans.

hoodie 8

The Freeza jacket is easily recognizable by the two distinct colors of his final form, white and purple. The hood also features raised, cylindrical “ears” that will definitely set you apart from any other white-and-purple hooded figure you may be standing beside.

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

▼ Cross your arms in a pose that says, “I am far superior to you” to really emulate the Emperor of the Universe.

基本 RGB

The second zip up is inspired by the combat outfit of Saiyan soldiers such as Raditz or Nappa. The iconic protectors on the shoulder and the pouch in the front are made from thick fleece and detailed with very deliberate stitching so it looks just like the armor in the manga and anime. You will feel like you can take on any challengers when decked out like the elite Saiyan warriors. No matter where you are, this jacket will keep you warm and show everyone your impeccable style.

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

▼ Be sure to purchase this bag to really up your fierce vibe. hoodie 13

Both hoodies are ready for your pre-order at 13,000 yen each (US$108.33) in small, medium, large and extra-large and will be available starting at the end of December.

Source: Net Lab


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