Bandai to release life-like posable plastic figures to help you draw “realistic” epic poses

It seems like Bandai really wants us to get better at drawing. First they released the totally awesome and totally-not-just-for-kids Magic Illustrator, and now they’ve announced that they will be selling life-like posable figures for all of your human-sketching needs.

And what’s more, these figures come with dozens of sweet accessories, making it easier than ever to draw a someone wielding a sword, a deadly cellphone, or their own awesome lightning fists. Ready to never again lose friends by asking them to hold a pose while you carefully draw it? Then read on!

Now for those of you who haven’t done much life-drawing before, you may wonder: why would you need plastic models? Can’t you just draw without them?

And the answer to that is a resounding… well, er, uh, kind of. Some great artists can rattle off drawings of people no problem. But for the rest of us, it helps to have a model to work off, especially if you’re drawing something that doesn’t typically happen in everyday life.

▼ It’d be hard to model this scene without someone breaking their neck, but the posable figures make it easy to sketch.


The posable figures themselves are being produced by S. H. Figuarts, a maker of high-quality Japanese plastic figures. They come in two varieties, male and female, appropriately named “Body-kun” and “Body-chan.”

▼ It was love at first bend.

What sets these figures apart from other posable art models before is that these ones are built to only bend in natural human ways. This means you can’t accidentally put the figure into an unnatural pose, which could potentially mess up your sketch. And since they bend in over 30 places, you can get a lot more detail than from other similar products.

The figures also come with a variety of accessories and interchangeable parts, making it much easier to see what certain hand positions look like when interacting with objects.

▼ You typically don’t live very long after you see someone pose with a gun or sword like that, so naturally they’re pretty hard to sketch.


And the possibilities don’t end there. Here’s what people all over the internet have been doing to show off the unlimited potential of working with Body-kun and Body-chan:

▼ The ultimate kabe-don.

body-chan kabe donTwitter/@hobby_maniax

▼ “Hey Body-kun? Whatcha thinkin’ ’bout?”

body-chan computerTwitter/@INSIDEjp

▼ “Was it me growing wings an ascending to a higher plane? Because that’s what I was thinking about.”

body-chan angelTwitter/@hobby_maniax

▼ This battle is really heating up. If no one stops these two then they’re going to…

body-chan kickingTwitter/@1up_news

▼ Go Super Saiyan! Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh!

body-chan lightningTwitter/@hobby_maniax

If you think Body-kun and Body-chan would make good additions to your artistic arsenal, then be sure to check back in April 2016 when they’re officially released. The models range in price from 4,320 yen to 6,480 yen (US$36 to $54) depending on how many accessories it comes with.

But come on, let’s be real, are you going to really be happy saving a few bucks if it means missing out on that sweet sword and posable clear plastic stand? The awesomeness basically pays for itself.

Source: Tamashii Web via Inside Games

What do Seven Eleven and Jean Paul Gaultier have in common?

My favorite designer is Jean Paul Gaultier, not only as a designer but also as a human being..the man is just beautiful……there I said it. As a blogger who has to promote Japanese products  this is like cursing in church (it’s a Dutch expression), since JPG and Japan have nothing much in common, except for the fact that Japanese guys just look freaking awesome in Gaultier clothes! Their slim, almost feminine statue gives a different look to his designs and lots of my Japanese friends can even wear the Gaultier pour femme clothes and still look masculine…it just makes me feel so envious…. Sure Gaultier uses “macho” looking models in his fashion shows and they look plain awesome wearing his clothes, but not many hetero men have the guts or the confidence to pull it off.

In Japan Gaultier used to be huge, 20 years ago you could find Gaultier shops in every major city, especially in Parco department stores, there was a Jean Paul Gaultier Homme shop, a Jean Paul Gaultier Femme and a Jean Paul Gaultier Junior shop in almost every Parco. I spent many hours and many, many yen in Jean Paul Gaultier Junior shop here in Nagoya and I can say that wearing Jp’s clothes made a better man..weird uh, but I became  far more open minded and the line between homo and hetero sexuality disappeared when I wore his clothes..both gay and straight accepted and complimented me on my looks and when going to trance parties both sides hit on me….not because of my looks but because of the “I don’t give a fuck what you think I am… I am myself and you can’t put me in a box” look.I became non sexual orientated when I wore his dress pants combined with a tattoo like skin tight shirt..that’s what JP does, the man is a genius!

But times have changed and the economy in Japan took a bit hit, first to go were the JPG shops, these were aimed at the younger folks, but still too pricey for the young crowd….eventually the Gaultier Coulture shops disappeared and finally Tokyo’s Ginza shop closed.. actually JP is also to blame for this, his clothes are so timeless that folks keep them for years and years and never get tired of during the recession they don’t purchase new ones, but buy cheap clothes to complement them, making those cheapies  look much more expensive than they really are.

Gaultier is back in Japan though, but not the way you would expect it…Seven Eleven and Gaultier? Yeah but not really…     Seven Eleven Japan owns old style japanese department store Ito Yo Kado which started selling the  Jean Paul GAULTIER FOR SEPT PREMIERES line. I tried and did my best to find out how much JP really was involved in this line, but I have to keep looking, cause I found nothing…but his influence is certainly there in big spades..however the prices..not really, yeah they are too low! Is this a luxury problem..well looking at this line, one ought to think so, because they are really good looking and unmistakably Gaultier!

trench coat..19.000 yen
34.000 yen for this amazing coat!
gorgeous one piece for 12.000 yen!
16.000 yen for these pants/trousers

Check out the whole line here

Unfortunately this line is still limited to women, but I was told that a man’s collection is on it’s way..especially since the women’s line has proven to be a huge hit!

On Zozo you can find some great products, used and new for really low prices…

JEAN-PAUL GAULTIER(ジャンポールゴルチエ)の古着「ボーダー柄コットン半袖ニット(ニット/セーター)」|ブラック
high neck knit, class a used product ¥2,700
JEAN-PAUL GAULTIER(ジャンポールゴルチエ)の古着「ドット柄長袖カットソー(Tシャツ/カットソー)」|レッド
class b Jean Paul Gaultier Femme ¥3,000

For me..well I hold on to all my Gaultier clothes and combine them with another designer who fell out of grace with the Japanese consumer…Dirk Bikkemberg and……beneath these fabulous designs I wear Uniqlo t-shirts….

Anime Contact lenses will give you the shimmering eyes of a manga heroine

The first thing that many people notice about the eyes of anime characters is how big they are, but that’s not the only thing that makes those 2-D peepers special. Through the magic of Japanese animation, anime eyes shine so brightly they almost look like they’re made of crystal or some other equally lustrous precious stones.

Of course, real eyes aren’t so reflective, but if you’ve got your heart set on your eyes sparkling like your favorite anime heroine, you can now achieve the look with the just-released line of anime-style contact lenses.

Created by cosmetics company Japan Eden, the Anime Contact line consists of three different designs. First up is the Ururu Eye, which takes its name from uruuru, the Japanese word for the shimmering look of teary eyes.

▼ Note: The actual Anime Contact lenses are clear. The light blue in the illustration is just to help the pattern stand out in the drawing.

AC 1

The Kirakira Eye (“Sparkling Eye”) concentrates its effect on the edges of the iris, for what Japan Eden calls a “mature cute” look.

AC 2

Finally, the Kiratto Eye (“Flash of Light Eye”) adds just a touch of anime appeal to the lower corner.

AC 3

Each 3,300-yen (US$28) set contains two one-month contact lenses with the same pattern. While the official website’s models are all shown with matching contacts in each eye, those looking for a more varied look can mix ad match between the three designs.

Currently, Anime Contact lenses are strictly for cosmetic purposes, as they’re non-prescription. However, the brand’s official website includes a drop-down menu on its order page for prescription strength. Although it currently can’t be set to anythig, it seems like Japan Eden is at least considering the possibility of offering corrective versions in the future.

Anime Contact are available exclusively online direct from Japan Eden (Ururu here, Kirakira here, and Kiratto here).

Source: My Navi News via Jin
Top image: Anime Contact

Really cute is this limited edition Star Wars plushies from Takara Tomy I think.

Japan is really putting on a show for the upcoming release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. From cute, bite-sized character sweets to samurai figurines and even a special train, welcome celebrations in the Land of the Rising sun are proving to be the best this side of the galaxy.

Fortunately for us, the special releases just keep on coming. And now, Takara Tomy Arts have joined the party by metamorphosing our favourite characters into adorable plush toys that are small enough to sit in the palm of your hand!

As the newest addition to the Takara Tomy Beans Collection, which specialises in compact-sized plushies, the eight-character range will be sold as a set from 5 November for 19,980 yen (US$165.98). Limited to only 400 sets, the lineup includes adorable Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, Yoda, Wicket W. Warwick, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO and Jabba the Hutt.


▼ The collection will be delivered in a specially marked box that includes some awesome art featuring the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon.


▼ The set also comes with a special wall pocket display so you can keep the gang all neat and tidy when they’re not out adventuring!


The plushies feature gorgeous details and different materials authentic to their characters.

▼ Darth Vader has his red lightsaber.


▼ While Chewbacca has an adorable body of fur and bright blue eyes.


The entire collection has been carefully produced so fans of all ages can enjoy spending time with classic characters from the series. We’re glad they come as a set because if they didn’t, we’d never be able to choose just one to take home!

Source: Gadget Tsushin
Top Image: Takara Tomy Arts Online Shop
Insert Images: Takara Tomy Arts Online Shop, Takara Tomy Arts Blog

Tradition takes a back-step with this Kyoto based Kimono maker.

Japan’s old capital Kyoto and the kimono create an image of  a traditional Japan, a Japan where people respect the old life style as once was before the modernization of our present society. A place where time stands still and all the basics of this island’s customs and traditions live on as they were when the samurai still roamed and ruled this country.

Girls in Kimono, a beautiful temple..all that’s missing are the ninja and samurai.

When you visit Kyoto though, you find out how much of the “now” and the “then” have mixed and on the surface it might seem to the casual observer that Kyoto has been swallowed up by modern times and to be spit out in what looks like a huge open air museum. And the way the temples and shrines  present themselves as tourist attractions doesn’t help to suppress this feeling of disappointment.

But you don’t have to dig deep to find that old Japan, Kyoto is still the place where the purest forms of Japanese cultural aspects are performed, for example the tea ceremonies, the ikebana flower arrangement, traditional kaiseki food.

kaiseki food

Kyoto brands stand for tradition and quality, it’s therefore quiet shocking to see a Kyoto kimono maker take an old concept, and throw it up side down.

Kimono Aya has come up with true extreme kimono designs, which would make the traditional kimono lover freak out, but then traditionalists are easy to freak out anyway….

They combine the techniques of this era with old  techniques, they use inkjet (!?) printers as part of the process to create some kimono, they airbrush  and even decorate some with Swarovski rhinestones.

You can see the process here

Besides these modern made kimono they also enlist some traditional kimono maker to have kimono made according to the old ways. They are a Kyoto company after all and they won’t  let an old craft die.

Now let’s check out some of their products;

First up; their Ukiyoe line  of “haunted yukata”, a yukata is a casual kimono made of cotton and mostly worn in summer.

UKIYOE haunted yukata clothes rack
37,800 yen

UKIYOE haunted yukata torso before appearance

Also available as Kimono in Silk,

UKIYOE お化け着物 トーン 前着姿
UKIYOE gashadokuro kimono pattern yukata (men's) before Chakusugata
Obake (ghost) for men 35,640 yen

Now it’s going to get a little weird, have a look at their B.D.U series (battle dress uniform). This is their NWU (navy working uniform ) yukata (cotton)

B.D.U BATTLE.DRESS.UNIFORM レプリカ浴衣 NWU(エヌダブリューユー、Navy Working Uniform)米軍用生地の模様を浴衣生地に再現!アメリカ海軍専用新型デジタル迷彩で海で活動することを前提にデザインされている。迷彩パターンはかなり複雑で使用されてる色は黒、灰色、濃紺、青の4色。デジタル迷彩なのでナイトビジョン、赤外線からも見えにくくデザインされている。
Product Specifications Material 100% cotton [country of origin] made ​​in Japan accessories LC2 belt 42,120 yen
Next up are their B.D.U. kimono made from the same original cotton as from the clothes they are based on..for example this US Army woodland inspired yukata made from original US military fabric.

ACU(エーシーユー/Army Combat Uniform)
63,720 yen

This yukata would go great with this tote bag! (or maybe it’s a bit of overkill)


With the B.D.U. series they got the army and navy covered, but what about the airforce? Well for that they went back in time and drew their inspiration from WW2 fighters like; Curtiss P-40 Flying Tiger

CurtissP-40 CURTISS P-40 #01 カーチスP-40 フライングタイガーズ CURTISS P-40 #02 カーチスP-40 オリーブ
P-40 49,000 yen(cotton) 99,000 yen(silk)

Or the P-51 Mustang

P-51 MUSTANG P-51ムスタング

Yes they even have a Messerschmitt BF-109!

Futures orders sale !! RYO romance. Yukata. WW2 to the firmament WORLD WAR || airplane yukata series
Zero Fighter, P-40, Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa, Messerschmitt Bf-109, P-51 Mustang

These are all made of cotton , but for an extra 50.000 yen also available in silk as kimono.

The R.Y.O. series also has 4 sets of tote bags, one set of eleven from the Japanese airforce, one set of eight from the German Luftwaffe, one set of five from the American airforce and finally one set of four from the Russian airforce.


P-51, CV-9, P-40 and CVL-23    


CURTISS P-40 FLYING TIGERS カーチスP-40フライング・タイガース

SIZE:高さ35cm/幅40cm/マチ8cm/持ち手25cm ※取り外し可能なショルダー付き

Last of all, they sell the coolest tatami ever!

41,040円 for one

人型畳 SIZE 幅88cm 高さ176cm

So there you have it, a new twist to an old genre, the cool thing about this is that these yukata or kimono would work well as a robe to walk around at home, since they don’t need a complicated obi (belt). Please don’t mistake, these yukata are high quality and not some cheap knock-off

Interested? Let us know, send us a pm and we’ll help you further with the details!


Kamenrider Ghost is a real fashionable dude!

October is the month that the new Kamenrider (masked rider) makes his appearance on Japanese TV, lots of little boys, otaku’s and housewives are looking eagerly forward to this season’s new masked hero. The last few kamenriders walked a light almost comical line, sometimes approaching super sentai levels of childishness…remember Gaim with his “great ball watermelon, bing bang”? nuff said…

Gaim could transform into a giant watermelon!

No longer, the new Kamen rider Ghost has a darker feel, not as dark as Black, but more like Decade, the kamen rider with his intense inner struggle.

And while Ghost is still more aimed at the younger public than say Blade, in which people died by the dozens, it is still good fun to watch even for adults. But a new Kamen rider means a new wave of merchandise, this time it’s not only for the kiddies.

although the fashion line of Rider Drive was my personal favorite, like the leather jacket below , Ghost has some really cool stuff too, best of all the adult line never makes you look geeky, it’s really well designed and high quality apparel….only your fellow Rider lover will notice it as such…

kamenrider Drive leather jacket.

Yes this leather bike jacket hangs in my imaginary closet, meaning I ordered it.. pricey at 162,000 yen, but it’ll last forever!
I just love that white stripe on the back, now all I need is a Ferrari with a similar stripe…or no stripe…beggars can’t be….

Now let’s see what Ghost has to offer..

Ah a leather jacket with matching leather pants, well I’d leave the pants and just go for the jacket…if hadn’t ordered the Drive Jacket, which I actually prefer, but is double the price..

66,960 yen for the jacket and 60,480 yen for the leather pants. Makoto deep sea collection

I really dig this Rider Ghost Spector leather wallet though.

Rider Ghost Rider Spector image leather wallet
selling price : 27,000 yen (tax included) Points scored :270P

Or this leather belt….just lovely.

selling price : 15,120 yen (tax included) Points scored :151P

What about some fancy accessories? These rings are big, like BIG!

【受注生産】仮面ライダーゴースト深海マコトcollection シルバー925製リング

And what would Christmas be without….Kamenrider?

If you’re not planning on visiting Japan any soon than you have to let the cake matter how delicious it looks… all other stuff can be ordered through us and we give you all the points earned at Premium Bandai.

Check it out

Japan’s elementary school backpacks grow up with new high-class randoseru for adults

Maybe Zooey Deschanel was on to something after all. Last year, pictures surfaced of the Hollywood actress wearing a randoseru, the type of Japanese backpack that for decades has been exclusively used by elementary school kids.

This had many in Japan chuckling, but when you think about it logically, the randoseru is a sturdy, practical, and elegant design. What’s more, ones that are made to quality standards can last for years, so this Japanese company has decided to release a line of randoseru for adults, which it says are sophisticated enough for formal business situations.

Tsuchiya Bag Co. has been in business for 50 years, producing a variety of leather pouches and carryalls. Among its products are a line of randoseru in the orthodox boxy form that kids in Japan have been shouldering for generations.

AR 21

But while randoseru have traditionally been used to transport textbooks and worksheets, Tsuchiya says that thanks to its subtle redesign, they’re also ready to store your business contracts, project pitch notes, or design portfolio.

AR 2

AR 3

Pictured here is Tsuchiya’s new Otona Randsel line (otona being the Japanese word for “adult” and randsel being a corruption of ransel the Dutch word for “backpack” from which randoseru is derived).

AR 4

AR 5

AR 6

AR 0

Two different models are available. The first, the Otona Randsel 001, is made with tannin-tanned cow hide and comes in either black or brown.

AR 7

AR 8

Open the flaps and you’ll find a number of compartments, with the central section large enough to store A4-size documents (8.27 x 11.7 inches), as well as most 13-inch notebook computers.

AR 9

AR 10

AR 11

In contrast to the smoother 001, the Otona Randsel 002 has a textured surface.

AR 12

▼ The under-flap pocket’s design and zipper placement are also different from the 001’s.

AR 13

Made from untreated Italian Vachetta leather, the 002 model is the more likely of the two to take on a weathered look with extended use.

AR 14

▼ Tsuchiya also offers the 002 in black and brown.

AR 15

AR 16

Both models are listed at 100,000 yen (US$840), carrying on the tradition of children’s randoseru as premium-priced items. Tsuchiya will begin taking orders through its website (001 here, 002 here) on November 3, with shipping scheduled for December 16.

But if you prefer the original randoseru, yes the ones for elementary school kids to create  a cuter less adult/serious look you don’t have to spend that much money, and the quality is to withstand 6 years of elementary school student top notch!

Prices start at 20.000 yen up to 90.000 yen, depending on quality and brand name

AR 8

AR 7

Lirico 2016 line up
Nomi-ne-bag uni-sex model
Mezzo piano girly Rib(b)on

rakuten randoseru

Source: Fashion Press via Hachima Kiko

Japanese brand comes out with a comfy-looking kotatsu made for one

Winter is undoubtedly the worst season to be alone in Japan. Soon singles will be starting the annual desperate search for the special someone to spend Christmas with and it’s not hard to see why. Having someone to cuddle up to during the upcoming cold, long months is far preferable to fighting off the chill by yourself.

Kotatsu are heated tables that usually accommodate families of four. One of the country’s favorite winter pastimes is cozying up under one while drinking hot sake or eating nabe.

But  for those who prefer not to share their sweaty feet with others there is this one (wo)man kotatsu..perfect for a bachelor or for those who love some alone time to watch tv or work on a plan model.


This three-piece set comes ready-to-use right out of the box, and includes a chair so you don’t need to have a tatami room.


The set might seem a little pricey even at the sale price of 24,900 yen (approximately US$207), but it comes with free shipping(within Japan), and we bet those of you flying solo this winter will definitely get your money’s worth out of it. Just a warning, though: Once you bundle yourself up in a kotatsu, it can be a real struggle to convince yourself to leave its toasty warmth and crawl out.

Source: Hachima Kikou via Anime News Network
Images: Yamazen

Evangelion SIM-free smartphones and life-sized figures on sale at 7-Eleven

Oh yeah today must be Evangelion day with yet another newsworthy article,

Convenience stores around the world are known for stocking everyday items like toiletries, magazines, snacks and soft drinks.

But in Japan, the konbini is also a place to send and receive deliveries, buy movie and theatre tickets, and pick up a life-sized Eva doll and Evangelion SIM-free smartphone.

For a limited time, from 31 October to 12 November, three of the stars from the enormously popular Evangelion franchise will be available for purchase by lottery from 7-Eleven for a whopping 1,728,000 yen (US$14, 402) each. Weighing in at 35 kilograms (77 pounds), all the life-sized figurines feature a serial number at the base on which they stand.

▼ Rei Ayanami stands at 158 centimetres (5.2 feet) tall.



▼ Coming in one centimetre shorter, at 157 centimetres tall, is Asuka Langley Shikinami.



▼ Kaworu Nagisa joins the girls, standing at 166 centimetres in height.



Despite the surprisingly hefty price tag, with only 15 of each character available, ardent fans will make sure these walk out the door as fast as the 30,000 special smartphones on sale for 84,240 yen ($702.91).


Called the SH-M02-EVA20, the Sharp phone comes kitted out with a whole range of extra features in addition to the special purple-and-green case, orange side buttons and hologram design of Shinji’s Evangelion Unit 01 robot on the rear.

▼ A specially designed widget takes its cues from the anime series to keep you updated on your reception and battery life.


▼ A different wallpaper is delivered to your phone every day for a year.


▼ Sounds from the series and original character voices from cast members are included, meaning you can have Misato Katsuragi alert you to new emails or greet you with a “wake up!” in the morning.


To check out all the phone’s features, take a look at the short video below.

Applications for the phone will be accepted from 2 November. Make sure you get in quick because the chance to own a unit like this is one both humans and mecha wouldn’t want to miss!


Source: ITmedia
Top Image: Seven-Eleven Japan
Insert Images: Seven-Eleven JapanSeven-Eleven Japan

Evangelion x Japanese Sword dolls take a trip to traditional Japan with katana blades and kimono

It’s been 20 years since the critically acclaimed Evangelion series first came to life on the small screen, and to this day it remains one of the most successful animated series to ever come out of Japan.

With such a dedicated legion of fans, the merchandising has been off the hook, with everything from burgers to lingerie and even a bullet train getting the Eva treatment. But amongst all this, there’s one special limited-edition range that’s really striking a chord with Japanese fans, as it takes the tough, sexy heroines of the series out of their futuristic battle cockpits and re-imagines them as katana sword-wielding ladies in kimono.

Evangelion first stepped back in time with a promotional crossover that involved a Japanese sword exhibition featuring Eva-styled blades, even a Lance of Longinus, created by some of the country’s best swordsmiths. Soon afterwards, a tie-in doll series from toy maker Takara Tomy was announced, with three of the female stars from the series chosen to walk the path of a doll in traditional kimono, with decorative blades by their side for protection.


The Asuka Langley Shikinami with Japanese Sword doll was the first to appear on the market, with September pre-orders priced at 16,200 yen (US$135.12) and delivery scheduled for January 2016.


Asuka’s tanto, or short blade, is taken from a design used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. It includes a red scabbard, to match the colour of her plugsuit in the series, and a Nerv display stand.


Asuka cuts a pretty figure in the red, peony-patterned kimono, complete with shoes, Eva-style hair accessories and an obi kimono sash around her waist adorned with the A.T. field design.


The second character to appear in the three-part series is Mari Makinami Illustrious, currently available for preorders from the Takara Tomy website for 16,200 yen.


She keeps her trademark glasses and “twin tail” pig-tail hairstyle for this traditional look.


Mari’s short blade is shaped more like a dagger and is dressed up in a pink and black scabbard complete with the Nerv logo.


Her pink kimono features a lily pattern and an A.T. field obi sash.


The third girl to join Asuka and Mari in traditional attire will be crowd favourite Rei. While her release date and other details are yet to be revealed, we have a feeling we know what colour her kimono will be…

Let us remind you that Takara Tomi doesn’t accept payment from outside Japan and therefore doesn’t ship outside Japan…… in case you throw your evangalion mouse through your monitor in utter disgust….hold on to your mouse and click here !

Top Image: Takara Tomy
Insert Images: Takara Tomy 1, 2
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