Lingerie for girls with smaller breasts: feast’s new collection “Glossy Ribbon Mermaid” is too cute

Celebrating its first anniversary, feast, the lingerie brand designed by Gomi Hayakawa and known for targeting women with smaller chest sizes, has released a new lingerie collection, called “Glossy Ribbon Mermaid”.

Since it can be difficult for girls who have smaller breasts to find cute and pretty lingerie, Gomi Hayakawa’s designs have been warmly welcomed by girls in Japan. The new line has a cute yet luxurious look, featuring ribbons and mermaid inspired designs.



Both design will be on sale in two colors (Ribbon mermaid set: Pink/Purple, Glossy Mermaid Set: Blue/Yellow). The Glossy Mermaid Set is on sale now, with the Ribbon Mermaid Set available from the middle of October. You can purchase those items on 109 web shop, so why not try check them out!

Celebrating their first anniversary, feast’s official site has also been renewed. Check it out at the link below.

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