Kamenrider Ghost is a real fashionable dude!

October is the month that the new Kamenrider (masked rider) makes his appearance on Japanese TV, lots of little boys, otaku’s and housewives are looking eagerly forward to this season’s new masked hero. The last few kamenriders walked a light almost comical line, sometimes approaching super sentai levels of childishness…remember Gaim with his “great ball watermelon, bing bang”? nuff said…

Gaim could transform into a giant watermelon!

No longer, the new Kamen rider Ghost has a darker feel, not as dark as Black, but more like Decade, the kamen rider with his intense inner struggle.

And while Ghost is still more aimed at the younger public than say Blade, in which people died by the dozens, it is still good fun to watch even for adults. But a new Kamen rider means a new wave of merchandise, this time it’s not only for the kiddies.

although the fashion line of Rider Drive was my personal favorite, like the leather jacket below , Ghost has some really cool stuff too, best of all the adult line never makes you look geeky, it’s really well designed and high quality apparel….only your fellow Rider lover will notice it as such…

kamenrider Drive leather jacket.

Yes this leather bike jacket hangs in my imaginary closet, meaning I ordered it.. pricey at 162,000 yen, but it’ll last forever!
I just love that white stripe on the back, now all I need is a Ferrari with a similar stripe…or no stripe…beggars can’t be….

Now let’s see what Ghost has to offer..

Ah a leather jacket with matching leather pants, well I’d leave the pants and just go for the jacket…if hadn’t ordered the Drive Jacket, which I actually prefer, but is double the price..

66,960 yen for the jacket and 60,480 yen for the leather pants. Makoto deep sea collection

I really dig this Rider Ghost Spector leather wallet though.

Rider Ghost Rider Spector image leather wallet
selling price : 27,000 yen (tax included) Points scored :270P

Or this leather belt….just lovely.

selling price : 15,120 yen (tax included) Points scored :151P

What about some fancy accessories? These rings are big, like BIG!

【受注生産】仮面ライダーゴースト深海マコトcollection シルバー925製リング

And what would Christmas be without….Kamenrider?

If you’re not planning on visiting Japan any soon than you have to let the cake go..no matter how delicious it looks… all other stuff can be ordered through us and we give you all the points earned at Premium Bandai.

Check it out


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