This extremely cool Drifters figure makes you want to rob a bank.

No serious, this “when you see it you want it” kind of thing, but your wallet will be hurting a lot…200,000 yen, that is like $1800, dollars or 1500,- Euro…mmm but just shy of a 1000 pounds, so if you just imagine that you’re paying in Pounds, well then it all becomes a bit less painful.

But what are we talking about, well we are talking about a limited figure(s) based on the lead character in the Drifters manga series, Shimazu Toyohisa.

Made on 1/5 scale the figure has a height of 35 cm, almost similar to a very little person (well very little, tiny actually..) and is made of polystone (Polystone is a manufacturing medium used for cast sculptures, it is hard to find one that delivers a cleaner, more substantial representation of an original sculpture than a product manufactured in Polystone.  Polystone has a significant weight, a porcelain like feel to the touch, and an incredible ability to capture the most minute detail, making it unsurpassed in collectible manufacturing materials. E-bay)

There are four versions of this figure up for pre-sale;

A real color version limited edition: Which differs from the ususal colored version by its bloodied sword and use of brighter colors

The usual colored version has, well darker colors, not only the clothes but also the skin color is tad darker….it all depends on what you prefer.

And there are two more versions available of the figures as described above, but with a folding screen, which raises the price with another 10,000 yen.

The pre-sale started on 30th of October and will continue till the 13th of December…mind you that these prices don’t include the 5% tax yet. Delivery will be somewhere in May 2016.

Now let me tell you why should order this from us and not some other company, in April of next year it’s rumored that the consumers tax in Japan will be raised by 5%, making it 10% (sorry we don’t want to insult your intelligence, we just like to be clear) . In the case this may happen we will NOT charge you an extra 5%, we still have to pay the extra 5%, but we don’t want to burden our customers with extra costs and we won’t sneak this 5% into the shipping cost as we will send you a receipt of the total shipping cost for you to verify.

In the case that the manufacturer cancels the product (sometimes though rarely) we will refund you the complete amount minus nothing. In our company we have the golden rule that we don’t touch payments until the product is delivered on your doorstep.

tora no ana


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