Kapelmuur, Belgian inspired Bicycle wear from Japan.

When you read the words Kapelmuur, you probably imagine it to  be a Dutch or some Dutch related language like Flemish or Afrikan word, but definitely not Japanese! Well you’re right, it’s not Japanese, it’s Flemish. However the brand name Kapelmuur is a registered trademark of a Japanese company located in Tokyo selling bicycle wear for amateurs and pros.

To clear up the confusion we’ll have to teach you a bit of cycle history, for years from 1973 till 2011 to be precise, the muur (wall) van Geraardsbergen also known as the Kapelmuur used to be the often decisive part in the finale of the “Ronde van Vlaanderen”. It’s a hill with a length of 1075 meters and a ascent percentage of 20%, but what made this hill so challenging was the fact that it is laid out with “kinderkopjes” stones which are traditional Dutch/Flemish natural stones which where placed horizontally and thereby creating a stairs-like ascent.

This Historic(al) part of road racing history was used as inspiration by a Japanese company to create a line of fashion for the casual and serious cyclist and folks who just love to walk around looking like a cyclist(I’m sure there are a few) Their trade mark is the Vlaamse Leeuw or Flemish Lion, which appears on almost all of their products which ranges from jackets to socks.

A knit cap combined with a racing thermos jacket, 2-way skinny stretch pants and cycle racing socks


Racing thermos jacket with a herring bone cross design in brown and chestnut, combined with  super Roubaix bib tights and racing cycle socks


Let’s see what they have more…including some prices.

KAPELMUUR long sleeve cycle jersey Lion check Belgium
Long sleeve cycle jersey Belgium lion check 12.960 yen
Ruffle dot cycle skirt 8,964 yen



Short sleeve jersey in green and black 14,040 yen
toe shoes cover 2,160
winter thermos retro jacket 21,600

Their products are only for sale in Japan, but now you can get your hands on them without having to come Japan, they sell their products here and here and here . Or you go to their online shop  to find their latest products…may we recommend to open two or three  windows in your browser so you can compare  prices, they sometimes differ a little,

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