“Cute little sister” sleeved blanket helps wearer achieve new level of awesome/awkward

Do normal blankets not keep you warm enough on cold winter nights? How about one with an huggable anime girl stitched into it?

We’ve seen Japanese Twitter user Mika Mikami before with their delightful invention that lets you go on a date and share a drink with the anime girl of your dreams. But now they’ve created something that lets you go one step further. What will you want to do with your date once the drink is finished? Why, go home and snuggle of course!

Here’s the tweet from last month that provided the inspiration:

▼ “I want to make a wearable blanket that lets you hug an imouto.


As a quick explanatory note for the uninitiated, imouto is the Japanese word for “little sister.” The adorable, doting little sister who loves her older brother more than anyone (and sometimes loves them a little too much…) is a common trope in Japan. Whether imouto should be interpreted to literally mean “little sister,” or just a cute girl in general, we leave that up to you.

Fast forward to today and Mika Mikami made their imouto blanket dream come true. Here are the pictures of the final product they created, complete with an extremely satisfied model to wear it: (Click pictures to enlarge.)

▼ “I did it! I made it!”

If you remember a few years back, the hit gift that everyone had to have around the holiday season was a Snuggie, a blanket with sleeves. That’s pretty much exactly what this is, but with a custom design that, depending on who you are, is either incredibly cute or incredibly creepy. Either way though, you have to admit that the creativity and craftsmanship here is top-notch.

Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say about this imaginative invention:

“I want two. No, wait, three!”
“You’re a genius.”
“Wait, how is this better than a daimakura?(blanket)
“Isn’t this kind of meaningless unless you have a mirror?”
“lol that is disturbing.”

Whether you think the imouto blanket is gross or great, it is at least a hilarious idea.

And if you are at work then don’t scroll down to see the NSFW blanket, love to hate it, hate to love it..but I kinda love it.

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