Extremely cute Hello Kitty shoes.

Looking for some cute kicks to get yourself ready for spring? Then it’s time to check out this collaboration between IROnna and Sanrio!

Sanrio hardly needs any introduction at this point, you probably know who owns the world’s cutest character, Hello Kitty. IROnna, on the other hand, might be a new name for you. The company, whose name is a pun on the Japanese adjective “ironna” (いろんな), which means “variety,” and the Japanese word for color “iro” (色), produces a variety of women’s shoes. With this collaboration, IROnna is releasing a number of colorful shoes including both heels and sneakers.

▼ Like these!


▼ Or these!


▼ Or even these!


▼ Here’s a better view of the inside of the shoes.


But Hello Kitty isn’t the only character whose face you’ll be able to walk all over in these shoes. My Melody, Cinnamoroll, and even Gudetama are in the lineup, meaning there are probably shoes for just about everyone from the adorable to the ultra lazy!




Of course, shoes this awesome won’t come cheap. For example, the high heels below will put you back 39,960 yen, or about US$330. Fortunately for Sanrio lovers’ wallets, the other styles above are “only” 19,440 yen (about $160).


Unfortunately, none of the shoes are available yet and will only go into production after orders are received, with an expected shipping date sometime in February. You can order these shoes on IROnna’s website. It looks like they only ship domestically, but you can  use JWS to get a pair (or ten) if you live outside Japan and happen to fall in love with any of this footwear.

Sources: ITMedia, IROnna, Kobe Leather Cloth
Featured image: Kobe Leather Cloth
Images: IROnna, Kobe Leather Cloth

Almost finished with 2015, time to rest your laurels on these cushions.

Just as we announced the arrival of these Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou trolleys, Premium Bandai has released these Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou cushions, but just like the trolleys they’ve been selling like crazy leaving you with just these two:

Chikage Kazama:

Nagakura Shinpachi

These are large cushions with (vertical 55cm × horizontal 55cm × height 38cm ) made out of highly elastic fabric filled with urethane.

They are not cheap at 20,000 yen ($180,-) but they are order made and very limited!

Just to show what you’ve been missing out on..

If you want one then YOU BETTER MOVE YOUR BUTT, cause otherwise the only thing your butt will be resting on is your plain old sofa.

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JWS celebrates Christmas in Japan.

It’s December 25th which means that in a lot of countries Christmas has started, before I’m closing the office to go to my ever suffering family(Daddy is dressed up as a Darth Vader,  daddy picked me up from school..dressed as Darth Vader, my husband wears a girl’s high school uniform in the living room even when my mother pops in for a visit..), I thought I had to write a few words.

First of all, thank you to all customers who put their faith and trust in our company, we wish you happy holidays, be it behind your PS4, climbing the Himalayas, getting wasted at a party or (getting wasted)at the dinner table with your family.

For those lucky enough to be with their loved ones and having a warm shelter and food, good for you, enjoy it. For those not so lucky all I can say don’t give up there’s a rainbow behind the clouds…no hardship lasts forever and pain and sorrow will eventually make place for happiness and relieve. Trust me, we all have been in some kind of form, been there. Friends will be found, jobs will be started, suffering will end and love will embrace you in its warmth.

So chin up and smile!

For those planning to visit Japan during Christmas, here is a short guide on how they celebrate Christmas in Japan.

JWS likes to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah!

1-November till December: gorgeous illumination



2-Beginning of December until December the 24th: Christmas shopping



3-December 24th: Picking up your KFC Christmas dinner



4-December 24th: Eat a Christmas cake



5-December 24th:Visit a Love hotel.(only for couples, not families…mind you)



6-December 25th: ask the Grinch….because normal life resumes like usual.



Sailor moon travel cases and other accessories.

Just as we wrote an article about the awesome Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou travel bags…the perfect cases to take on your trip to your cosplay conventions or to visit your parents, or just to walk around with…yeah they make great shopping bags too, Premium Bandai and anime fashion house Super Groupies release a complete set of Sailor Moon travel items.


They have  24,840 yen trolley cases in six Sailor suit designs:

▼ Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon


▼ Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars


▼ Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus


▼ There are even gorgeous little details on the zipper closures.


▼ Each case bears the colour and name of its famous senshi warrior.



The leather schoolgirl bow on the front is detachable so you can dress the case up with a charm if you prefer, while the inside of the bags feature a pretty pink lining filled with a variety of transformation items, symbols, and a cute image of Luna the cat.


They have six matching carry-on bags for 7,344 yen each.


The extra-large tote bags feature the same pink lining, zipper details and leather bow charm as the cases. Plus, they fit snugly on top of them, making for a neat looking set.



▼ And to complete the set, there are six passport cases retailing for 3,132 yen each.



The Sailor Moon travel items are available by pre-order only, from Premium Bandai and Super Groupies for a limited time until 13 January, with delivery scheduled for the end of April 2016. We can order these for you from both sites…if you’re more into goods and toys we recommend you ask us to order from Bandai, since we give you the points which you can use on your next purchase, but if you’re more into fashion we say you’d go for Super Groupies…it’s all in the points!

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Star Wars collectible 1/6 scale figures.

Only the true die hard Star Wars fans need to apply, because with a price card of approx. 30,000 yen ($280,-) and a long waiting time(delivery July 2016), this product is not for everyone.

Let’s see what you get for this money and patience;maker Hot Toys created  a truly detailed (I mean detailed with a capital D), 33 centimeter figure with now less than 30 movable body parts. Metal parts are created with multi-layer coating according to today’s top-class technological standards and they applied the “weathered “look to the whole figure as to give it the “yeah I’ve done some serious butt kicking” look. Facial expressions are realistic and the light sabers light up.

Now you can you make your own Star Wars episode, it won’t come cheap, but definitely not as much as the original movie.

Star Wars / wake of Force [Movie Masterpiece] 1/6 scale figure Captain Fazuma
38,000 yen-31,920

They come in several versions Kylo Ren,Captain Phasma, First Order Flame trooper, Rey and Rey with BB-8, a storm trooper and a heavily armed storm trooper, Tie Pilot,  Darth Maul and finally Darth Vader..

Star awakening [Movie Masterpiece] Wars / Force 1/6 scale figure Cairo Wren
35,000 yen


29,400 yen



37,800 yen

We checked around a bit and the prices are not always the same on each site, sometimes showing a difference of $7,- or more over the original price so it’s a good idea to let us do the digging.


Blister Toys

These figures are only meant to be sold in Japan, but that never stopped any serious collector worth his salt right?


Travel in style with these 2 way carry cases.

So you’re on your way to the latest cosplay convention, carrying all your stuff in your old suitcase looking like just another tired traveler on their way to yet another boring seminar….but the smile on your face betrays your feeling of coming freedom and pleasure. You’d fool the customs at the airport into thinking that there’s something more sinister behind that smile and you just set yourself up for a thorough check, and when they pull out that fake katana….

No more, now you can travel in style, carrying a small 31L suitcase which you  according to the site can change to reflect your feelings or suit your TPO (time, place, occasion) What they mean is that you buy one suitcase which includes two different sheets from each of the 12 characters of the  Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou game. One sheet displays a character while the other sheet is little less flamboyant but no less beautiful.

Embedded image permalink

They cost 32,000 yen(320 points) and are made out of PC and ABS resin. The size is 550 × 360 × 230mm and weighs 3.5 kg. They are now ready for pre-order, but you don’t have to wait too long since they are ready to be delivered late December.



Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章 2ウェイデザインキャリーケース【プレミアムバンダイ限定】


On a sour note….most of them are sold out except the following three:

Hijikata Toshizo薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章 2ウェイデザインキャリーケース【プレミアムバンダイ限定】

Okita Soji薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章 2ウェイデザインキャリーケース【プレミアムバンダイ限定】

Saito A薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章 2ウェイデザインキャリーケース【プレミアムバンダイ限定】

So you better hurry if you  want one.


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Honey, there’s a deathstar floating in my whiskey!

Have you seen it? We have and it was awesome, much better than we expected…but after we came home the reality of real life settled in quickly..yeah I played with my light saber mimicking to be a jedi, but without any storms troopers to slice and dice the fun wore off pretty fast.

That was when my better half suprised me with a “high ball”, ready to drink my reality away I took a sip and just then I looked in the glass to see a very familiar shape bouncing in my yellow gold bourbon…it was the Death Star! I looked at the missus and she gave me wink…”I know you needed something special to cheer you up after the movie” was all she said.

1,080 yen


That was all what had to be said, these silicon ice tray are a must have for every Star Wars fan, they are detailed and they have hole in the top in which you can put a stick and create your own Star Wars ice Popsicle!

It also comes as BB-8, but is still up for pre-order

1,296 yen release date March 2016

They also have silicon ice trays which are not completely 3d

The Milinum Falcon


シリコンアイストレー ミレニアム・ファルコン《在庫品》
1,080 yen 110mm×150mm×33mm

シリコンアイストレー ミレニアム・ファルコン《在庫品》

 A gigantic R2-D2

シリコンアイストレー R2-D2 DX《在庫品》
1,620 yen 228mm(H)×180mm(W)×57mm(D)

Small R2-D2

シリコンアイストレー R2-D2《在庫品》
1,080 yen 10mm×150mm×23mm


The deathstar costs 1,080 yen ($8) and BB-8 costs 1,200 yen, cheap as chips and shipping won’t cost you a fortune either

A really big frozen Han solo, I mean big as in big!

シリコンアイストレー ハン・ソロ in カーボナイト DX《在庫品》
1,680 yen 272mm(H)×約152mm(W)×約65mm(D)

You don’t need to use these as ice trays though if you use your imagination you can create something like this;

Silicon Ice Tray Han Solo in carbonite DX "stock"

They have plenty more at Kotobukiya craftmanship. And yes they have a (be it limited) English website, but you can’t order through them….but you can through us and we even throw in the points you earn for you to keep!

Check out their Star Wars page, it has some really cool stuff.

For the ice trays you have to visit their online shop

Shonen Jump + now taking manga submissions from Japan and abroad in new contest..win $8,200!


The publisher of Shonen Jump + is teaming with digital distributor MediBang to hold an amateur manga submission contest. Those who make the cut will see their manga on the virtual pages of the magazine!

Ever thought your genius story idea about a bagel that becomes sentient and does anime-style battle with other pastries for breakfast domination had some real legs, but couldn’t quite get your foot in the door with a publisher? Well, now’s your chance to submit your manga idea to someone that’ll actually give it the chance it deserves.

Shonen Jump publisher Shueisha and digital manga distributor MediBang have teamed to hold a contest beginning this month to choose some amateur manga stories to turn into full-fledged entries in Shonen Jump’s digital cousin, Shonen Jump +.

ScreenHunter_304 Dec. 18 17.32

According to MediBang, Japanese manga publishers have recently had trouble finding new manga talent, partially because the language barrier has blocked potential non-Japanese creators from getting their works seen in Japan. With the ongoing contest, Shueisha and MediBang hope to change this by offering to localize any foreign works that make the cut into Japanese using Shueisha’s team of professional translators.

Foreign creators hoping to enter the contest are encouraged to use MediBang’s “Medi Paint” digital comics drawing program to draw up a one-shot manga story under 50 pages in length. Then it’s as simple as adding the tag “Jump+ Manga Contest” and your work will automatically be forwarded to the contest’s board of judges.

ScreenHunter_303 Dec. 18 17.31

Apparently, just two stories will be chosen for publication, with prize money for the first, second and third-place winners set at 1 million yen (US$8,200), 300,000 yen, and 100,000 yen respectively. Additionally, even entrants that don’t make the cut may receive feedback from Shueisha and MediBang if the judges feel the work is strong enough to warrant it, meaning you can add a bagel-on-cronut romance subplot to your story and come back for another crack at the contest next year.

Entries are being accepted until March 17, 2016. Click here for more details.

Source: Internet Watch
Images: Official Website

Kojima Productions now hiring…yes you can work with the legend, mister Hideo Kojima.


Newly formed Kojima Productions is looking to hire a few good video game developers, plus find customers for its online store.

After months of speculation about what turn Hideo Kojima’s career would take after parting ways with long-time employer Konami, the Metal Gear creator released a video yesterday announcing that he has formed his own game development studio, Kojima Productions. The company’s independent status doesn’t mean that Kojima will be doing all the work by himself, though. Bringing life to the director’s ambitious visions, such as his upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, will require a large and talented team, which is why the Kojima Productions website has posted job listings for several positions it’s looking to fill.

KP 1

In total, 23 titles are listed on the Careers section of Kojima Productions’ website, for positions as specific as Lighting Artist and as broad as Game Designer. Less technical roles include Music Composer and Concept Artist, with the descriptions for both specifying that the content created is to be used in “high-end games,” which should reassure anyone who’s worried about Kojima succumbing to the siren song of focusing on freemium mobile games.

Given Kojima’s near-universal respect as a creative force in the video game industry, applicants will no doubt face heavy competition for the jobs, with only the best and the brightest joining the ranks of Kojima’s organization.

If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to support the cause in a less nine-to-five manner, you can also purchase official Kojima Productions merchandise from the company’s online store.

KP 2

The product list is yet to be formally revealed (that won’t happen until December 21), but promotional images suggest you’ll be able to get T-shirts, tumblers, and stickers emblazoned with the company’s fiercely unique logo of a human skull inside of a high-tech knight’s helmet. There’s even an English page that touts international shipping.

If you think your skills are up to scratch, applications for jobs at Kojima Productions can be made here.

▼ It’s unclear whether the interview process will include CQC, but we recommend brushing up anyway, just in case.

We from JWS wish you all the luck in the world! And we WILL ship to the countries not named in the list

KP 3

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