One month left and then it’s time for a new calendar!

Yes we reached December and that means we can start thinking of new resolutions we are bound not to keep, but we’ll die trying!

Well  a good calendar will make your life easier, be it that it help you remind the important dates in life.your birthday, your favorite anime release date, the public holidays, festive holidays, carnival, beer feste etc etc.

If you’re reading this blog, I  imagine that you have a healthy interest in Japan related why not start your year with a Japanese calendar, they’re inexpensive and light(cheap shipping)?

Let’s start with some J-pop calendars: Please remember these calendars often start in April 2016 until March 2017…this is because  a Japanese company fiscal year, school years etc run from April till March

This Johnnys’Jr calendar is now up for pre-order for 2,300 yen no further info provided
So is this Johnnys’s west calendar..same price, same lack of further information..
AKB48 official calendar 2,500 yen up for pre-order
Kis-My-Ft2 Calendar 2,300 yen

We can find basically a calendar from any J-band, let us know what you’re looking for.

Let’s have a look at the anime and manga calendars…

Doramekuri Doraemon calendar 1,944 yen with 19 amazon points
となりのトトロ 2016カレンダー 壁掛け B2
Tonari no Totoro calendar 1,728 yen (78pt)
Pokemon calendar

ニャンこよみ(夏目友人帳)  2016カレンダー 卓上 壁掛け 兼用
Nyanko Yomi 1,512yen

OnePiece A2 size 1,620 yen

There are so many calendars in this genre, it would take at least 12 blogs, and then I’ll be missing a lot…

Gundam           Sword art online  Hatsune Miku Sentai/Kamen rider

ソードアート・オンライン II 2016カレンダー 壁掛け A2

naruto               Food Wars      Kusanagi blade Noragami Aragato

”イラストレーター・山田サトシ描きおろし”フジセ=イヨの2016カレンダー A3ノラガミ ARAGOTO 2016年 カレンダー 壁掛け A2

You can also have a golden star wars calendar!

top (2)
10 kg of gold is used to create this $810,000 piece of art, if you buy it we will bring it in person!

We really love this Yusuke Nakamura calendar!

Truly stylish and oh so Japanese is this mount Fuji calendar.

Mistsuo Aida is simply cool with its  lovely Japanese proverbs written in beautiful Shuji.

For the train/car/bike enthusiast there are plenty of calendars.

And finally for the lovers of Japanese Glamour (Gravia) models.. This will keep you feeling warm even in January!

The easiest way to shop for calendars is through Amazon Jp or Rakuten, but we keep our eyes open for new interesting calendars! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll send you a huge amount of links and remember asking us for help doesn’t cost a cent and we will never ever spam you!

Yahoo calendar ranking

rakuten calendar ranking

Dinos calendar ranking

Honyaclub calendar ranking

Amazon links:

Idol (gravia) calendars        idol and nsfw calendars

various calendars



tear off calendars




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