Duralumin mobile suit Gundam bumper set

Sometimes you make choices in life which prove to be the right ones …..for a long time, but then one day this choice hits you in the face and stumps on your sensitives…total despair and a high voice are what you’re left with.

I’m an Android man, I love the fact that I have control over my device, I love the fact that I can choose the phone which is right for my purposes and I love the fact that I don’t have to use I tunes… I own the biggest phone on the planet, a Galaxy Note 8…yes I’m the guy who’s  talking on his 8 inch tablet!

But then Bandai releases this……for the iphone 6 and 6s..

Yes a limited Mobile Suit Gundam duralmin bumper three piece set by Gild design

A beautiful crafted bumper with a laser etched back plate and a gorgeous metal earphone plug with the Gundam logo on it.

They come in three types ; the Gundam ver., Char zaku 2 and Hundred style.

The Gundam version is Blue with a “metal ” colored plate and a  “metal” colored front and a gold colored earphone plug∨

the Char Zaku 2 version is competely red pink..

And my favorite the Hundred style comes with a yellow plate, a black back bumper and a green front and a green earphone plug.


The inside is covered with a soft silicon cushioning material and small details like one different colored screw is just the icing on the cake.

These bumpers don’t come cheap of course, but they won’t break your piggy bank either at 18,144 yen and you get 181 Bandai points (if you order through us).

Now up for pre-order and delivery in January so you won’t have to wait too long.

Please use our request form for inquiries and orders

request form

Mobile Suit Gundam duralumin bumper set

Well I guess , I have to get an iphone 6 now, and use it as a remote control for my Amazon Fire Tv stick…I’m going to have the best looking remote control on the planet!




3 thoughts on “Duralumin mobile suit Gundam bumper set”

    1. I hope you have a regular 6s and not the plus. These won’t fit the plus… As of now the yellow version seems to be popular with the lads (we had four pre-orders within 3 hours) and the pink seems a must have for the ladies… With 6 inquiries…what’s your favorite?

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