Colorful tabi socks and chimes..we introduce you kaya, the ultimate Japanese fashion accessory site!

Tabi socks, the “two toed” socks are designed  to be worn with  zori or geta or Japanese wooden toe sandals. Of course you can wear these sandals barefoot, but this has proven to be mighty cold in winter and frostbite infected toes just don’t suit the good old kimono.

下駄 天然木柄細L
Zori slippers

Besides being designed for the zori and geta, these socks have the advantage of being extremely comfortable and proven to prevent athlete’s foot well at least to the big toe since this one is separated from your other toes. But most of all they are just plain lovely with their  Japanese culture inspired designs….and come in all sizes.

和雑貨 倭物やカヤ 足袋 tabi

Long tabi (23cm-28cm)


Short tabi(23cm-28cm)



Ball Chibi tabiMedetabiSeigai is Chibi tabi


Online shop Kaya is the place to visit if you’re in need of some true Japanese fashion accessories, besides their collection of tabi socks, they have everything to enhance your outfit with a touch of the orient.

It’s quiet a long list so sit back and scroll…

Iphone cases:

倭物やカヤ 和雑貨 スマホケース 海外土産



Wooden Zori slippers


Maki band or stomach band, worn like in the pic or beneath your clothes..sure to keep your tummy warm in those cold winters!


maki bands…so comfy!

Hair accessories.


Tonbou (dragonfly) beads to create your own jewelry.



Traditional toys and crafts

倭物やカヤ お化けの金太 熊本 郷土玩具


Hats and hoods to keep your head warm…or cool.





Wind chimes and Noren (traditional  curtains often used as door in restaurants or as decoration)

倭物やカヤ 和雑貨 風鈴



You know what, this was just a preview of the things they click here and check out what they have…and then click here to ask for more detailed information.

Most products are produced in Japan and the prices are very reasonable IMHO..You do not need to go to Japan anymore, Japan just arrived at your doorstep eh virtual doorstep.

I’m going to sit in/on my magnificent massage chair, drink a hot sake(rice wine) and relax. I wish you all a pleasant day!

Oooh just ooooh!

SR. Roso






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