So what do you wear beneath a kimono…

Answer: Funties… yes funties, which is a combination of “fundoshi” (Japanese for loincloth) and “panty,”, clever right? It also happens to be the name of the company too. Actually I don’t think people wear this beneath a kimono….to be honest I have no clue what they wear, I guess it depends on the age of the wearer…wow people always tell me that I don’t know when to shut up…guess that counts for writing too.

Funty’s funties tie up on the right hip, which makes them easy to wear and easy to undo which makes the whole undressing part much more fun! Japanese men just love to pull that cord, as a matter of fact it’s a common pick up line for both sexes, “hey hot samurai ikemen (handsome guy), do you want to pull my cord?” for her and “Wow lusty looking geisha chick, would you mind if I pull your cord?” for him. Of course I just totally made that up, but you can’t blame a guy for daydreaming right..RIGHT, this story just took a complete wrong direction…

let’s have a look at the products of the Venus-Kimono line before one the ladies working here has a peek at my draft and smacks me around the ears.

KP 4
Plum features red plum blossoms on a plain white field, bringing to mind the snowy conditions that sometimes remain when the flowers bloom each February in Japan.
KP 2
The Red model is the most understated of the Venus-Kimono offerings, with a simple vermillion sharkskin-like pattern.
KP 3
Flower’s delicate pattern has a variety of flora adorning the funty

All three designs are priced at 7,800 yen (US$65) and can be ordered here through the Funty online store.

These are so light that shipping won’t cost you much and even though we often write “used” on our boxes to avoid import taxes, we won’t do that on these so don’t fret, we’ll write “gift” on the box.



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