JWS celebrates Christmas in Japan.

It’s December 25th which means that in a lot of countries Christmas has started, before I’m closing the office to go to my ever suffering family(Daddy is dressed up as a Darth Vader,  daddy picked me up from school..dressed as Darth Vader, my husband wears a girl’s high school uniform in the living room even when my mother pops in for a visit..), I thought I had to write a few words.

First of all, thank you to all customers who put their faith and trust in our company, we wish you happy holidays, be it behind your PS4, climbing the Himalayas, getting wasted at a party or (getting wasted)at the dinner table with your family.

For those lucky enough to be with their loved ones and having a warm shelter and food, good for you, enjoy it. For those not so lucky all I can say don’t give up there’s a rainbow behind the clouds…no hardship lasts forever and pain and sorrow will eventually make place for happiness and relieve. Trust me, we all have been in some kind of form, been there. Friends will be found, jobs will be started, suffering will end and love will embrace you in its warmth.

So chin up and smile!

For those planning to visit Japan during Christmas, here is a short guide on how they celebrate Christmas in Japan.

JWS likes to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah!

1-November till December: gorgeous illumination



2-Beginning of December until December the 24th: Christmas shopping



3-December 24th: Picking up your KFC Christmas dinner



4-December 24th: Eat a Christmas cake



5-December 24th:Visit a Love hotel.(only for couples, not families…mind you)



6-December 25th: ask the Grinch….because normal life resumes like usual.




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