Duralumin mobile suit Gundam bumper set

Sometimes you make choices in life which prove to be the right ones …..for a long time, but then one day this choice hits you in the face and stumps on your sensitives…total despair and a high voice are what you’re left with.

I’m an Android man, I love the fact that I have control over my device, I love the fact that I can choose the phone which is right for my purposes and I love the fact that I don’t have to use I tunes… I own the biggest phone on the planet, a Galaxy Note 8…yes I’m the guy who’s  talking on his 8 inch tablet!

But then Bandai releases this……for the iphone 6 and 6s..

Yes a limited Mobile Suit Gundam duralmin bumper three piece set by Gild design

A beautiful crafted bumper with a laser etched back plate and a gorgeous metal earphone plug with the Gundam logo on it.

They come in three types ; the Gundam ver., Char zaku 2 and Hundred style.

The Gundam version is Blue with a “metal ” colored plate and a  “metal” colored front and a gold colored earphone plug∨

the Char Zaku 2 version is competely red pink..

And my favorite the Hundred style comes with a yellow plate, a black back bumper and a green front and a green earphone plug.


The inside is covered with a soft silicon cushioning material and small details like one different colored screw is just the icing on the cake.

These bumpers don’t come cheap of course, but they won’t break your piggy bank either at 18,144 yen and you get 181 Bandai points (if you order through us).

Now up for pre-order and delivery in January so you won’t have to wait too long.

Please use our request form for inquiries and orders

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Mobile Suit Gundam duralumin bumper set

Well I guess , I have to get an iphone 6 now, and use it as a remote control for my Amazon Fire Tv stick…I’m going to have the best looking remote control on the planet!




One month left and then it’s time for a new calendar!

Yes we reached December and that means we can start thinking of new resolutions we are bound not to keep, but we’ll die trying!

Well  a good calendar will make your life easier, be it that it help you remind the important dates in life.your birthday, your favorite anime release date, the public holidays, festive holidays, carnival, beer feste etc etc.

If you’re reading this blog, I  imagine that you have a healthy interest in Japan related products..so why not start your year with a Japanese calendar, they’re inexpensive and light(cheap shipping)?

Let’s start with some J-pop calendars: Please remember these calendars often start in April 2016 until March 2017…this is because  a Japanese company fiscal year, school years etc run from April till March

This Johnnys’Jr calendar is now up for pre-order for 2,300 yen no further info provided
So is this Johnnys’s west calendar..same price, same lack of further information..
AKB48 official calendar 2,500 yen up for pre-order
Kis-My-Ft2 Calendar 2,300 yen

We can find basically a calendar from any J-band, let us know what you’re looking for.

Let’s have a look at the anime and manga calendars…

Doramekuri Doraemon calendar 1,944 yen with 19 amazon points
となりのトトロ 2016カレンダー 壁掛け B2
Tonari no Totoro calendar 1,728 yen (78pt)
Pokemon calendar

ニャンこよみ(夏目友人帳)  2016カレンダー 卓上 壁掛け 兼用
Nyanko Yomi 1,512yen

OnePiece A2 size 1,620 yen

There are so many calendars in this genre, it would take at least 12 blogs, and then I’ll be missing a lot…

Gundam           Sword art online  Hatsune Miku Sentai/Kamen rider

ソードアート・オンライン II 2016カレンダー 壁掛け A2

naruto               Food Wars      Kusanagi blade Noragami Aragato

”イラストレーター・山田サトシ描きおろし”フジセ=イヨの2016カレンダー A3ノラガミ ARAGOTO 2016年 カレンダー 壁掛け A2

You can also have a golden star wars calendar!

top (2)
10 kg of gold is used to create this $810,000 piece of art, if you buy it we will bring it in person!

We really love this Yusuke Nakamura calendar!

Truly stylish and oh so Japanese is this mount Fuji calendar.

Mistsuo Aida is simply cool with its  lovely Japanese proverbs written in beautiful Shuji.

For the train/car/bike enthusiast there are plenty of calendars.

And finally for the lovers of Japanese Glamour (Gravia) models.. This will keep you feeling warm even in January!

The easiest way to shop for calendars is through Amazon Jp or Rakuten, but we keep our eyes open for new interesting calendars! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll send you a huge amount of links and remember asking us for help doesn’t cost a cent and we will never ever spam you!

Yahoo calendar ranking

rakuten calendar ranking

Dinos calendar ranking

Honyaclub calendar ranking

Amazon links:

Idol (gravia) calendars        idol and nsfw calendars

various calendars



tear off calendars




Tired of losing your glasses?

Everybody wearing glasses has at least once been in this situation: you’re in bed reading….you get really tired, you put your glasses down next to you, in the middle of the night you wake up to go to the toilet, sleep drunk you roll back in bed….. You are woken by the piercing sound of your alarm clock in the morning, you panic, are you late for work? With a two legged kick, you send your futon flying in the air, you jump out of bed run  to the shower and another day has started.

At night you zombie (yep it’s a verb) yourself to your bedroom and with a satisfying sound you fall stretched out on your bed. After 30 minutes of being intense tired you find yourself to be too tired to sleep, so you reach out for that magazine and start to read it…only to remember that you’re as blind as mole. You look under the pillows, move your body under the futon, but to no avail..you can’t find your damn glasses, you’re also too lazy to go back downstairs to put your contacts in so….



Well no worries folks  Young Black Jack is here to save the day with this awesome acrylic glasses stand coming in two versions; young Black Jack and Dr. Kiriko

Now up for pre-sale for 3,780 yen, with delivery in January or February.

Find these products here

Cosplay comes to the kitchen with the Cardcaptor Sakura apron

Afraid of spilling something on your favorite anime T-shirts while cooking dinner? Protect your wardrobe the magical girl way!

Unless you happen to live near one of the world’s major anime meccas, like Tokyo’s Akihabara or Ikebukuro, odds are you don’t get all that many chances to cosplay. Sure, maybe there’s a local anime convention you hit up every summer, or perhaps on the rare occasion that your favorite series gets a new theatrical installment you dress up for opening night. Aside from that, though, your costume probably spends most of its time in the closet, waiting forlornly to answer the all too infrequent call of duty.

The ideal situation, then, is an anime costume that’s also practical enough to get some use even when you’re not surrounded by a cadre of otaku, and this Cardcaptor Sakura apron fits the bill perfectly.

CA 1

CA 2

another great present is this Blue ray Card Captor Sakura Glow card box..now heavily discounted on Amazon jp ¥ 81,900 to ¥ 27,745


Manufacturer Neowing has done an impressive job retaining the girlish charm of one of Sakura’s signature outfits. The frills have been toned down just a bit to ensure easy movement, and the coverage of the chest area has been slightly expanded for extra protection.

The apron keeps the costume’s femininely oversized large bow at the neckline, and for extra cuteness there’s an embroidered Sealing Wand on the torso, plus an image of card-capturing partner/adorable mascot Kero-chan popping out of the pocket.

CA 3

The 80-centimeter (31.5-inch) polyester apron is listed at 5,184 yen (US$43), but Neowing is currently taking preorders through its website here at the reduced price of 4,666 yen, which would save early adopters enough to pay for a back issue of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga. Shipping is scheduled for March.

Source: Nijimen

 Blue ray box Amazon Japan

another great present is this Blue ray Card Captor Sakura Glow card box..now heavily discounted on Amazon jp ¥ 81,900 to ¥ 27,745

Ladies beware;Young Black Jack sheets and pillow cases for your sexy sleepy times

For those you who have dreamed of wrapping yourself in Young Black Jack‘s warmth or falling asleep with him by your side, we have just the thing!

It seems like all of the full-sized huggable anime character body pillows are only of female characters. That’s all well and good if you’re attracted to cute girls or lovely ladies, but what about the other half who prefers some male companionship? Well, now there are sheets and pillow cases available with a dreamy, seductive-looking Young Black Jack for you to wrap yourself in and snuggle with.

First we have the sheets, which features Black Jack sprawled out suggestively on his back, his shirt partway undone and his tie completely untied, just waiting for you to fall into his 100-percent polyester embrace.


If cuddling with pillows is more your thing, you can get these equally suggestive full-body pillow cases, one with Black Jack giving you a dreamy look, and the other with Black Jack giving you a “sneak peek”.

▼ Someone’s too sexy for their shirt


These goods will be on sale at this year’s Comiket 89, and are also available for pre-order online until Wednesday, December 16! The sheets cost 7,020 yen (US$52), and the pillow cases are 9,720 yen ($79). Which one would you choose?



Source: Nijimen
Images: Animaru (1, 2)

Modern-day samurai look to your legs with hakama chino pants

Japanese apparel company Kokichi has just revealed its new chinobakama, menswear that’s half chino pants, half hakama.

CH 1

CH 2

CH 3

Less billowy than the hakama commonly worn in Japan’s past, the chinobakama, which Kokichi is also billing as “ninja pants,” can blend easily with current fashions, while still lending you an air of feudal-era stylishness.

CH 4

CH 5

CH 6

The pants are available in navy, charcoal, or beige. In lieu of a belt, each comes with an identically colored waist cord which you tie around yourself.

CH 7

CH 8

CH 9

Made from a durable, machine-washable 50-50 cotton/polyester blend, the chinobakama’s other modern amenities include pockets on both sides and a front zipper.

CH 10

CH 11

CH 12

All three colors are priced at 7,800 yen (US$65) and can be found here.

They say that they are preparing an English website for foreign customers, but it might still take several weeks till a few months. So if you are in a hurry you can order them through us and since we’re not bound by an external company handling our shipping, you’ll save the 10% commission ($6.50) just on shipping.

Shop clever!


JWS japanwebshopping website renewal.

Let me first thank you all dear customers/friends who have been putting your trust in our service, without your help we’d all be working for other companies and we wouldn’t enjoy our jobs/lives as much as we do now.

We’ve been  getting the most surprising and unusual requests and thereby expanding our horizon in what you want and we learn what makes our fellow human being tick. Communicating with folks from all around the world has been a challenging at times (we had to bring in a part-time Spanish speaker/translator  and on a rare occasion a Russian translator), but besides  these rare hiccups, chatting with you through Skype/WordPress/mail and Facebook has been a blast.

We also value your input a lot, and a common complain was that our website loaded like snail…our mistake was that we tried to put as much information and connecting links in it as possible, thereby creating a headache for those without high speed internet access.

So we went a bit simpler this time, and changed the look to a more material/metal look. The pages load a bit faster and it’s definitely easier to the eye. Our love for manga and anime are also more present this time around.




This dark metallic look continues in the separate product pages.


We still haven’t completed the whole site yet though(especially the Japanese section), but we’re working hard to have it finished before Christmas.

Thank you all so much for your patience and in the meantime we will continue to be the best/safest/cheapest (and most personal) personal shopper for you.