Badass Hello Kitty Skull accessories.

Cute and evil, bright and dark, punk and AKB48….Sons of Anarchy on a moped…yeah that’s what comes to mind when you first witness the Hello Kitty skull ring or the Hello Kitty skull necklace.

It’s like a baby with a gun…it’s shocking but…no, it’s just shocking. I for once love shocking, a hardcore punker with a Hello Kitty rucksack, a high school girl with fishnet stockings. Unbalanced is the spice of life, they are the things which keeps our society of drowning in the ordinary.

punk rubber duck source:etsy

Produced by JAM HOME MADE, the rings cost 31,320 yen (about US$264) and comes in 5 different sizes and is rhodium plated. For those who don’t know rhodium, it’s a s a noble metal, resistant to corrosion, found in platinum- or nickel ores together with the other members of the platinum group metals. it is also one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals and therefore worth the steep(ish) price we think.

kitty (2)

the skull ring or necklace are equipped with Kitty-chan’s distinguishing features — namely a red ribbon and a cute yellow nose..for the rest it looks pure evil.

kitty (5)

The necklace is a bit  smaller and cheaper  at 17,280 yen (about $145) and comes with a 45 centimeter chain

kitty (6)

Jam Home Made doesn’t accept international orders…but as a lot of our valued customers already know, we can get it for you and ship it to you hassle free and cheaply…


JWS request form for inquiries and buying orders


(cheesy title)Ultraman inspired fashion makes you look ultra cool.

The cheesy title aside, we love Ultraman, this gigantic forefather of all “kaiju” destroying super heroes. First aired in 1966 and finished with a total of 40 episodes in 1967…so just to be clear, we are talking about Ultraman, and not his kin who carried the Ultraman name far into the 21st century.

Ultraman Nexus

An ongoing Japanese joke, is that if a girl calls her boyfriend a real Ultraman, it’s not a reference to his might, no Ultraman’s powers and, indeed, his very life force, came from rapidly depleted solar energy, which was heavily reduced by Earth’s filtering atmosphere. When Ultraman first appears, his “color timer,” or “warning light,” is always a rich cyan color. As time goes on, the color timer turns solid red, and then starts to blink, giving off a warning chime as it does so. When Ultraman runs out of energy, the color timer goes out, and turns black. Ultraman’s color timer is linked directly to his heart, and damaging it will cause mortal injury or serious pain to you see the girlfriend’s venomous words are directed  to his limited stamina in the sack.

The Japanese love Ultraman, and its love for this delicate super hero is passed on from generation to generation, every child has at least one or two Ultraman figures in his toy box. As we get older we often change, we lose imagination, we lose our dreams, our hair, our tight bodies and in case when you’re a parent: your mind…but one thing we all long for, whether  being a child or an adult is being a hero, that never really disappears.

Ultra Hero 500 27 Ultraman dark (SD)
Ultra Hero 500 27 Ultraman Dark 540 yen

Well a new brand call A MAN OF ULTRA is trying to awaken the hero that hibernates in your adult subconsciousness, it tries to create a cool day-to-day world “Ultraman”, through creating products that remind us what Ultraman stood for (saving the world of those pesky monsters) and inject you with the same courage so that you can accomplish new feats, like standing up for yourself when your boss takes his bad mood out on you, or saving a little kitten from a tree….

Mmm great sales pitch, but since I’m Dutch, and we are born  super heroes, I mean you show us a hole in a dike and we stick our finger in it, I don’t really have the need for more heroic powers  , I’d be too much of a hero and like my mother always told me “too much is never good”. BUT darn I love what they did with it, the products they created are definitely a great addition to your wardrobe or interior.

Being a hero means being on time, and time was of the essence for know he could die and that’s a big no-no for a super hero.

Ultraman model 29,700 yen
Zetton model 29,700 yen

I collaboration with black ice they created these awesome glasses, cause a super hero who’s blind as a mole is just asking for problems. (50,760 yen 8 models)

They sport lots of t-shirts created by Beams for MAN OF ULTRA for example this Alien Baltan shirt (6,696 yen)

or Zetton


guild prime shirts


 .Jeans cause how would a super hero look running around in his undies?
Don’t forget your bag, cause where would you put your handkerchief when you dry the tears of the dame you just saved?
28,080 yen

A hero needs to eat, so you need to eat from these handmade pottery bowls…me likey!

土直漆器×A MAN of ULTRAライス碗(エレキング)土直漆器×A MAN of ULTRAスープ碗(ダダ)土直漆器×A MAN of ULTRAスープ碗(エレキング)

And finally (they have many more products, but I’m getting really hungry now), as a hero it’s of high importance that  you………..smell nice..and for that MAN OF ULTRA collaborated with RISINGWAVE to create three irresistible fragrances. (mach tube ride, spacium cut back and ultra attack air)

RISINGWAVE×A MAN of ULTRA (マッハチューブライド) ETS 45mLRISINGWAVE×A MAN of ULTRA (スペシウムカットバック) 45mLRISINGWAVE×A MAN of ULTRA (ウルトラアタックエアー)  ETS 45mL

All A MAN OF ULTRA products are of guaranteed high quality and produced by well known Japanese manufactures, so they are not cheap..but even if you’re not into ultraman or any kind of super hero as a matter of speaking, these products are beautifully made and won’t make you look like a maniac , but that same maniac will recognize your stuff with one glance and be your friend for life.
Now you have the chance to look ultra dandy with these lovely ties and sweat jacket.

Do you fancy a pair of octopus tights?

It’s a cold winter no doubt about that, the temperatures have fallen far below the “yeah I love a fresh breeze” limit and we are all suffering because of it…except my Canadian friends, for them a Japanese winter is like a Canadian spring and  of course the polar bears.

a  Japanese   polarbear in a  Japanese zoo.

Even Okinawa, the most southern island of Japan with its tropical climate experienced its first snow…ever! News reports of Okinawans looking at the snowflakes with expressions of pure astonishment are flooding the news channels now as I write.


So how do you protect yourself against the cold and still look fashionable..the answer is; don a pair of octopus tights! Yep or if you’re not into octopus, a mackerel  pair of tights.





But let’s get back to the octopus tights, they were created by Onoda Maiko through stereolithography (I admit I had to look that word up) and the octopus legs wrap themselves around the wearers legs from up to down, creating the illusion that the wearer is an …..octopus! They are sexy according to its creator, but we tend to disagree, sexy sure if you’re into being/dating a human octopus….interesting, daring, funny, cute, and yeah cool are more suiting words to describe this product.

Yoh Bae, you got a bunch of Octopus legs coming out of your pants!

They come in three colours black with red legs, white with black and black with pink legs..costing a 3,800 yen.

The mackerel(saba in Japanese) tights only come in white with blue, with the blue part representing the back and the white part the belly of the fish. Mackerel are cold water fish(just made that word  up), meaning they thrive in cold seas and should therefore protect you better against the cold than a clown fish pattern…but this is of course pure psychological…or is it?


I have to conclude that they could have used a better way to show off these tights..I have something more like this in mind..

no no don’t judge me being sexist, but I reckon everybody has a different taste and way of coordinating, so a pure view would have been better IMHO..

petit sac stockings

If you’re not into this whole fishy tights thing, then what do you think of these Japonesque knee-highs from our favorite shop Village Vanguard? Based on the fox/kitsune creatures you can find at Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. These kitsunes are messengers to the inari ( a popular deity ) . Offerings of rice, sake, and other food are given at the shrine to appease and please these kitsune messengers, who are then expected to plead with Inari on the worshipper’s behalf.

They are available in white/red and black/red, with on one leg a fox and on the other a red Torii or shrine gate,

The back is adorned with two foxs and you get real fox pawns on the soles!

They are not expensive either at 3,240 yen


Shipping on these products will be dirt cheap and with the yen at an all time low…so what are you waiting for?

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It finally arrived; The Rei Ayanami doll!

The final item in the Evangelion x Japanese Sword doll series looks awesome…and she’ll cut you if you disagree.

There’s little question that the first two Evangelion x Japanese Sword and Shikinami dolls released last year were pretty freaking awesome. The two previous dolls were of Asuka and Mari, who are obviously beloved characters. Even so, their popularity is dwarfed by Rei Ayanami, perhaps the most charming character in the series. Rei’s doll was previously announced, so this isn’t exactly surprising news, but now we have lots of details to share!

▼ And photos! We love photos.


First things first, if you’ve been holding your breath waiting to give someone your money, you can start breathing again — Takara Tomy, the company producing the dolls, is currently accepting pre-orders on their website. The doll will cost a cool 16,200 yen (about US$137). Unfortunately, Takara Tomy doesn’t ship overseas, but that’s what we’re here for.


In addition to a lovely kimono, Rei comes armed with a sword to cut down anyone who gets in her way. The blade comes with a dragon and Longinus engraved on one side and the phrase “戮力協心,” which is read “rikiryokukyuoushin” and basically means combining efforts to accomplish a task.

▼ Basically, Rei is the ultimate team player.


▼ A few close-ups of the blade


▼ The doll also comes with a scabbard and sword stand.


As you can see below, Rei’s sword and sword stand are bit bigger than Asuka’s and Mari’s versions, with a special piece that can be used to extend Rei’s sword stand. It’s also got the same chrysanthemum print as the doll’s kimono.


▼ We’re pretty sure this doll’s clothes are fancier than any of ours…




There’s no doubt that this doll will be the crown jewel of any fan’s collection — apologies to Asuka and Mari!

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Sources: Takara Tomy via Japaaan

Written by Rocketnews 24

Japanese limited にゅ(New) Balance Sneakers

Have you ever cracked a smile when you saw a pair of sneakers, no I don’t mean the “WTF are those monstrous excuse for a pair of kicks?”, no I mean the smile you get when you see a little puppy doing something cute, like chewing on your Air Jordans. Well these new (as opposed to old New Balance)New Balance sneakers  released in Japan do just that. The whole joke though is that these aren’t real New Balance sneakers as produced by NB, but a Japanese tribute to them and  created by Sangacio a small Japanese company which used to customize original NB sneakers for a limited group of customers..

Originally the only customizing they did was swapping the “new” for にゅthe Japanese hiragana characters which reads a “nyu” or new, enough to make you smile but not to make you pay double the price.


fact:Famous entertainer Tokoro George put this brand on the map

Sangacio got serious did this time, and made a tribute to their customized NB sneakers, the difference is that these new shoes are of their own design(but are inspired by NB sneakers) and don’t carry the NB logo on the heel. What you get though is a full leather handmade pair of kicks made according to the high standards the Japanese craftsmen are renowned for and yes these ARE worth paying a bit more for!

These shoes are limited and order made so gone is gone, and you have to wait for the next line to come out if you want a pair.



Sangacio learned their skills in Florence Italy.

Well without further is there line up:

にゅ~ず Olive green【数量限定】
26,980 yen $229,33

にゅ~ず MID GRAY【数量限定】

にゅ~ず Sky Blue【数量限定】
26,980 yen $229,33

にゅ~ず MID Elephant【数量限定】



にゅ~ず NAVY【数量限定】

にゅ~ず  Elephant【数量限定】

にゅ~ず パープル【数量限定】

にゅ~ず RED【数量限定】

older model (the sneakers, the model himself is still very young in tortoise years
More older models, surrounding a lass with a shoe fetish

Their website displays some English, and maybe it’s possible to have them ship to your country, try it, if it doesn’t work out we are there to help you!


amazon jp sangacio

Or we can check the auctions for you to help you find discontinued models:

black にゅbalance

Older models

These umbrellas release the young boy/pervert in you.

Admit it, you did it too, pulling up girls’ skirts at the playground during recess..well I guess I’m one of those goody two shoes, because I never did that..but that might explain my urge to click the “buy” button on the site of the this product…a psychiatrist probably would say that this is a case of a missed out youth sentiment and would support me to buy this, however the missus  would side step my youth issues and proclaim me to be a pervert….she only wears trousers by the way…

What am I going on about..well I’m talking about an Unbrella, no that’s not a spelling miss… It’s the “umbrella of your dreams” that keeps you dry from the rain while giving you the warm, fuzzy feeling of taking shelter under the skirt of a wide-eyed anime character.

On the top you have a picture of a Japanese High school girl…


But the inside of the “unbrella” looks like this:

▼ It’s said that the striped blue pattern will remind you of a bright and cheerful blue sky.


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.35.27 PM

Here’s another one for the more shy folks as the underskirt thing isn’t that strongly present..


Check out the official website. It’s certainly a controversial product that some will love(the little boy in me) and others(my “god I married a pervert” thinking wife)  will love to see taken off the market. They are priced at 4,622 yen.

Drinking Japanese sake from Char Zaku’s head?

Yep that’s now possible with these handmade Guinomi tin cups made by Takaoka  casting in collaboration with Kunio Okawara. Guinomi tin cups are a little deeper than the usual sake cups and it is said that tin brings out the full flavor of the rice wine…BUT what Gundam lover is going to fill these little pieces of art with anything but love and care?

These cups come in traditional wooden boxes and cost 8,424 yen  and come in Zaku and Gundam, for 16,848 yen you can get both.

They will be up for sale on the 23rd of January with delivery scheduled in March.




Robot Kitty and us wish you a Happy New Year!,Gelukkig nieuwjaar,Ein glückliches neues Jahr,Selamat Tahun Baru,Feliz año nuevo,ᖱᒣᖳᒐᒉᑊᖿᒪᔪᖱᖽᐧᒡᒧᐧᖾᒍ, 聖誕節同新年快樂,С Рождеством Христовым!,أجمل التهاني بمناسبة الميلاد و حلول السنة الجديدة

Wow it has been 2016 for nine days now and this my first post of the year…well to be honest that’s how long my hangover and upset stomach lasted…the fact that I bought a play station 4 didn’t really help speeding up my will to sit behind the PC and greet you my dear readers/customers..but my heart and thoughts were with you the whole time.

PlayStation 4 METAL GEAR SOLID V LIMITED PACK THE PHANTOM PAIN EDITION, expensive yeah, but you didn’t think I’d get myself an ordinary did you?

For those folks who have no idea how the Japanese celebrate each year’s “baton touch” (japanglish..meaning take over the job), let me give you a short description..after all the PS4 is calling my name.

On new year’s eve, most folks sit around the TV watching boxing(it used to be K1…), silly variety shows full of Yoshimoto(the biggest comedy talent agency), with the best watched being a show called waratte ikenai (you’re not allowed to laugh), which my three sons aged 6, 8 and 11 love…which kinda explains the target audience..

Another big group watches the yearly Kohakku, a singing show in which artists are divided in two groups and have to battle and if you’re not into Japanese music you might feel better getting your toenails pulled. A lot of families eat soba or buckwheat noodles, because the length of the noodles represents longevity(you can’t make this up)

When it’s twelve o’clock don’t expect any special celebrations like fireworks, no we wish each other an Akemashite omedetou( ou is pronounced as oo for the Dutch readers), and some might brace the cold and head up to the nearest shrine (Temples are rarely visited during festivities) to perform a season’s first prayer…others go to bed and wait till the next day…expect a lot of climbing and waiting if you want to experience this.


New year’s day is when the families come together for celebrations, kind of like Christmas in other countries, they have a meal mostly consisting out of shabu shabu or sukiyaki, sushi and other delicacies.

I’m sure each family has their own traditions, but these are the for those who do expect a huge celebration during new year’s eve…well don’t.

Back to reality..the hangover has worn off, and new requests have been received, so let’s see what’s new.

Let’s start with a little video to see what Hello Kitty and Mazinger Z have in common…


Yep that’s a Kitty with attitude, this Mazinger Z inspired  robot kitty is now up for pre-order from January 6 till January 24. It’s about 105mm in height and weighs 400 grams(chubby kitty). It’s made out of die-cast and ABS with delivery scheduled for late may. The little Kitty figure is included.

After they bumped into each other they changed souls (true story) and besides there souls they also received each others’ looks….Yep this stuff happens all the time here in Japan.. So how did Mazinger Z look after this encounter…

Wow if that isn’t the cutest robot…you wonder how Optimus Prime would react if he’d encounter this robot. Now it’s yours to have for a mere 8,424 yen as pre-order. As usual Sanrio doesn’t accept foreign issued credit cards so you’re stuck with us…but that’s no punishment because we give you the points too!

link tamashi web

Mazinger Z

Hello Kitty