These umbrellas release the young boy/pervert in you.

Admit it, you did it too, pulling up girls’ skirts at the playground during recess..well I guess I’m one of those goody two shoes, because I never did that..but that might explain my urge to click the “buy” button on the site of the this product…a psychiatrist probably would say that this is a case of a missed out youth sentiment and would support me to buy this, however the missus  would side step my youth issues and proclaim me to be a pervert….she only wears trousers by the way…

What am I going on about..well I’m talking about an Unbrella, no that’s not a spelling miss… It’s the “umbrella of your dreams” that keeps you dry from the rain while giving you the warm, fuzzy feeling of taking shelter under the skirt of a wide-eyed anime character.

On the top you have a picture of a Japanese High school girl…


But the inside of the “unbrella” looks like this:

▼ It’s said that the striped blue pattern will remind you of a bright and cheerful blue sky.


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.35.27 PM

Here’s another one for the more shy folks as the underskirt thing isn’t that strongly present..


Check out the official website. It’s certainly a controversial product that some will love(the little boy in me) and others(my “god I married a pervert” thinking wife)  will love to see taken off the market. They are priced at 4,622 yen.

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