193(!?) centimeters Mazinger Z wants to tower over your puny self!

Lots of folks have probably never heard of the gigantic robot named Mazinger Z, don’t feel bad if you haven’t, Mazinger Z which started as a manga in 1972 only to be adapted into an 92 episode anime TV series the same year has only been aired in Japan, the USA(named Tranzor Z) and in Mexico.

The plot:

Mazinger Z is a giant robot piloted by a human, much like the Gundam or Pacific Rim and made Japanium(stronger than its sister element Americanium) and was built to fight against the evil mechanical beasts of Dr.Hell(just to make sure that  you know who the baddie is) by Professor Juzo Kabuto and operated by his grandson Kouji Kabuto.

Mazinger Z manga vol 1.png
cover of the first manga volume (wiki)

In 2002 Mazinkaiser was released as an anime OVA( animated films and series made specially for release in home video formats without prior showings on television or in theaters series) and once again Kouji Kabuto slugs it out with his nemesis Dr.Hell, this time in a more powerful version of his prior robot.



Cool stuff, but what’s even cooler is this 1.93 meter replica(1/10 of the original size) of the the first Mazinger! Just by having this robot in your house you can silence your kids (“be good or this robot will wake you up at night”), awe your friends, or never be lost for a good conversational topic again. The simplicity of its design makes it fit and blend in with  any room decor in any house not built for hobbits.


Created by Mazin Go Jungle the same folks responsible for the giant tetsujin statue in Osaka, this huge robot is handmade from FRP.

Now the price….321,840 yen excluding shipping…yep not cheap, but as a collector piece not overly crazy so and as a room decor piece it’s cheaper than a original Michelangelo…..

Serge Roso



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