Japanese doll sets for Hina festival accommodate the folks with tight living spaces.

In February the living space  of Japanese houses get a lot tighter, because that’s the time the parents of girls display the Hina dolls for the upcoming Hina festival or girls’day.  Hina festival is celebrated on the 3rd of March parents set up a display of ornamental dolls representing the Emperor, empress and their underlings.

Kids ya’ll sleep in the closet for next few weeks.

The custom of displaying dolls began during the Heian period or in other words a loooong time ago. Formerly, people believed the dolls possessed the power to contain bad spirits but since  traditionally,  grandparents of a newborn girl used to buy a set  hina dolls, they are nowadays taken out of the closet  just to display  and to have a reason to celebrate something, because we all love a party don’t we?

Kyaradeko Special Day specter watch Hinamatsuri
Youkai watch hina cake
Hina festival food..it’s just too beautiful to eat.

Traditions continue, but values change even so in Japan…nobody wants to abolish such  cultural customs, but  times are changing and more and more folks value practicality over tradition. So (almost)gone are the elaborate displays of these beautiful dolls, only to be replaced by smaller(cheaper) compact versions.

The display of the hina dolls is mostly done to make your little girl happy, and what better way to keep up her good spirits is by giving her some dolls in the shape of her favorite cartoon character?




In Disney crazy Japan this Mickey and Minnie premium hina doll set is surely to be a big hit

Size: frontage 38X depth 29X height 27cm                                                                      Price: 75,598 yen (tax included)           link

Or with 15 characters (original number of dolls) but smaller.

  • Size: Width 360 × depth 150 × height 180mm
  • Price: 21,598 yen (tax included)
  • link


What about  her favorite snack…a rice ball!                    

  • Size: width 24 × depth 15 × height 8cm
  • Material: rayon crepe, other
  • Price: 4,104 yen
  • link

No girls’day without Kitty being present

  • Size: Width 270 × depth 110 × height 380mm
  • Price: 21,598 yen (tax included)
  • link



These cute little dolls are made of glass and they can float in water, because what says tradition more than a pair of floating dolls huh.

  • Size: height of about 35mm × width of about 25mm × depth of about 20mm
  • Material: glass
  • Price: 183 yen (including tax) ※ for one piece
  • link



In western countries girls play with Barbie dolls, in Japan they have Rika-chan.(Likka)

  • Size: frontage 61.5 × depth 41 × height 35.5 (cm)
  • Price: 159,408 yen (tax included)
  • link

And for the little princess who values quality over quantity there are these antique ivory dolls from a time when killing elephants wasn’t frown upon.

  • Size: height your imperial palace customers 11.9cm, 11.2cm princess
  • Material: Ivory
  • ¥ 250,000 (tax included shipping included)
  • link

Not sure though if we can send you this….but we’ll check it out for you.

Compact and beautiful is this five piece black acrylic ornament.

  • Size: frontage 55 × depth 29 × height 56cm
  • Price: 107,998 yen (tax included)
  • link

You don’t have to be Japanese to appreciate this lovely tradition, giving your new born daughter/grand daughter/friend’s daughter one of these sets will surely separate it from the other customary presents as distinguished and stylish.

Just don’t forget to put it back in the closet before march 4, failing to this will result in late marriage for the daughter.


Serge Roso


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