Stick a dachshund in your ears to enjoy some peace and quietness

With students everywhere back in the full swing of things, we imagine most school libraries are currently filled with stressed scholars struggling to focus. While slapping some headphones on your head might help cut out the cries of anguish as others struggle to finish another report, for some, the music is as distracting as the classmates having a breakdown.

Fortunately, there’s another option: You can always stick tiny dachshunds in your ears!

▼ They promise not to bark too loudly!

dmimipet (4)

Created by Mao Yamamoto, a designer from Hokkaido, these adorable earplugs are called d+ Mimi Pet and are intended to help you focus while studying or working. Thought we can’t help wondering if you’ll end up even more distracted when everyone stops to ask where you got them.

▼ It’s not like a dachshund is really going to scare them away either…

dmimipet (6)

The earplugs come in a range of colors, so you can easily accessorize to match your outfit for the day — though you probably won’t want to buy too many of these: One set costs 1,296 yen (US$11.30)!

▼ It’s a good thing they’re reusable and easy to clean!

dmimipet (3)

dmimipet (2)

Though the earplugs are made of silicon, they aren’t meant for use in the water either, so you’ll have to find something else if you just want to keep your ears dry while swimming. On the other hand, they are very cute, so if nothing else, your ears will be totally adorable wherever you might be trying to focus!

dmimipet (7)

You can purchase +d Mimi Pet earplugs on Koncent’s website, though they don’t currently offer overseas shipping, we are able to help you out there.

Sources/images: Roomie, Koncent

rocketnews 24 edited by JWS


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