Issey Miyake releases new gorgeous line.

We at JWS love the four great Japanese designers, Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo, Rei Kawakubo and of course Issey Miyake…we have the love, but unfortunately we don’t always have the cash…no big deal really  as the used clothes market in Japan is second to none, such an awesome stuff is to be found at ZOZO or Mercari. but if you want the latest…well than you need to be willing to splash out some cash.

On Feb 3, Japanese fashion brand Issey Miyake presented its new collection introducing the artworks of the late graphic designer Ikko Tanaka (1930-2002).

The series is dedicated to Tanaka, with whom the designer Issey Miyake had close relations with and respected very much. For the design process, Miyake focused on recreating Tanaka’s works with precision, but also made calculations so that the charms and beauty of each artwork were emphasized on the clothes when worn.

The series, the first of more to come, has selected Ikko Tanaka’s masterpieces “Nihon Buyo” (1981), “Sharaku 200 Years” (1995) and “The Variations of Futoi Kigo” (1992) as motifs. The collections of clothes presented as the first series is suitable for tea parties, where people get together to relax and talk about various topics like their new beach house or ski lodge in Aspen…or you wear it to work like normal people do and look a million dollars.

The Nihon Buyo poster Tanaka designed in 1981 for the Japanese dance performance by UCLA’s Asian Performing Arts Institute

56,160 yen


38,880 yen


Stole 32,400 yen


50,760 yen



43,200 yen


Sharaku, designed for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Japanese ukiyo-e print artist Toshusai Sharaku,



56,100 yen


38,880 yen


32,400 yen


carapace sharaku 50,760 yen


geta sandal 43,200 yen


Futoi Kigo graphics 


“Variation of Bold Symbols”1992
This work was created as graphic art. Shapes like hand-drawn symbols are arranged on colored faces of single color squares. Two works in the same form are combined one on top of the other, and the contrast of color and bold black lines leave a strong impression.

futoi kigo 51,800 yen



futoi kigo 35,560 yen



futoi kigo t-shirt 27,000 yen



Absolutely stunning is all we can say, but if this all too far above your budget than how about this T-shirt from the me ISSEY MIYAKE line:

21,600 yen

Issey miyake and Ikko Tanaka


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