Panties glasses make the world a happier place.

Panties or knickers are not commonly associated with glasses, but one clever Japanese designer came up with the idea to make glasses with panties after he finished his fourth “mizu wari” (whiskey, bourbon or  brandy with water). He leaned back in his comfortable floor chair and looked at the empty glass on his kotatsu…just then his wife came out of the shower wearing nothing but panties… After 20 years of marriage, his gaze never wavered from his empty glass..hell even the notion of some adult rompty domp (is that a word?) would be merciless struck down, after all it was a Wednesday and sex was only to be had on Saturday…in 1995 and 1997 to be exact, which were also the days that their daughters were conceived.

Then by pure coincidence his ball and chains stood with her back to him in a precise line with his glass, and her back fitted almost exactly in the shape of his glass…an idea was born. Of course I just completely made this up, because I have not the faintest idea why somebody would create this..but I’m happy someone did.

the glasses are shaped like legless (and armless and headless)torsos including a belly button, which would be creepy but for some reason isn’t.

They come in four colors(the ribbons), blue, pink, black and red.

8,640 yen

If you fill them up with Piruku, a Japanese very very sweet yogurt  based drink  they look like below, but Yohei Ishii, the creator, recommends milk to get the “white” skin effect and milk tea for a more sun burnt effect..and chocolate milk for the more tropical look.


パンティグラス リボン(ブラック)パンティグラス リボン(ブルー)

The panties glass Adult is a bit more eh well adultish.

パンティグラス アダルト

There is the Heartfull:

パンティグラス HeartFull(ハートフル)

The glass is always a bit tilted since the maker refrained from giving it’s creation a kardashian’s butt.

パンティグラス HeartFull(ハートフル)

The panties glass Kotobuki is his latest creation and double the price due to the materials used.

16,200 yen

These glasses are all handcrafted and of serious good quality.


His site Dwango  Jaypi has more panties themed products if you discovered a taste for this after reading this…

A coin case:

Panty Minaj coin case feat...BREEEF(ブリーフ型コインケース)Panty Minaj coin case feat...YOKOJIMA(パンティ型コインケース)Panty Minaj coin case feat...MIZUTAMA(パンティ型パスケース)

A panties mask (reversible!? with dots on one side and stripes on the other)

1,080 yen


Panties hat!




ぱんつ帽子<ピンク縞パン> Three versions, price:2,582 yen

These glasses are just cute and fun, they make you smile and that’s actually what the creator intended to do, to create something you can use daily and make you feel happy!

Check out their website

order form

and while you’re there, don’t forget to look at these Resin Damascus  knives!

レジンダマスカス ナイフ03
6,480 yen

レジンダマスカス ナイフ03

Serge Roso JWS




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