Jab your index fingers in someone’s anus.

A weird title for an even weirder custom, but you haven’t experienced Japan if you never had a person jab his index fingers in your anus.

Ready to Kancho

The rules are simple; you clasp your hands together in the shape of a gun, and when the unknowing victim bends over, you jab your fingers in their anus while screaming “kancho!”. Well nobody ever said that Japanese pranks are mind blowing…

The real meaning of kancho is enema by the way, soif you ever have to visit a Japanese hospital and the doctor announces that you need kancho,then don’t worry that he’ll stick his fingers in the place where the sun doesn’t shine.

Now you can carry a piece of Japanese culture with/on you in the form of these Kanjo telephone straps/ accessories by Takara Tomy. There are 6 types and if you can connect them if you own more than one!

First up is the Boss, then the high-school student and the rock and roller.


They also have a office worker and two bears!


And this is how they look connected;


For 200yen a pop, they won’t deplete your wallet, so for just 1200 yen you can have this complete set of people/bears as mantle piece or for something in your toilet. Unfortunately these aren’t for sale..no you have to buy them from a coin machine, which could make collecting them all a rather pricey affair.

Remember the wise words of Takara Tomy: Tricking is a way of communication which unite the people more intimately.  True words because nothing says intimate communication better than a finger poked in your behind…

takara tomy


Serge Roso


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