How to make green tea even more Japanese.

Well the simple answer to that is the following: You fill a small bag with high quality green tea leaves from Japan’s “tea prefecture” Shizuoka, connect a string to it and instead of the usual squarish label at the end, you connect a paper laser cutout of a traditional Japanese figure.

Due to some nifty cutting, you’re figure won’t drown in the tea.

There is a description of each figure in Japanese and English on the package.

1-Fullscreen capture 20160413 92752


The designer of these teabags recommends you to use the cutouts as decoration, for example next to a light switch or behind a lamp shade….like I said, nifty.

1-Fullscreen capture 20160413 91910

They are unfortunately completely sold out at the moment, but new stock is on its way!

The package contains 6 teabags with high quality green tea and costs  1080 yen.

Yamakotobuki Sugimoto shop actors uniform TEA BAG

Serge Roso

JWS website




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