Tabi sneakers, for the fashion conscious ninja.

Even though in the west, tabi shoes are often associated with the stealth ninjas, the Japanese regard them as the perfect working shoes for construction workers and gardeners.  They provide flexibility, grip and are quite comfy.

Unique home center The VALLICANS has released Tabi sneakers which are according to their philosophy of combining usefulness with a cheeky “yeah you can use this as a fashion statement too”. This philosophy becomes apparent when you visit their website. For example their “Look bell ha(a)t which is inspired by hip hop appears like this..

                                                                   4,900 yen

The tabi sneakers are perfect for the fashionable gardener especially in combination with their Knickerbocker pants

But if you’re like me, live in the city and the closest to a garden is your nearby park, then these tabi sneakers just make for some really comfortable shoes, they are tight, the velcro straps wrap around you ankles like taping,  so they feel like an extension of your feet giving you optimal freedom of movement.

They are not expensive , at 9,720 yen they won’t burn a hole in your wallet either.

This isn’t designer Jun Inoue first attempt at these sneakers, her first creation the “the court division” sneaker sold out pretty quick

The only thing you need to get before using these sneakers are tabi socks, as normal socks won’t fit into these shoes.

Racing run five fingers socks 25 to photos of 27cm 01
running five finger socks


Photos of the socks of silk feels] moist silk socks short socks 24 ~ 26cm 01
dress two toe tabi socks

Check out Tabio for these socks, they have lots of socks for every occasion. The five toe socks are really good against athlete’s foot…I know from personal experience.

Serge Roso

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