Bulgari releases two Japan limited men’s bags.

Based on the iconic Bulgari watch buckle, Bulgari will release two men’s bags this spring. Made out of a combination of rubber calf (calf leather with a rubbery effect..not a calf made out of rubber) and textured calf leather.

The “Bulgari buckle” tote bag calf / Black (W32.5xH36xD12.5cm) will set you back a pleasant 245.000 yen.

The “Bulgari buckle” briefcase calf / Black (W39.5xH28.5xD12cm) will cost 265,000 yen.

Not cheap, but you’ll get a bag made out of the finest leather and handmade by by traditional craftsmen in Italy, who send it to Japan,( and if you’re an Italian who wants to have one, we’ll send it back to you!)

This limited collection will on sale from May. And we will personally go to the Bulgari shop to purchase your article.(I’ll dress up and even take my lovely missus for a fancy dinner afterwards..after breathing all that luxury air, it wouldn’t be right to take her to Denny’s…)

Shipping won’t be that expensive and will we go out of our way to decrease the risk of you getting hit with a humongous VAT as usual, getting it as cheap as possible for you and to you is our motto.

Serge Roso JWS

Bulgari Japan


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