Tabi sneakers, for the fashion conscious ninja.

Even though in the west, tabi shoes are often associated with the stealth ninjas, the Japanese regard them as the perfect working shoes for construction workers and gardeners.  They provide flexibility, grip and are quite comfy.

Unique home center The VALLICANS has released Tabi sneakers which are according to their philosophy of combining usefulness with a cheeky “yeah you can use this as a fashion statement too”. This philosophy becomes apparent when you visit their website. For example their “Look bell ha(a)t which is inspired by hip hop appears like this..

                                                                   4,900 yen

The tabi sneakers are perfect for the fashionable gardener especially in combination with their Knickerbocker pants

But if you’re like me, live in the city and the closest to a garden is your nearby park, then these tabi sneakers just make for some really comfortable shoes, they are tight, the velcro straps wrap around you ankles like taping,  so they feel like an extension of your feet giving you optimal freedom of movement.

They are not expensive , at 9,720 yen they won’t burn a hole in your wallet either.

This isn’t designer Jun Inoue first attempt at these sneakers, her first creation the “the court division” sneaker sold out pretty quick

The only thing you need to get before using these sneakers are tabi socks, as normal socks won’t fit into these shoes.

Racing run five fingers socks 25 to photos of 27cm 01
running five finger socks


Photos of the socks of silk feels] moist silk socks short socks 24 ~ 26cm 01
dress two toe tabi socks

Check out Tabio for these socks, they have lots of socks for every occasion. The five toe socks are really good against athlete’s foot…I know from personal experience.

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Cerevo Inc’s Psycho-Pass Dominator accessories for sale

Cerevo Inc’s Psycho-Pass Dominator smart toy went on sale on in March and the company recently opened pre-orders for its accompanying protective case and display stand.


The Cerevo Dominator goes above and beyond previous Dominators created by Bandai’s Proplica line and Ichiban Kuji’s release with a camera viewer and wireless LAN capabilities, allowing users to view Crime Coefficients with their smartphone, as well as a special app to view a Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division user interface. Production I.G director Naoyoshi Shiotani and Nitroplus designer Makoto Ishiwata supervised the Dominator’s creation. The motorized transformation from Paralyzer to Eliminator modes marks a first in the world for smart toys. Voice actress Noriko Hidaka recorded 100 voice samples for use.

The replica can be purchased  from Cerevo’s website for 79,800 yen (US$682) or the special edition for 89,800 yen (US$768). The protective case costs 12,800 yen (US$118.50) and is completely waterproof and impact resistant. Like the Dominator, it’s also an exact replica of those seen in the anime series.


The display stand is 9,800 yen (US$91) and has a built in AC adapter. Customers can set their Dominator to “Display” mode using the app to pick what mode (Paralyzer or Eliminator) to show off their Dominator.


Check out the Cerevo Store for more products.

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Kamenrider celebrates his 45th birthday in style.

We already wrote once before about  fashion icon Kamenrider Ghost and his cool outfits, well this time Bandai Fashion has raised the bar a notch by releasing the  exclusive 45th Anniversary line further separating the boys from the men.

In collaboration with biker gear designing and producing company Harold’s Gear they came up with some lovely stuff.

They released two chronograph watches; the Cyclone and the Shocker

The cyclone is inspired by the Cyclone bike  which the first Kamen rider (Kamen rider one) used to ride.

The  shocker model is of course designed with Kamen Rider’s eternal enemy in mind; the secret organization Shocker.

The watches have a Japanese movement with a 2-axis step motor and are waterproof till a 100 meters.

Price=37,800 yen exl tax and you’ll receive 378 points. Pre-order now, with delivery in July.


Next up are these silver rings:

The top one is called the TACHIBANA RACING CLUB and the bottom one is the SHOCKER.

TACHIBANA with Kamen rider one on one side
TACHIBANA with Kamen rider number two on the other side

The inside of the rings.

Price:29,160円 and you’ll receive 291 points. Now up for pre-order with delivery in July 2016

A little pricier but well worth the money due to its coolness factor is this handmade (domestic)cow leather biker jacket…make that jackets.

The Kamen rider theme is subtle and can be found at the back and the arms of this jacket, while the front is has a classic “Isle of Man race” design. These are real biker jackets to use on a bike, moped or kick bike, giving you protection against  weather elements and the pavement…but of course you can also just use them to prance around in and looking mighty fine.

Price: 151,200 yen

1-The Shocker rider

2-Rider No.2 version

3-Rider No.1 version

Do you need a belt to with your new jacket?

These belts are not from the anniversary series but are limited too.

Rider No. 1 casual belt:3,780 yen

 Taisen shocker extra-high voltage belt

3,780 yen

Rider ghost deep sea Makoto collection leather belt 15,120 yen

Rider Kuuga casual belt 3,780 yen

We keep the best for last…this awesome  Rider Kuuga&red monkey designs Collaboration Wristwatch Silver925 High-End Model

You can see that Kamen Rider is no longer just for boys and housewives, Premium Bandai has successfully  carried over the idea and feeling of Kamen Rider  in this collection and still managed to look adultish (if that wasn’t a word, it now is).

Mail us for further information, these products are only for sale on Bandai net and you’ll always end up paying a fair bit more when buying through a third party…not so with us, we’ll buy it for you, send it to you in the best way possible and all we get is a tiny 10% of the original price+we will keep your points, which you can use on your next purchase…shopping has never been cheaper and easy.


bandai Kamen rider

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How to make green tea even more Japanese.

Well the simple answer to that is the following: You fill a small bag with high quality green tea leaves from Japan’s “tea prefecture” Shizuoka, connect a string to it and instead of the usual squarish label at the end, you connect a paper laser cutout of a traditional Japanese figure.

Due to some nifty cutting, you’re figure won’t drown in the tea.

There is a description of each figure in Japanese and English on the package.

1-Fullscreen capture 20160413 92752


The designer of these teabags recommends you to use the cutouts as decoration, for example next to a light switch or behind a lamp shade….like I said, nifty.

1-Fullscreen capture 20160413 91910

They are unfortunately completely sold out at the moment, but new stock is on its way!

The package contains 6 teabags with high quality green tea and costs  1080 yen.

Yamakotobuki Sugimoto shop actors uniform TEA BAG

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Jab your index fingers in someone’s anus.

A weird title for an even weirder custom, but you haven’t experienced Japan if you never had a person jab his index fingers in your anus.

Ready to Kancho

The rules are simple; you clasp your hands together in the shape of a gun, and when the unknowing victim bends over, you jab your fingers in their anus while screaming “kancho!”. Well nobody ever said that Japanese pranks are mind blowing…

The real meaning of kancho is enema by the way, soif you ever have to visit a Japanese hospital and the doctor announces that you need kancho,then don’t worry that he’ll stick his fingers in the place where the sun doesn’t shine.

Now you can carry a piece of Japanese culture with/on you in the form of these Kanjo telephone straps/ accessories by Takara Tomy. There are 6 types and if you can connect them if you own more than one!

First up is the Boss, then the high-school student and the rock and roller.


They also have a office worker and two bears!


And this is how they look connected;


For 200yen a pop, they won’t deplete your wallet, so for just 1200 yen you can have this complete set of people/bears as mantle piece or for something in your toilet. Unfortunately these aren’t for you have to buy them from a coin machine, which could make collecting them all a rather pricey affair.

Remember the wise words of Takara Tomy: Tricking is a way of communication which unite the people more intimately.  True words because nothing says intimate communication better than a finger poked in your behind…

takara tomy


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School girl action pose reference book.

Generally, artists work better when they have a frame of reference. This is why art classes begin by painting a bowl of fruit that’s actually in front of you. It’s a little harder though, when your drawing requirements include people posing in outrageous situations. While there are plenty of resources online that are available for budding artists, sometimes you need something a little more relevant to your muse, thematically.

pose 1

We’ve found the perfect reference book for manga artists drawing action sequences featuring school girl heroines. It’s written and compiled by action coordinator and action director Isao Karasawa, who’s responsible for titles such as Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial, Thermae Romae, and Sailor Suit and Machine Gun: Graduation.

This book features a collection of action poses by female models in high school sailor uniforms and blazers as they deal with violent situations in at least three different chapters which include brawling, flying and gun play. You won’t be limited to just girls in school uniforms though, as there are reference photos of the models in swimsuits posing in the same action shots. With less clothing, you’ll be able to see the structures of the muscles and the lines of the body…so it’s easier to draw them.

▼ Bring on the poses!

pose 8

▼ They’re still friends, even with that powerful kick to the neck.

pose 9

▼ Focus on the way the muscles move!

pose 12

pose 13

▼ Jumping over someone with a gun in hand is an important pose to master.

pose 15

pose 16

▼ Two high schoolers with swords, just like everyday life.

pose 17

pose 18

Published by Genkosha, Freeze Framed Action Pose Shots 01: The Compilation of Female High School Students (瞬 撮アクションポーズ01 女子高生アクション編) can be found in Japanese bookstores for 2,484 yen (US$22.90).

Leave the footwork to us and we will send you a copy of this book.

Source: Artist Database
Images: Amazon JP

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Panties glasses make the world a happier place.

Panties or knickers are not commonly associated with glasses, but one clever Japanese designer came up with the idea to make glasses with panties after he finished his fourth “mizu wari” (whiskey, bourbon or  brandy with water). He leaned back in his comfortable floor chair and looked at the empty glass on his kotatsu…just then his wife came out of the shower wearing nothing but panties… After 20 years of marriage, his gaze never wavered from his empty glass..hell even the notion of some adult rompty domp (is that a word?) would be merciless struck down, after all it was a Wednesday and sex was only to be had on Saturday…in 1995 and 1997 to be exact, which were also the days that their daughters were conceived.

Then by pure coincidence his ball and chains stood with her back to him in a precise line with his glass, and her back fitted almost exactly in the shape of his glass…an idea was born. Of course I just completely made this up, because I have not the faintest idea why somebody would create this..but I’m happy someone did.

the glasses are shaped like legless (and armless and headless)torsos including a belly button, which would be creepy but for some reason isn’t.

They come in four colors(the ribbons), blue, pink, black and red.

8,640 yen

If you fill them up with Piruku, a Japanese very very sweet yogurt  based drink  they look like below, but Yohei Ishii, the creator, recommends milk to get the “white” skin effect and milk tea for a more sun burnt effect..and chocolate milk for the more tropical look.


パンティグラス リボン(ブラック)パンティグラス リボン(ブルー)

The panties glass Adult is a bit more eh well adultish.

パンティグラス アダルト

There is the Heartfull:

パンティグラス HeartFull(ハートフル)

The glass is always a bit tilted since the maker refrained from giving it’s creation a kardashian’s butt.

パンティグラス HeartFull(ハートフル)

The panties glass Kotobuki is his latest creation and double the price due to the materials used.

16,200 yen

These glasses are all handcrafted and of serious good quality.


His site Dwango  Jaypi has more panties themed products if you discovered a taste for this after reading this…

A coin case:

Panty Minaj coin case feat...BREEEF(ブリーフ型コインケース)Panty Minaj coin case feat...YOKOJIMA(パンティ型コインケース)Panty Minaj coin case feat...MIZUTAMA(パンティ型パスケース)

A panties mask (reversible!? with dots on one side and stripes on the other)

1,080 yen


Panties hat!




ぱんつ帽子<ピンク縞パン> Three versions, price:2,582 yen

These glasses are just cute and fun, they make you smile and that’s actually what the creator intended to do, to create something you can use daily and make you feel happy!

Check out their website

order form

and while you’re there, don’t forget to look at these Resin Damascus  knives!

レジンダマスカス ナイフ03
6,480 yen

レジンダマスカス ナイフ03

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