gothic rock, punk fashion brand Drug Honey opens shopping site.

Unisex Goth inspired fashion has been around for some time, but it always has had a certain target group, you are into goth or you aren’t….putting you in clear social box.   What if you are a person who likes certain aspects of goth, but doesn’t want to be mistaken for a goth? What if you feel goth but don’t want to be labelled as such? Who likes labels anyway, the people who label other folks do this with a sense of superiority, making them narrow minded individuals in my opinion.

Drug honey’s designs have a very strong Gothic flavor, but combine them with another style piece of clothing and see them transform into their own unique style! Their designs are truly classy and the fabric and design hides the fact that these clothes carry a relative low price tag. Well enough bla bla bla, let’s have a look.

Lace x striped back spindle Jabot shirt (women) 5,980 yen  including tax

Lace switching vintage satin-style flap skirt (unisex)3,980 yen  including tax

Leather winding wrist Gloves 1,580 yen


Monkey pants with suspenders (unisex)3,980


Long side themed Gothic cut dress (unisex) 5,280


Nobody knows  the concept of uniformity better than the Japanese, but through these new fashion brands, brands which carefully tip toe between several styles they are given the opportunity to rebel against that, and adopt the look they feel best represents them, not how society expects them to represent themselves….

PS the first buyer will receive a 20% discount coupon

Serge Roso JWS


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