Lovely and delicious zen garden candy.

This week, website Soranews 24 reported the following:

New DIY candy kits let you taste the sweet serenity of a koi fish pond in a rock garden.

From gorgeous lollipops to beautifully moulded wagashi, Japan has been wowing the world with its unique sweet treats over the years. However, there’s one interesting mainstay that tends to catch everyone’s eye at the supermarket, and that’s Japan’s range of adorable DIY candies.

These candy kits come in boxes with plastic moulds and instructions so sweet-tooths both young and old can create everything from faux sushi to tiny ice cream cones. Now, though, there’s a new addition to the range that people in Japan are currently going wild for, as it allows you to make your very own edible zen garden.

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A video shows just how easy it is to create an edible piece of zen, with the first garden consisting of three large candy rocks, along with a scattering of coloured stones.

There’s even a handy chart included in the kit, which shows different patterns for how the candy gravel should be raked.

The second garden kit includes a sweet gel sheet that stands in as pond water for the koi fish…

Along with a set of stones, which can be placed around the pond and on the raked gravel surface.

The best part, of course, comes with the eating, and as we see the edge of the spoon slicing through the candy rocks and picking up the sweet gravel, we can almost feel the gritty sweetness on our tongues.

While we’re not sure how well we’d be able to replicate the candy gardens in the clip, images on Twitter show that the extent of each garden’s beauty is entirely up to the creator.

The edible garden candy kits can be found at supermarkets in Japan for 500 yen (US$4.58) each, or online at Amazon, where they’re sold in a six-pack containing three of each type for 3,188 yen.

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We will as usual go out of our way to get this for you, even if it means that we have to walk five minutes to our nearest supermarket!