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School girl action pose reference book.

Generally, artists work better when they have a frame of reference. This is why art classes begin by painting a bowl of fruit that’s actually in front of you. It’s a little harder though, when your drawing requirements include people posing in outrageous situations. While there are plenty of resources online that are available for budding artists, sometimes you need something a little more relevant to your muse, thematically.

pose 1

We’ve found the perfect reference book for manga artists drawing action sequences featuring school girl heroines. It’s written and compiled by action coordinator and action director Isao Karasawa, who’s responsible for titles such as Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial, Thermae Romae, and Sailor Suit and Machine Gun: Graduation.

This book features a collection of action poses by female models in high school sailor uniforms and blazers as they deal with violent situations in at least three different chapters which include brawling, flying and gun play. You won’t be limited to just girls in school uniforms though, as there are reference photos of the models in swimsuits posing in the same action shots. With less clothing, you’ll be able to see the structures of the muscles and the lines of the body…so it’s easier to draw them.

▼ Bring on the poses!

pose 8

▼ They’re still friends, even with that powerful kick to the neck.

pose 9

▼ Focus on the way the muscles move!

pose 12

pose 13

▼ Jumping over someone with a gun in hand is an important pose to master.

pose 15

pose 16

▼ Two high schoolers with swords, just like everyday life.

pose 17

pose 18

Published by Genkosha, Freeze Framed Action Pose Shots 01: The Compilation of Female High School Students (瞬 撮アクションポーズ01 女子高生アクション編) can be found in Japanese bookstores for 2,484 yen (US$22.90).

Leave the footwork to us and we will send you a copy of this book.

Source: Artist Database
Images: Amazon JP

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Let the force clean your teeth.

In an era  of electric toothbrushes, sensodyne, dental floss and jetwashers to keep our teeth clean, there is still a place for the humble toothpick. Back in good old Mesopotamia and the Roman empire, toothpicks were the main means of dental hygiene, and the fact that they ate little sugar made them sport those fantastic white Hollywood smiles..(this is a historical fact, we at JWS take our facts seriously, using all kinds of trustful sources like Gladiator and Ben Hur.)

Look perfect teeth right?

Nowadays though the toothpick would be fighting  a losing a battle against our high-sugar diet, but thanks to our improved dental cleaning methods, the toothpick can sit down and take it easy and only makes it appearance on the dinner table.

But now you’re sitting opposite of your date eating a delicious dinner and just when you want to smile about something she said, you feel that there’s something stuck in your front teeth…with your tongue you try to pry it loose, but to no avail…you look at your dish trying to figure out what it could be, if it’s white she might not notice, but ah your eye falls on the little black sesame seeds on your dish and you know that you have a problem….

How you wished that you had paid attention to this would have known about the tooth saber from Bandai.

This is maybe the second best thing to a real light saber for getting rid of unwanted food particles in your mouth.

It’s genius really, you have this little Darth Vader figure on your table, looking all mysterious, and when you pull the lever on his back, he’ll hand you a toothpick hidden in his cape.  There are a total of 10 toothpicks hidden in his cape.

It’s genius for other reasons too, you can finally put a Star Wars figure in the living room without anyone making a fuss,and  if you run out of talking material, you can say “let me show you a  trick”, and fill up another 10 minutes with conversation.

Of course toothpicks also make for great finger/fork substitutes.

The Darth Vader ToothSaber is now up for pre-order with estimated release in June, and the price is 2,627 yen.

Get it now or let us get it on Amazon Japan

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Hello Kitty-branded instant cameras, so you can shake it like a Polaroid in 2016!

Is Hello Kitty cute enough to get an analog camera to sell in 2016?


It goes without saying, perhaps, but if there is a single “Queen of Cute,” it would be Hello Kitty. The character’s adorableness is pretty much her only selling point — and she’s been making bank for as long as she’s been around! Of course, since Sanrio is open to licensing Hello Kitty to all sorts of stuff, it was probably in inevitable that she’d show up in some unusual places. But this might be the strangest we’ve seen yet.

Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Hello Kitty is an instant camera that’s somehow been on the market for around two years. We’re not sure who’s buying them, but we do have to admit that they’re surprisingly cute! If you can get past the whole “cyclops Hello Kitty” thing.



And this year, Fujifilm is releasing a limited edition 2016 model! The new features that make this a must-buy are…a red bow? Well, if you’re a dedicated collector or just looking for a fun way to take photos of your friends, we suppose this would work.

▼ Regular model on left, limited-edition model on right


As for what exactly this camera does, it’s basically a Polaroid that prints photos on small photos with cute Hello Kitty borders. While it seems kind of odd for people to be using this when nearly everyone has a far more powerful camera built into their phones, there definitely is something fun about having tiny, physical photos. And we bet it’s a lot easier to get people to smile for the camera when it looks like Hello Kitty!

▼ A 2014 commercial for the camera featuring Hello Kitty and…bears?

So, should you run out and buy the new model? Well, we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to spend 10,670 yen (about US$93) on a camera that takes tiny photos. But at the same time, we wouldn’t blame if you did either! You can find the cameras on Fujifilm’s website, and the regular pink version is available on Amazon Japan , if you don’t care about the red bow.

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Sources: Instax, FujiFilm Mall, ITMedia
Images: Instax, YouTube/FujiFilm Japan

Busty Digimon anime figure not child-friendly enough for the West, now barred from sale overseas


Once again, boobs block the path between Japan and the West.

In some ways, boobs aren’t such a big deal in Japan. Long, long ago, Japanese society largely made peace with the fact that guys like boobs, and resigned itself to the fact that creators are going to, with varying levels of frequency, put generously sized mammaries into movies, video games, anime, and all other sorts of controlled visual media.

Because of that, if you watch enough Japanese animation it’s easy to become desensitized to the presence of female characters with large breasts, just like your brain may stop registering how many adult males in anime have what appear to be 22-inch waists. Because of that, no one really raised any complaints last fall when orders were being taken for a figure set of two characters from monster-rearing video game and anime franchise Digimon, Hikari and Angewomon.

Here’s eight-year-old Hikari…

DM 1

…and here’s Angewomon.

DM 2

DM 3

You might notice that Angewomon’s bustiness is in starkly inverse proportion to the amount of clothes she’s wearing. Moreover, this specific rendition of the character, part of manufacturer Megahouse’s high-end G.E.M. line, seems to have made her cup size larger and outfit skimpier than they were in the Digimon anime.

DM 4

DM 5

DM 6

The figure’s release went off without a hitch in Japan, despite the fact that, even in the world’s foremost producer of not-for-kids animation, the Digimon series is largely aimed at, and supported by, children. In the West, though, things haven’t gone so smoothly.

Crunchyroll, the U.S.-based licensed anime streaming site, also runs an online store selling DVDs and merchandise. Among its recent offerings was the Angewoman/Hikari bundle, but earlier this week Crunchyroll informed its customers that it would be unable to fill orders for it.

In the announcement, Crunchyroll explained that Digimon’s Japanese rights holders objected to selling the figure overseas, and are “no longer providing it to North American and European retailers.”

DM 7

The Crunchyroll representative went on to say:

“This cancellation came at the order of the original rights holders. They wanted to market Digimon as a child-friendly property, and though[t] this Angewomon figure wasn’t appropriate for that image.”

For its part, Crunchyroll has been perfectly accommodating in its response to the unexpected development, issuing refunds to those who preordered, and also allowing those who had purchased the Angewomon/Hikaru set as part of a bundle with figures of other Digimon characters Angemon and Takeru to cancel their entire order (Angemon being Angewomon’s male, more clothed counterpart).

The development has left many Western fans frustrated, particularly since the figure’s hefty price tag of roughly US$100 meant that while the overall Digimon franchise may be being marketed to children, this particular Angewomon figure most definitely wasn’t. Instead, its likely target market was fans who’ve enjoyed the Digimon anime since its beginning in 1999, making them at least college-aged today and certainly old enough to enjoy looking at a fine pair of breasts.

DM 8

However, it would appear that Digimon’s Japanese rights holders feel the mere commercial existence of this sort of figure in Europe and North America, at any price point, is damaging to the franchise’s marketability to kids within those territories. That may not be an entirely unreasonable conclusion. If Disney, for example, were to release a line of Disney Princess figures with such heaving bosoms, it’s unlikely that Western parents would cut them much slack simply because they came with premium pricing.

One could argue that there’s plenty of potential return on investment in catering first and foremost to Digimon’s older fans overseas. But if Digimon has its sights set on becoming a Pokémon or Dragon Ball Z-caliber mainstream hit, it’s going to need to convince kids’ parents to buy its related products, which in turn is going to make the franchise’s handlers more sensitive to how likely Western moms and dads are to just nonchalantly shrug their shoulders at Angewomon’s prodigious pectoral assets.

▼ And that’s not even touching upon the subject of her backside.

DM 9

Unfortunately, unlike with the similarly boob-blockaded Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 beach volleyball game, buying directly from Japan and self-importing may not be a possibility, as the figure is no longer in production. As such, the only remaining option may be the second-hand figure market, complete with all the dangers it entails、but we at JWS are there to give you a helping hand…as a matter of fact why don’t you leave it up to us to find you one in mint condition?


amazon but double the price

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The ultimate pajamas for lazy otaku girls are now on sale in Japan

Single-piece garment features openable flaps for your twintails and poo.

The Japanese Internet is fond of describing clothing and furniture that’s incredibly comfortable as hito wo dame ni suru, literally “it will ruin people.” The implication is that once you have one of these items, you’ll never leave your cozy little bubble again, slowly transforming into a lazy hermit as you gradually withdraw from society.

The label is obviously meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but Japanese apparel and interior company Bibi Lab’s Dame Gi full-body pajama suit, released last year, was a case where the label seemed pretty accurate. In the wake of its apparent success, Bibi Lab has since updated its product line with a new version that’s designed with the female otaku in mind: the Dame Gi-chan.

DG 1

DG 2

Like the ordinary Dame Gi, the new Dame Gi-chan features a hooded, front-zippered design. With no constrictions wrapping around the waist, the garment can easily accommodate any angle of relaxed sprawling or amount of junk food-binging.

DG 3

DG 4

DG 5

DG 14

While it can be lowered, in its promotional images Bibi Lab strongly recommends raising the face-obscuring hood. The manufacturer lists a number of purported benefits, including keeping your cheeks warm and functioning as an eye mask to help you sleep more deeply, so doubt with the morning light streaming through your windows after marathoning a season of your favorite anime, finally maxing out your video game character’s level, or reading each and every article on JWS.

DG 6

DG 7

▼ Positioning the face hole just right will allow you to barely peek out of it.

DG 8

But just because you’re hiding your face doesn’t mean you can’t show off your stylish twintails, thanks to the flaps on either side of the hood.

DG 9

DG 10

▼ If you’re a one-tail kind of girl, there’s also a ponytail opening in the back.

DG 11

▼ The Dame Gi-chan also works great with the Sandwiched Between Twintails Pillow, another product from the brilliantly warped minds at Bibi Lab.

DG 12

Another feminine touch is the soft inner lining for the chest area, providing added comfort for braless Dame Gi-chan occupants.

DG 13

And in carrying on the tradition started by the regular Dame Gi, the backside unzips, allowing you to quickly expose your derriere and situate yourself on the toilet when nature calls.

DG 15

Bibi Lab thinks the Dame Gi-chan is just the outfit to wear when snapping your newest selfie…

DG 16

…or when inviting your girlfriends over for a Dame Gi-chan party.

DG 17

If this looks like just the sort of multi-faceted garment you need, the Dame Gi-chan can be ordered through us  for 7,045 yen (US$59).

Source: Biglobe News via Hachima Kiko

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Let these hot guys pamper you in the bath!

Want to feel a little special in the bath? These hot guys (ikemen) in anime form can help you with that!

Anime production company TMS Entertainment has come out with a series of unique bath kits in their “Bath Time Boyfriend” (Nyuyoku Kareshi) line of products to make your bathing experience extra luxurious and enjoyable.

The Bath Time Boyfriend series has actually existed for some time now — their moe bath salts that went on sale in 2012 have been a hit with consumers. The products in the series, which include items such as aromatic soaps and moisture lip packs in addition to bath salts, each feature male anime characters that serve as your virtual boyfriend to make sure your bath time is relaxing and pleasantly fragrant.

The special bath kits, which were released earlier this month, feature four of the eight “boyfriends” in the series and come with their popular bath salts, along with a body sponge, coil-shaped plastic hair tie, and toe separators.

▼ Here’s the bath kit and its contents:


Of course, we also have to share the four bath time boyfriends. And yes, they all have their own individual profiles!

1. Shota Sugimizu (the aroma of cedar wood)
Shota is 20 years old, born April 2 (an Aries, because horoscopes are a big thing in Japan), has blood type A (because blood-type profiling is also a thing in Japan, for some reason), is a university student, and is 173 centimeters (five feet eight inches) tall.


2. Riku Kikawa (lemongrass)
Riku is 18 years old, born July 26 (Leo), a high school student with blood type O, and is 178 centimeters (five feet 10 inches) tall.


3. Yukari Yagi (eucalyptus)
Yukari is a 21 year-old university student born July 8 (Cancer)  with blood type AB and is 175 centimeters (five feet nine inches) tall.


4. Kouga Konomi (rosemary)
Kouga is a 25 year-old pastry chef born April 23 (Taurus) with blood type A and is 189 centimeters (six feet two inches) tall .


So, which hot ikemen is your favorite? Of course, you can always choose based on each character’s theme aroma, but since this is the Bath Time Boyfriend line of products we’re talking about, we figure it kind of makes sense to pick the kit with the guy of your preference.

The bath kits are available from Amazon Japan (which charges an extra 500 yen shipping within Japan) and also at select Village Vanguard shops (which is located 1 km from our office)for 1,620 yen (US$14.38) each. If you like feeling pampered in the bath, then this might be the perfect gift for yourself, and we’re sure they can make fun presents for your (hot-anime-guy-loving) friends as well. We hope you have a great bath time with your very own ikemen!


Source and all images: @Press press release

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Fans of The Rolling Stones will get a kick out of this!

How long have you been a Rolling Stones’ fan, well if the answer is”I can’t really remember”, than the chance is big that you have some vinyl carefully stacked away behind your CD cases. I love my records (I have 4..) much more than I love my CD’s, this has nothing to do with the sound quality or any hi-fi snobbism , no it’s about the fact that a record has character… A CD is basically an upscaled floppy disk, it’s digital, it’s cold, it’s the tin man from OZ before he met Dorothy…it lacks personality. You use old scratched CD’s to scare away pigeons.

Now how many folks hold on to their 45 rpm/33 rpm or 12 inch records, even though they skip or are scratched…I’m sure you can scare away the pigeons, hell even a freaking emu, with those black shiny circles, but we don’t…no we treasure our old records, put them in boxes and give them a nice place in the attic next to our old toys(well if they didn’t escape to some daycare center led by a grumpy teddy bear) .

People love  analog, it feels handmade and personal and that includes its shortcomings, a $40.000 Bell&Ross watch is truly a magnificent piece of art, analog, hand-made and every stockbrokers dream, but it loses one minute a day, while your $30,- Casio watch will keep perfect time.

Bell  Ross BR01-92 Airborne:
Bell Ross BR01-92 Airborne 4.2 million yen

Phew that introduction was much longer than I intended it to be, I hope you’re still with me,  because I’m getting to the main story just now…     The problem with records has been that they damage easily, aren’t very portable and record players aren’t that cheap either or convenient or good looking (except the really expensive ones). A Technics   SL-1200 looks good in club or a bed room, but I’m sure the missus won’t see it as extension to her carefully arranged interior. Recent record players are quite complex to use and delicate, not something you let your 6 year old handle, well maybe except for this Record Runner…, the Record Runner is a battery-powered record player which  you place on your record, and the Record Runner will spin on the vinyl, and pushes sound out through the frankly awful speaker.record runner amazon link  

record runner

RECORD RUNNER (Lime Green) ポータブルレコードプレーヤー


Well Japanese electronics brand Amadana has come up with the perfect record player, it really ticks all the right boxes; it’s of proper quality, it’s very easy to use, it’s very reasonably priced and it’s lovely to look at.

For those Rolling Stones fans there is this 27,000 yen, limited edition (1000) record player. Let’s see what this baby has to offer and why I think that this will make the perfect player for the casual listener. First up is its design, it’s beautiful in its simplicity, coming in acrylic black with the famous John Pasche designed “tongue”logo, a limited edition serial number plate, one knob a  tone arm and the platter is all what is present on the top, a slip mat with “the Rolling Stones” written on it and  ”smoke”cover are also included.

ザ・ローリング・ストーンズ / Amadana Music レコードプレーヤー Limited Edition The Rolling Stones


The single knob on top of the player is not to adjust the it’s a volume button! Yes this turntable can work as a stand alone player without the need for an amp and speaker system, the sound comes from two 40 mm full range speakers located in the front legs, it’s genius.  It has a RCA analog terminal which means that you can connect this player to your amp and use it as a conventional record player. It also has USB output so you connect this to a computer and turn your analog records into digital files. The speed selector is located beneath the player and you can pick from “33” for your regular records and “45” for your singles and 12 inch records there’s  even “78” for your grand father’s collection ! (reviews on Amazon Jp have revealed that this might not be the case, the switch is located beneath the player but it’s not so easy easy to find…a lot of reviewers complained that they couldn’t locate it at all..)

Included in the package is a   cartridge and stylus(needle), which is a good thing, but  for this price the included stylus will be crap(ish), and we highly recommend you to get a proper needle…yes it DOES make a big difference!

audio-technica VMカートリッジ+ヘッドシェル AT100E/G
Audio-technica AT 100E/G  10,281 yen

This product is now up for pre-order with delivery scheduled on the  22nd of April, only a 1000 will be made so…..

If you don’t care about the Rolling Stones, then this “normal version” would do the trick too and that for 10,000 yen less.

Amadana Music / Amadana Music record player SIBRECO [record player]

Amadana Music / Amadana Music record player SIBRECO [record player]

Amadana Music / Amadana Music record player SIBRECO [record player]


Remember though that this Record player isn’t a substitute for an expensive one, the quality of construction and things like damping, the balance and quality of the tone arm, the perfect pitch, the power unit and even the quality of the RCA ports are non comparable to say a Teac TN-570, a record player with digital output as well, but that comes with a price….if I had the money, no children, no technologically challenged wife, a proper record collection (you don’t need great record player for Shakin’ Stevens), and most of all a great stereo than the Teac would be very high on my wish list….sigh. link

Teac TN-570-B  129,600 yen


If you don’t care about the digital part then the Denon DP-500 would make a great


DENON アナログレコードプレーヤー 木目 DP-500M
Denon DP-500 62,000 yen
The choice is yours with the exception that the Amadana players aren’t available outside Japan…that’s where you need our kind help.


Time to dust of your records and paint some black doors red again, no reason to shut out the past if the “now” has the ability to combine both.

The rolling stones turntable link

amadana web store

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While you’re at the store check out these Bluetooth snow-globe speakers with led!



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