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Boobs on your phone provide good grip.

Nekomu Otogi is a Japanese co splayer who made a big impact last year’s Comiket,  she has thousands of fans who all adore her good looks and uh other things.

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Otogi is a gravure(sexy glamorous) model for a weekly magazine and appears at conventions in Japan and abroad showing off her countless “talents”.

Well two of her most adored talents are now available for your phone and as a mouse pad!


kore de gaman shite hoshii/ I want you to keep your patience with this….eh?

As a man I sure respect her talent(s), but they come at a steep price:  4,000 yen (US$33.20) for the Iphone case and 10,000 yen (US$82.99)for the pad. Pricey sure, but I think that you can’t put a price on such talent.

Still not convinced? Just imagine when you’re girlfriend sees this…her reaction will surely sound something like “Wow so cool what a great boyfriend do I have!”, trust me, women are like that, sure.

Serge Roso

Japanese doll sets for Hina festival accommodate the folks with tight living spaces.

In February the living space  of Japanese houses get a lot tighter, because that’s the time the parents of girls display the Hina dolls for the upcoming Hina festival or girls’day.  Hina festival is celebrated on the 3rd of March parents set up a display of ornamental dolls representing the Emperor, empress and their underlings.

Kids ya’ll sleep in the closet for next few weeks.

The custom of displaying dolls began during the Heian period or in other words a loooong time ago. Formerly, people believed the dolls possessed the power to contain bad spirits but since  traditionally,  grandparents of a newborn girl used to buy a set  hina dolls, they are nowadays taken out of the closet  just to display  and to have a reason to celebrate something, because we all love a party don’t we?

Kyaradeko Special Day specter watch Hinamatsuri
Youkai watch hina cake
Hina festival’s just too beautiful to eat.

Traditions continue, but values change even so in Japan…nobody wants to abolish such  cultural customs, but  times are changing and more and more folks value practicality over tradition. So (almost)gone are the elaborate displays of these beautiful dolls, only to be replaced by smaller(cheaper) compact versions.

The display of the hina dolls is mostly done to make your little girl happy, and what better way to keep up her good spirits is by giving her some dolls in the shape of her favorite cartoon character?




In Disney crazy Japan this Mickey and Minnie premium hina doll set is surely to be a big hit

Size: frontage 38X depth 29X height 27cm                                                                      Price: 75,598 yen (tax included)           link

Or with 15 characters (original number of dolls) but smaller.

  • Size: Width 360 × depth 150 × height 180mm
  • Price: 21,598 yen (tax included)
  • link


What about  her favorite snack…a rice ball!                    

  • Size: width 24 × depth 15 × height 8cm
  • Material: rayon crepe, other
  • Price: 4,104 yen
  • link

No girls’day without Kitty being present

  • Size: Width 270 × depth 110 × height 380mm
  • Price: 21,598 yen (tax included)
  • link


These cute little dolls are made of glass and they can float in water, because what says tradition more than a pair of floating dolls huh.

  • Size: height of about 35mm × width of about 25mm × depth of about 20mm
  • Material: glass
  • Price: 183 yen (including tax) ※ for one piece
  • link



In western countries girls play with Barbie dolls, in Japan they have Rika-chan.(Likka)

  • Size: frontage 61.5 × depth 41 × height 35.5 (cm)
  • Price: 159,408 yen (tax included)
  • link

And for the little princess who values quality over quantity there are these antique ivory dolls from a time when killing elephants wasn’t frown upon.

  • Size: height your imperial palace customers 11.9cm, 11.2cm princess
  • Material: Ivory
  • ¥ 250,000 (tax included shipping included)
  • link

Not sure though if we can send you this….but we’ll check it out for you.

Compact and beautiful is this five piece black acrylic ornament.

  • Size: frontage 55 × depth 29 × height 56cm
  • Price: 107,998 yen (tax included)
  • link

You don’t have to be Japanese to appreciate this lovely tradition, giving your new born daughter/grand daughter/friend’s daughter one of these sets will surely separate it from the other customary presents as distinguished and stylish.

Just don’t forget to put it back in the closet before march 4, failing to this will result in late marriage for the daughter.


Serge Roso

Japanese limited にゅ(New) Balance Sneakers

Have you ever cracked a smile when you saw a pair of sneakers, no I don’t mean the “WTF are those monstrous excuse for a pair of kicks?”, no I mean the smile you get when you see a little puppy doing something cute, like chewing on your Air Jordans. Well these new (as opposed to old New Balance)New Balance sneakers  released in Japan do just that. The whole joke though is that these aren’t real New Balance sneakers as produced by NB, but a Japanese tribute to them and  created by Sangacio a small Japanese company which used to customize original NB sneakers for a limited group of customers..

Originally the only customizing they did was swapping the “new” for にゅthe Japanese hiragana characters which reads a “nyu” or new, enough to make you smile but not to make you pay double the price.


fact:Famous entertainer Tokoro George put this brand on the map

Sangacio got serious did this time, and made a tribute to their customized NB sneakers, the difference is that these new shoes are of their own design(but are inspired by NB sneakers) and don’t carry the NB logo on the heel. What you get though is a full leather handmade pair of kicks made according to the high standards the Japanese craftsmen are renowned for and yes these ARE worth paying a bit more for!

These shoes are limited and order made so gone is gone, and you have to wait for the next line to come out if you want a pair.



Sangacio learned their skills in Florence Italy.

Well without further is there line up:

にゅ~ず Olive green【数量限定】
26,980 yen $229,33

にゅ~ず MID GRAY【数量限定】

にゅ~ず Sky Blue【数量限定】
26,980 yen $229,33

にゅ~ず MID Elephant【数量限定】



にゅ~ず NAVY【数量限定】

にゅ~ず  Elephant【数量限定】

にゅ~ず パープル【数量限定】

にゅ~ず RED【数量限定】

older model (the sneakers, the model himself is still very young in tortoise years
More older models, surrounding a lass with a shoe fetish

Their website displays some English, and maybe it’s possible to have them ship to your country, try it, if it doesn’t work out we are there to help you!


amazon jp sangacio

Or we can check the auctions for you to help you find discontinued models:

black にゅbalance

Older models

One month left and then it’s time for a new calendar!

Yes we reached December and that means we can start thinking of new resolutions we are bound not to keep, but we’ll die trying!

Well  a good calendar will make your life easier, be it that it help you remind the important dates in life.your birthday, your favorite anime release date, the public holidays, festive holidays, carnival, beer feste etc etc.

If you’re reading this blog, I  imagine that you have a healthy interest in Japan related why not start your year with a Japanese calendar, they’re inexpensive and light(cheap shipping)?

Let’s start with some J-pop calendars: Please remember these calendars often start in April 2016 until March 2017…this is because  a Japanese company fiscal year, school years etc run from April till March

This Johnnys’Jr calendar is now up for pre-order for 2,300 yen no further info provided
So is this Johnnys’s west calendar..same price, same lack of further information..
AKB48 official calendar 2,500 yen up for pre-order
Kis-My-Ft2 Calendar 2,300 yen

We can find basically a calendar from any J-band, let us know what you’re looking for.

Let’s have a look at the anime and manga calendars…

Doramekuri Doraemon calendar 1,944 yen with 19 amazon points
となりのトトロ 2016カレンダー 壁掛け B2
Tonari no Totoro calendar 1,728 yen (78pt)
Pokemon calendar

ニャンこよみ(夏目友人帳)  2016カレンダー 卓上 壁掛け 兼用
Nyanko Yomi 1,512yen

OnePiece A2 size 1,620 yen

There are so many calendars in this genre, it would take at least 12 blogs, and then I’ll be missing a lot…

Gundam           Sword art online  Hatsune Miku Sentai/Kamen rider

ソードアート・オンライン II 2016カレンダー 壁掛け A2

naruto               Food Wars      Kusanagi blade Noragami Aragato

”イラストレーター・山田サトシ描きおろし”フジセ=イヨの2016カレンダー A3ノラガミ ARAGOTO 2016年 カレンダー 壁掛け A2

You can also have a golden star wars calendar!

top (2)
10 kg of gold is used to create this $810,000 piece of art, if you buy it we will bring it in person!

We really love this Yusuke Nakamura calendar!

Truly stylish and oh so Japanese is this mount Fuji calendar.

Mistsuo Aida is simply cool with its  lovely Japanese proverbs written in beautiful Shuji.

For the train/car/bike enthusiast there are plenty of calendars.

And finally for the lovers of Japanese Glamour (Gravia) models.. This will keep you feeling warm even in January!

The easiest way to shop for calendars is through Amazon Jp or Rakuten, but we keep our eyes open for new interesting calendars! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll send you a huge amount of links and remember asking us for help doesn’t cost a cent and we will never ever spam you!

Yahoo calendar ranking

rakuten calendar ranking

Dinos calendar ranking

Honyaclub calendar ranking

Amazon links:

Idol (gravia) calendars        idol and nsfw calendars

various calendars



tear off calendars




Cosplay comes to the kitchen with the Cardcaptor Sakura apron

Afraid of spilling something on your favorite anime T-shirts while cooking dinner? Protect your wardrobe the magical girl way!

Unless you happen to live near one of the world’s major anime meccas, like Tokyo’s Akihabara or Ikebukuro, odds are you don’t get all that many chances to cosplay. Sure, maybe there’s a local anime convention you hit up every summer, or perhaps on the rare occasion that your favorite series gets a new theatrical installment you dress up for opening night. Aside from that, though, your costume probably spends most of its time in the closet, waiting forlornly to answer the all too infrequent call of duty.

The ideal situation, then, is an anime costume that’s also practical enough to get some use even when you’re not surrounded by a cadre of otaku, and this Cardcaptor Sakura apron fits the bill perfectly.

CA 1

CA 2

another great present is this Blue ray Card Captor Sakura Glow card heavily discounted on Amazon jp ¥ 81,900 to ¥ 27,745


Manufacturer Neowing has done an impressive job retaining the girlish charm of one of Sakura’s signature outfits. The frills have been toned down just a bit to ensure easy movement, and the coverage of the chest area has been slightly expanded for extra protection.

The apron keeps the costume’s femininely oversized large bow at the neckline, and for extra cuteness there’s an embroidered Sealing Wand on the torso, plus an image of card-capturing partner/adorable mascot Kero-chan popping out of the pocket.

CA 3

The 80-centimeter (31.5-inch) polyester apron is listed at 5,184 yen (US$43), but Neowing is currently taking preorders through its website here at the reduced price of 4,666 yen, which would save early adopters enough to pay for a back issue of the Cardcaptor Sakura manga. Shipping is scheduled for March.

Source: Nijimen

 Blue ray box Amazon Japan

another great present is this Blue ray Card Captor Sakura Glow card heavily discounted on Amazon jp ¥ 81,900 to ¥ 27,745

JWS japanwebshopping website renewal.

Let me first thank you all dear customers/friends who have been putting your trust in our service, without your help we’d all be working for other companies and we wouldn’t enjoy our jobs/lives as much as we do now.

We’ve been  getting the most surprising and unusual requests and thereby expanding our horizon in what you want and we learn what makes our fellow human being tick. Communicating with folks from all around the world has been a challenging at times (we had to bring in a part-time Spanish speaker/translator  and on a rare occasion a Russian translator), but besides  these rare hiccups, chatting with you through Skype/WordPress/mail and Facebook has been a blast.

We also value your input a lot, and a common complain was that our website loaded like snail…our mistake was that we tried to put as much information and connecting links in it as possible, thereby creating a headache for those without high speed internet access.

So we went a bit simpler this time, and changed the look to a more material/metal look. The pages load a bit faster and it’s definitely easier to the eye. Our love for manga and anime are also more present this time around.




This dark metallic look continues in the separate product pages.


We still haven’t completed the whole site yet though(especially the Japanese section), but we’re working hard to have it finished before Christmas.

Thank you all so much for your patience and in the meantime we will continue to be the best/safest/cheapest (and most personal) personal shopper for you.


The king of quirky gadgets; Thanko

Thanko, Japan’s self-proclaimed “rare things shop, has been serving us a steady supply of very useful, a little useful, hardly useful and useless gadgets, and we at JWS have come to love this company for all its quirkiness and originality.

Since most of these products are only available in Japan and therefore a service like JWS is required makes it all the more lovable to us tiny, very tiny bonus receiving worker bees here at JWS.

Well let us show what we’re going on about:

 The Upside-down “Desk” To Use While You Snooze


Now all you need is an intravenous drip, catheter and bed pan…

On 7 February, the year was 2013, a new day of sloth dawned with the issue of Thanko’s new upside-down laptop desk, aptly named Aomuke Gorone Desk (“Napping Face Up Desk”) for 7,980 yen (US$86).

Improving on the desktop of previous model Gorone Desk, this one can be used in comfort upside-down, lying on your back.

Inside the desktop are two fans which help to cool down your poor flipped-out laptop, which otherwise would be overheating from the shock.

Don’t worry, your baby is kept cool and held firmly in place with a sturdy band and hooks. You can even fix other things into it that you might want to look at upside down, like magazines or… um, kittens, anyone? And there’s more! It can even be used right-side up.

 Electrothermal heated gloves for winter outdoor activities

Electrothermal heated gloves to eliminate the chill of hands during outdoor activities on cold winter days.

They are powered by a 9V battery and get warm quickly in about 30 seconds. There is an On/Off button so that you can turn it off when not needed and save power. Admit it, this is pure genius!

Great for when you want to ride your motorbike in winter or for fishing or climbing the Himalayas but don’t forget to carry some extra batteries!


  • Price: 3,980 yen
  • Size: 290x140x40mm / glove
  • Weight: 80g / glove
  • Battery life: 1.5 hours


Camera stand with 3 quiet wheels to enable you to take smooth moving images

a camera stand with 3 quiet wheels. It enables you to take smooth moving images like a movie. You can perform several moves like moving straight, curve and rotation, and they can be done at high speed.

It’s compatible with compact cameras, single-lens reflex cameras, and video cameras. The screw hole for attaching a tripod stand is used to mount the stand.

Price: ¥6,980 –

Shoulder bag with pop-up tablet holder

Thanko - Shoulder bag with pop-up tablet holder -

When you are on a busy train or when you are holding an umbrella, this shoulder bag comes into play. It allows hands-free use of your tablet.

Only one drawback about it might be that you get some extra attention from people around you…but this could work to your advantage….normally the girl in wouldn’t even glance at the man in his hideous silver color coat…but watch her expression, next up they’ll be exchanging phone numbers and who knows…..their vows.

  • Price: ¥4,980

Painless comfortable earphones for lying down

When you wear earphones while you lie down and relax, don’t your earphones bother you? They tend to make your ears ache as time passes.

With Thanko‘s new earphones, you won’t feel any pain in your ears for a long time. They’re smaller than regular earphones so that the whole earbud fits perfectly in your ear without any of it sticking out, which is the main reason why we get those pesky earaches.

Thanko – Smartphone Microscope to magnify 100X high-quality images

Your smartphone will turn into a digital microscope with Thanko‘s new Smartphone Microscope.

It is very easy to use. What you have to do is just attach the Smartphone Microscope with the accompanying clip onto any smartphone or iPhone and then you can view a magnified image of an object through the smartphone’s screen. It can zoom from 60X up to 100X.

Price: 2,980 yen

USB-Powered Heated Office Gloves

While they’ll surely find fans anywhere on the planet (beyond certain latitudes and/or elevations, that is), heated office gloves are particularly welcome here in Japan. Even in large corporate buildings, central heating is at best a 50/50 likelihood, and virtually nonexistent in smaller companies. This is also the norm in most homes – it’s just how they roll over here. As such, convenient hand warmers that plug into one’s desk/laptop or a USB battery pack can go a long way toward comfortable winter office work – or wherever you’d want to use them, really.

Extra Desktop Arms to Hold Your Stuff

The clear, clean workspace is a keyboard pounder’s dream – one that usually seems completely hopeless. But if one could get one’s mobile gadgetry off the desktop and open up space for referencing handwritten notes or documents, or fiddling around with cameras and what not, or just making room for one’s sandwich as one works through yet another lunch, etc., etc., one would be pleased.

For the 24hour social media addict

The utility of this thing is basically limited only to our imagination: quickly referencing calendars or other productivity apps, pulling up a YouTube video, checking Twitter, on and on. For those who’ve managed to dial in the tablet-as-second-monitor setup, this is pretty hard to beat. The arm rack can be mounted on any desk or hard surface (bed frames, kitchen/coffee tables, etc.), and the arms are fully articulable in basically all degrees of freedom.

All but the largest phablets will fit in the smartphone clamp, and the tablet rack can accommodate almost any-size device in landscape orientation. Additionally, and particularly thoughtful, two rigid, L-shaped attachments that more effectively place the device in one’s field of view are included.

While it’s not quite there yet, what would really take these arms into super-useful level would be integrated USB/Lightning/Mini- & Micro-USB cables for charging and syncing and stuff – maybe we’ll see that in version 2!

Price: ¥3,480 (~$29)

Wearable or Mountable Action Cam Gimbal

No one who’s spent a few hours on YouTube has been spared the visual seizure salad of super-shaky action cam shots – almost by definition, getting action shots is a shaky-can’t-be-helped scenario. Sure, clever editors can tone down the vibrations and herky-jerkiness in post, but why not cut down on that from the jump? …you know, so to speak (demo video below).

Enter Thanko’s electronically controlled, self-balancing 3-axis gimbal designed specifically for action camming (definitely fits the GoPro/FauxPro boxy form factor best). The device has multiple tripod mount points a number of different configurations, making in wholly compatible with almost any existing action cam accessories – including mono-pods, selfie sticks, etc. It also twists and turns into 4 different stabilization configurations, making it widely flexible in attaching to whatever to shoot whatever.

The gimbal’s built-in battery pack (rechargeable batteries included) provides a good 3-4 hours of stable shooting, but in locked mode it can also serve as a external battery pack for the action cam. A dedicated hard case and range of attachment accessories and cables and such are also included.

Last we list some products without description, because Thanko has so many products, it would take me at least 200 paragraphs and that would cut too much in my time, time I need to play around with some of the products  from Thanko we acquired to test their quality. (reviews will follow).

Usb powered hot glue gun
cat hand-shaped selfie stick


Enter a captionHands-free Shushuku-gasa (shrinkable umbrella)

Check out their website for more gadgets:

Thanko (Japanese)

Amazon Thanko

To finish this piece I would like to introduce one more product;

Two Screws + Two Cameras = Two Shots (at the same time!)

We’re in an industry where carrying around multiple cameras or a single camera with unattached accessories or a camera and a smartphone is de rigueur – it must be done. So, we know all too well the endless annoyance of putting down one device and lifting up another – all the while hoping our subject remains compliant and/or stationary. Well, no more!

A Japanese camera gadget maker has an answer for our media-world problems, and it’s fantastically simple: Etsumi’s new accessory bracket attaches to your main camera’s tripod mount, extending to the left and forward, and the other end of the bracket provides either another tripod mount or a hotshoe connector. Boom! Attach whatever you like!

Whether it’s an action cam, a dot sight for shooting rapidly moving subjects, or – and this one really appeals to us – a photo-centric smartphone case with a tripod mount (because more and more we find ourselves longing to simultaneously shoot high-res with a main camera, then lower-res with a smartphone for immediate social media shares).

The brackets are selling for ¥4,600 (~$38) for the dual tripod mount version and ¥5,300 (~$43) for the hotshoe connector version. They weigh about 63g (tripod mount) and 93g (hotshoe mount), respectively, and are both 100 x 90mm square and about 5mm thick.

Pics by Akihabara news and Thanko


thanko (1)

Thanko, Japan’s premiere producer of bizarre products, is back with the “Chin Rest Arm.” Be the talk of the office with this must-have, not-at-all-insane accessory!

Do you spend your days at the office looking like this poor sap? If so, you may be missing something in your life. But it’s not hope, dreams, an exciting career, or even a family that loves you! No, what you need is….

thanko (1)

…the “Chin Rest Arm!”

thanko (2)

That’s right, the Chin Rest Arm. This multipurpose, posable, movable, slightly sexy plastic hand will help keep your head up when times are tough. Literally!

You can also use it in place of a neck pillow when you’re trying to escape the slow march into death by catching a few winks at work.

▼ You too can have this contented, empty smile!

thanko (3)

Thanks to its soft, cushioned exterior, the Chin Rest Arm is the perfect, comfy companion—it’s like a body pillow…for your face!


With the clever application of the arm’s grip, you could probably attach it to your belt and have a helping hand wherever you go!

▼ The Chin Rest Arm will never leave your high-fives hanging!


And for a mere 4,980 yen (about US$40), who could say no to this amazing device? We fully expect to fill our office with outstretched Chin Rest Arms just looking to be helpful by the end of December! Who knows what Mr. Sato will use his for…

Source/images: Thanko


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