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Kapelmuur, Belgian inspired Bicycle wear from Japan.

When you read the words Kapelmuur, you probably imagine it to  be a Dutch or some Dutch related language like Flemish or Afrikan word, but definitely not Japanese! Well you’re right, it’s not Japanese, it’s Flemish. However the brand name Kapelmuur is a registered trademark of a Japanese company located in Tokyo selling bicycle wear for amateurs and pros.

To clear up the confusion we’ll have to teach you a bit of cycle history, for years from 1973 till 2011 to be precise, the muur (wall) van Geraardsbergen also known as the Kapelmuur used to be the often decisive part in the finale of the “Ronde van Vlaanderen”. It’s a hill with a length of 1075 meters and a ascent percentage of 20%, but what made this hill so challenging was the fact that it is laid out with “kinderkopjes” stones which are traditional Dutch/Flemish natural stones which where placed horizontally and thereby creating a stairs-like ascent.

This Historic(al) part of road racing history was used as inspiration by a Japanese company to create a line of fashion for the casual and serious cyclist and folks who just love to walk around looking like a cyclist(I’m sure there are a few) Their trade mark is the Vlaamse Leeuw or Flemish Lion, which appears on almost all of their products which ranges from jackets to socks.

A knit cap combined with a racing thermos jacket, 2-way skinny stretch pants and cycle racing socks


Racing thermos jacket with a herring bone cross design in brown and chestnut, combined with  super Roubaix bib tights and racing cycle socks


Let’s see what they have more…including some prices.

KAPELMUUR long sleeve cycle jersey Lion check Belgium
Long sleeve cycle jersey Belgium lion check 12.960 yen
Ruffle dot cycle skirt 8,964 yen



Short sleeve jersey in green and black 14,040 yen
toe shoes cover 2,160
winter thermos retro jacket 21,600

Their products are only for sale in Japan, but now you can get your hands on them without having to come Japan, they sell their products here and here and here . Or you go to their online shop  to find their latest products…may we recommend to open two or three  windows in your browser so you can compare  prices, they sometimes differ a little,

Pervy mouse pads for men AND for ladies

One of the most popular character merchandise of busty girls such as Nami is the eye-catching, wrist-resting oppai mousepad (boob mousepad). The charm point of an oppai mousepad is, of course, the divinely sculpted wrist rest that not only alleviates sore wrists from long hours of online gaming or internet surfing, it also rejuvenates the mind and mood of its user with its suggestive shape and feel.


nami mouse pad link

But Nami and Hankock move over, because you got some competition you gals, in a world where men are divided between butt and bust guys, big-booty anime girl mousepad is here to snoop away the butt boys…(that didn’t come out right..).

The Softgarage “butt-pads” each weigh in at a hefty three kilograms (6.6 lbs) and are made with medical silicone used for breast implants. The company has stated that the inspiration behind creating the mousepads is that “Ever since the dawn of time, men have loved butts!” Well you can’t really argue with that.

Here’s a video of a fan interacting with his Softgarage butt-pad, showing off how “lifelike” it is (Warning: slightly NSFW music/sound effects).

Every butt-pad is carefully crafted by hand, ensuring that each one is slightly different from the rest, just like in real life. Here’s the steps that go into making them:

▼ First you start with the silicone implants that are impossible to look at without giggling.

big mousepad 03

▼ Then you lay over your choice of bashfully suggestive anime character.

big mousepad 04

▼ Make a few nip and tucks, and then…

big mousepad 05

Voila, the final product! Murasama from Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa is ready to bring some comfort to your internet clicking.

big mousepad 01

▼ Or if you prefer, Angela Balzac from Expelled from Paradise will happily rest your tired, aching wrists.

big mousepad 02
These are huge and expensive too at 30,240円

find them here

and here

But what about the ladies, everybody loves butts right?

As proof, feast your eyes on these pervy mouse pads for female anime fans.

Specifically, these mouse pads are designed for fujoshi, the subset of female anime fans who enjoy seeing male characters in sexual relationships with each other, regardless of whether or not they’re depicted as gay within the anime itself. One of the more popular franchises among fujoshi these days is superhero series Tiger & Bunny, whose production staff has become quite adept at never showing protagonists Kotetsu and Barnaby explicitly expressing romantic feelings or physical attraction for one another yet still providing just enough innuendo to stoke fangirls’ imaginations about what could be happening off-camera.

FM 8

Makers of fujoshi-targeted merchandise, on the other hand, feel no such need to toe the line, as shown with this mouse pad that depicts Barnaby fully clothed yet clearly presenting his hindquarters.

FM 2

The blond-haired crime fighter’s pronounced butt cheeks aren’t just there for added visual appeal, though. Ostensibly, they should also function as a wrist rest, similar to the busty chests of female anime characters on mouse pads for male fans.

Plus, it seems some buyers just like to squeeze and/or poke them.

FM 3

Fujoshi aren’t the only anime enthusiasts who can appreciate a bootylicious mouse pad, though. There’s also some innovative perspective work in these offerings for dudes featuring characters from Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai/I Have Few Friends.

FM 5

▼ No, the series isn’t subtitled But I Do Have a Shapely Behind.

FM 4

Okay fujoshi, the ball’s in your court. Can you top that level of perviness?

FM 1
available here at (copy paste) However this item is presently not for sale anymore. Bu we surely can find you one somewhere. 3,751 yen

We’re…not exactly sure what’s going on in this illustration. The pose Tiger and Bunny’s Kotetsu is in, with his legs stretched above his head, sort of makes it look like that’s his butt sticking out, and he is saying, “Barnaby, I told you to stop touching my butt all the time…”

On the other hand, if that is indeed his butt, there seems to be a maw of sharp, interlocking teeth constituting his crack.

FM 9

We’re not butt crack experts, but that doesn’t seem normal to us. Maybe it’s supposed to be a zipper, which would make those protrusions Kotetsu’s balls…and the character himself oddly jointed and rather flexible.

All right, let’s give anime merchandise for guys one last look. Show us your stuff.

▼ Stuff, in this case, meaning “feet.”

FM 6

It just goes to show what an economic force anime merchandising has become when someone concludes there’s money to be made in making mouse pads not only for fans with a soft spot for a particular character, but who also happen to have a foot fetish

click here for these pads, verify you’re 18

Most Tiger and Bunny mousepads are sold out, but with some digging I’m sure our staff can find one for you.

The cutest anime character is a robot cat whose ears were eaten by mice.

You can’t make this up; A blue cat who used to be yellow was sent from the future to help a “rock da nashi” (useless) elementary school kid and whose ears were eaten by some vicious mice and then turned blue. The cat also has pocket from which the most amazing things appear, for example the “dokedemo” door (the everywhere door), with which you can go anywhere, not only places but also into the future or in the past…much more convenient than a Delorean me think.

Doraemon eating his favorite snack; dorayaki, a pancake like snack filled with red bean paste (anko)

The Doraemon cartoon was created in 1969 by two men team  Fujiko and  Fujio and continued until 1996, the animation which started in 1979 ran for a whopping 1,787 episodes and is still aired today – roughly a decade later. Doraemon and his sidekick Nobuto  are considered something of a national treasure here in Japan. Doraemon is for young and old, the series describe the problems of everyday life in Japan for elementary school kids and their parents and teaches a lesson in a not too over the top way. Like crayon Shinchan or Sazabon,  it is also really funny for adults and kids alike, which is the reason why I at 44 still love to watch it…

Yeah in the early years folks had to imagine the colors as everything was in black and white.

Every Japanese knows Doraemon or Dorachan (Japanese tend to put “chan” behind names to emphasize their cuteness), and in any Japanese house you’ll find some Doraemon related product, may it be a toy, a pen, a notebook, cutlery…it goes on and on.

Doraemon school note for elementary school

Everybody would like to own a Doraemon, a good hearted friend who is not only lovely to look at, but can also make your wishes come true and raises your kids as an extra included bonus. Well the first part of this wish is manageable however the “make your wishes come true” is still far in the future..but who knows, one day…

As usual with great fame comes big responsibi….no I meant merchandise、which takes care of the “I wish I had a doraemon” for both kids and adults.  Let’s have a look what Doraemon inspired or related goods you can get.

A set of 10 collectibles figures with a height of 13 centimeters which can be yours for 41,040 yen, expensive? Sure but they are limited so you have to hurry

. click here for this set

Next up from Variarts these artistic figures dedicated  to the fact that Doraemon turned 100 years old in 2012 and therefore created 100 special designed and artfully crafted Doraemons. Each Doraemon cost around 3000 yen depending on popularity and not all are for sale anymore except on auction sites (which we are happy to explore for you)

Variarts website

Released two years ago, but still available is this awesome giant Doraemon speaker 18,144 yen

Doraemon giant speakersDoraemon giant speakers

Lots of stuffed Doraemons in all sizes for example this 80 cm Dorachan.

Hollwaldぬいぐるみ ドラえもん 可愛い 特大 80センチ
11,800 yen for a 80 cm doll 5,980 yen for a 45 cm doll
Isn’t this the cutest transformer ever?

Superalloy SF robot 18,000 yen

Keep your head warm in winter with this Doraemon hat.

ドラえもん 着ぐるみキャップ(帽子) BAN-003 【どらえもん/キャラクター/仮装/衣装/余興/宴会/イベント用品/パーティーグッズ/通販/販売/コスチューム/コスプレ/着ぐるみ帽子】【歓迎会/送迎会/歓送迎会/お花見/グッズ】
2,480 yen
Or this hoodie for men:

4,958 yen

Hello Kitty meets Doraemon…

1,080 yen

Remember the pirate in the barrel game….well…

STAND BY ME ドラえもん 危機一発
6,500 yen
For 33,800 yen you can get your hands on this Doratch limited edition including variarts figure.

ドラッチ'15-'16リミテッドエディション(Nostalgia)+ヴァリアーツ ドラえもん089

Check here for more Doraemon products

With  pollution, hay fever and colds aka viruses, it’s not a bad idea to wear a mask to protect yourself and others like they do in many Asian countries, but why does it have to be a boring white mask? No Doraemon protects you against it all!

ドラえもん ゴノタンマスク ニヤリ[GNT0131]
2,160 yen
The only Dorachan you can never buy, besides the real/fictional one is this one:

Yes that’s Jean Reno playing Doraemon in a Toyota CM. Yeah I know only in Japan.

By the way, all products as shown on this site are available in Japan, let us know what you want and we’ll look for the cheapest and best option…comparing prices is our job.

Why use a personal shopping site like JWS?

Imagine that you are looking for those limited edition sneakers, a pair of Kuchinashi jeans, a specific accessory for your camera, original Japanese snacks or Japanese books….
You found what you’ve been looking for online, but now the real problems start, language problems, overpriced international shipping or lack of international shipping, Japanese clothes sizes and credit card issues prevent many from ordering on-line. Or what about the plenty of auction sites  in Japan, browsing through them is sheer fun, but ordering from them is like  pulling nails.
Wouldn’t you like to know the details, like size and quality, or the sellers reputation before ordering something?
The charming and cute MS from the world of “Turn A Gundam” – perfectly created! From “Turn A Gundam” comes Kapool, the Mobile Suit excavated from the Black History that acted as Turn A Gundam’s partner until the very end. This figure is designed to let you replicate all of Kapool’s charming and popular poses, from aggressive battle scenes to comical daily scenes.


This is where we step in, you tell us what you need and we will find the cheapest option for you and have them delivered to your doorstep. We will bid for you, buy for you or go to the shops for you. We help, advise and guide you.
On your request we will look for reviews and translate them , and if necessary physically check the product .
Just tell us information of the goods that you are looking for and we will handle the rest.
Why use us and not another company?
6-there is no signing up and no news letter, we figure that if you need us you know where to find us.
7-your private information will be handled the old way, we print it out and erase the info from our server.
8-we will send you the receipts if possible or copies of them.(shipping receipts too)
Check out our website, and we beg you to have little patience when the site loads a bit slow, we tried to put as much info on it as possible..

Chop up paperwork with katana scissors inspired by the swords of Oda Nobunaga and other samurai

If you’re anything like us, you spend a more than healthy amount of time day-dreaming about cutting down enemies with a katana. Not that we really have any enemies or even people we’d glare at on the subway. Heck, we’re pretty peaceful, loving folks here at RocketNews24! But that doesn’t change the fact that Japanese swords are just freaking awesome.

Still, there’s not much cause to walk around with a sword strapped to your hip these days. Fortunately, Nikken Cutlery has found the perfect compromise: scissors inspired by the swords of Oda Nobunaga and other samurai!

Just because you can’t wear your finest blade to work doesn’t mean you can’t at least add a samurai flair to your office with these katana scissors.

▼ Complete with hamon (tempering line) on the blades!

Nikken Cutlery has three types of katana scissors for your slicing needs, including one inspired by Oda Nobunaga’s sword Heshikiri-hasebe and featuring a gold-tipped “scabbard.”


The scissor blades are made of stainless steel and the handles are covered in lacquered tsukamaki, making for perhaps the prettiest scissors we’ve ever seen! Of course, cutting instruments these gorgeous don’t come cheap, and a pair will put you back 12,000 yen (about US$100), but isn’t that worth it for two stainless blades?! And you have a little time to save up your yen—these scissors won’t be available until October 21.

▼ They’re tiny blades, but blades nonetheless.

▼ The scissors screw also bears Oda Nobunaga’s family crest.

信長モデル 家紋20150917-855x1024

And in case you don’t want to keep your expensive new tools locked up in a wooden box, Nikken Cutlery also offers this stand for another 400 yen (about $3.30).


In addition to the top-billing Oda Nobunaga version, Nikken Cutlery has other samurai-sword-inspired, like these golden dragon scissors. Unfortunately, these haven’t been given a release date or a price yet, but we can’t imagine they’ll be cheap.

▼ They got the name for obvious reasons…


▼ We’re not sure how practical gold handles are, but they look cool!


There’s also a set of colorful katana scissors that are more reasonably priced and available via Amazon Japan for between 1,900 yen ($16) and 2,700 yen ($22.50).

▼ They’re not as flashy, but they’ll work just as well to cut up your bills!

And, best of all, now you have something to pair with your samurai armor bottle covers!

Sources: JapaaanNikken Cutlery
Images: Nikken Cutlery

More versatile than a snuggie or slanket, “Dame Gi” is the last thing you’ll put on…ever

Summer has already given way to fall, and those cold winter nights will soon be upon us. As economical as Japan’s method of heating individual rooms can be—usually involving air conditioning units or kerosene stoves—it does have its issues, the biggest of which being that only a couple of rooms are heated at any one time, leaving everywhere else in the house freezing cold. During winter, trips to the bathroom in a Japanese house are no fun.

But this winter brings with it a new clothing item that is going to solve all your lounging and heating issues in one fell swoop. This light-weight but incredibly warm one-piece is so comfortable, it’s like you’re wearing nothing at all.

You can check all the men in your life off your Christmas list right now, folks; just get them the Dame Gi and they’ll be as happy as can be.

If these promotional images are any indication, this ridiculous piece of lazy-wear is the best thing since the invention of the remote control for apathetic people with nowhere to go. Called “Dame Gi”, which translates as “no-good wear”, this crazy looking zip-up suit claims that it will “ruin men”, although we can’t see why it wouldn’t ruin lazier women just as well. Made of lightweight but warm material, there are plenty of special features that ensure you will never have to leave the comfort of this amazing new invention.

▼ You can shut the entire world out with the Dame Gi. Note the breathing/eating hole for not dying/convenience.

lazy 1

▼ Though thankfully the hood can be lowered for when you want to look at things. Your TV or a pizza delivery menu, for example.

lazy 3

▼ Note how the breathing hole can also be shifted to an eye hole, allowing you to watch entertainment without leaving the comfort of your hood.

lazy 4

▼ Additional handy features include a low front zipper and a rear poop chute!

lazy 5

▼ With so much room in the hood, there are various ways you can utilize the face hole.

lazy 6

They really seem to have thought of everything when they designed the most lethargic piece of clothing ever. Interested parties can order the Dame Gi for about 6,000 yen (US$49.89) on either Amazon or Rakuten. You can get them in medium (up to 175 centimeters/5’8″) or large sizes (up to 185 centimeters/6’0″) in that sweet vibrant navy blue color. You don’t want to be caught out in the cold without the protection of your precious Dame Gi, so make sure you order a spare for when you have to wash one after a month or so of continued use.

▼ It apparently took three iterations to figure out how to go to the bathroom in this thing.

lazy 7

▼ So roomy and comfortable, you will be able to dance in celebration…but you’re probably just going to lie on the couch.

lazy 8

▼ The materials used gives you a “practically nude” feeling. Apparently.

lazy 9

▼ When combined with other clothing, you can create a really awesome effect.

lazy 10

▼ …Or not…

lazy 12

▼ Complete your ultimate sleep with the body pillow that hugs you back.

lazy 11

▼ Front, side and back views of the Dame Gi

lazy 2

▼ If these pictures still haven’t convinced you that you need the Dame Gi, check out their promotional video.

Well, do you want one….?

Source: Net Lab
Images: Bibi Lab

Japanese company’s extremely revealing hot pants are certainly hot, might not be pants anymore

ompared to the U.S., Japan has different cultural standards about revealing female fashions. That’s not to say women in Japan show more or less skin than their American counterparts, just that they show it in different places.

So while you’re likely to see more cleavage in L.A. or New York, a stroll through Tokyo or Osaka will turn up more women in very short shorts. Honestly, after spending enough time in Japan, its easy to become desensitized to hot pants, until something comes along that pushes the envelope by offering less coverage from some angles than a pair of panties.

With cleavage being a rarer commodity than thigh, Japanese Internet users have been entranced by a couple of daring tops over the past few months. It takes something pretty bold to get them talking about shorts, though.

This design seems bold enough.

SP 2

These fake leather front string shorts are the creation of fashion brand Omoshiro Club. And just to reiterate, they’re officially referred to by the manufacturer as “shorts” and not “underwear,” “panties,” or “lingerie.”

Made of a snug-fitting but flexible material, Omoshiro Club recommends them for “fashionable people with a strong sense of individuality.”

▼ Compared to the other angles, the shorts’ backside is so modest as to feel downright stodgy.

SP 3

SP 4

The unique article of clothing can be ordered here through Yahoo! Japan Shopping. Since Yahoo! is, for the most part, a family-friendly Internet portal, Twitter user Mofu Mofu came to this conclusion:

“These are regular ladies’ shorts being sold by a regular apparel maker, so I think it would be wonderful if regular girls wore them.”

But while most of us would probably agree that Yahoo! is a regular, middle-of-the-road company, we’re not sure we agree with Mofu Mofu’s use of “regular” for Omoshiro Club, considering that the rest of its product lineup includes numbers like these:

▼ In determining whether or not a product is “regular,” let whether or not the models insist on their faces being obscured serve as a litmus test.

SP 5

The shorts are available in sizes small to extra-extra-extra-large. They’re priced at 2,600 yen (US$22), which, while not an unheard of price for a pair of shorts, does seem a little steep considering how little material is actually involved. There’s also the question of whether or not you’re supposed to wear panties with them, as we’re not really sure which is less embarrassing: displaying your undies for all to see or exposing so much real estate on the lots neighboring your crotch.

Then again, if the word “embarrassing” ever enters your decision-making thought process, maybe these aren’t the shorts you’re looking for. In Omoshiro Club’s own words:

“As these are bold hot pants that show off the attractive bare skin of a woman’s lower body, it will probably take a bit of courage to wear these while walking around town.”

A bit of courage, eh? For a company selling such explicit fashion, Omoshiro Club also seems to have a fine command of the art of understatement.

Source: Togech
Top image: Yahoo! Japan Shopping

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