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Mobile suit Gundam Thunderbolt complete blu-rayedition now up for pre-order.

Premium Bandai has the complete edition of Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt December sky now up for pre-order with delivery in July.


The box with drawings of Hajime Katoki contains;

-a bonus disk “documentary of Thunderbolt”

-episode 1~episode 4

-animation works, booklet and staff interviews

-special booklet

-PV&CM collection

-cast and staff audio commentary

-Yasuo Otagaki drawn sleeve case

The Blu-ray set is in Japanese and English audio and Japanese, English, French, Korean and Chinese subtitles.

Price 10,000 yen



JWS gets a Spring make-over.

It’s May, the flowers bloom, the birds lay eggs, the smell of fresh green grass tickles your prefrontal cortex….memories from  happy times are triggered and a feeling of nostalgia flows through your body. Life is good.  But May isn’t just a month of memories, it’s also a month of renewal, new wallpapers are chosen, Ikea is busier than ever and websites get a sunny make-over. Japanwebshopping has been sporting a very dark look, yeah we are freaks and we’re proud of it! Problem is that it was maybe a bit too otaku and scared away the casual shopper. We went to work and created a lighter and easier accessible site, while still holding on to our beloved black and gray (that we are great Yohji Yamamoto fans is something that goes without saying).

Let us know what you think about it, your opinion greatly matters to us.


Hirano JWS



Sign your name with this Mobile suit Gundam Zabi Family fountain pen.

“What comes so hard from history
Comes so easy to my pen” (Susan Werner)

Yeah I know that we live in a time that handwritten letters are a rarity….replaced by the cold keyboards on our electronic devices, the traditional fountain pen leads a lonely life. Years of communicating through e-mails have made us lose this particular skill that sets us apart from our other fellow human beings, a handwritten sentence is like leaving a big fat fingerprint, sprinkled with DNA and a bit of skin tissue, there’s no doubt whose it is.



Nothing looks cooler (I’m a bit exaggerating now) than a person who takes out a fountain pen and writes a small note in a perfect distinguished handwriting , it shows analog class in a world led by everything digital and it shows confidence. A handwritten letter will open more hearts than a smiley e-emoji. It shows that you went the extra mile, and in this era of short cuts, that is a breeze of fresh air.

A fountain pen should be a reflection of oneself though , a skater who pulls out a $4000,- Mont Blanc pen to sign a check at the local diner would be more observed as a criminal than a confident business man full of “savoir de vivre”…

This collaboration model of Japanese pen maker PILOT and Premium Bandai fills the needs of  Gundam fans in the need of some classy distinguishability. Based on the Mobile Suit Gundam Zabi family this beautiful looking pen comes in green/black with the image of ZEON in gold. the point or nib of the pen is gold coloured and engraved with the letters ZEON. The tip is an “F” (fine) making it versatile in its usage (think resume..).




The pen comes in a nice box and includes two cartridges, blue and black and since PILOT is a world wide known brand, extra carts shouldn’t be hard to get.

The price for this lovely article is 7,560 yen (you’ll receive 75 points  too), and is now up for pre-order with delivery in October.



If you have interest or questions  about  this product, please send us the following form.

Serge Roso JWS


Limited ion plated Gundam tumbler now up for pre-order.

Gundam Cafe Online the creators of the discovery-g series which also brought us these sake cups (sixth installment), now introduced their  seventh installment.

GCO has been upping their game with this ion coated drinking tumbler, created after the RX-78-2 Gundam rocket pack “vernier thrusters”, this tumbler is a true masterpiece.

Made out of 18-8 stainless steel (this steel has superior corrosion it says) by the craftsmen/blacksmith  of Tsubame in collaboration with  Sabae famous for its Echizen lacquer ware. Sabae is also one of the three major producer of glasses where they with more than 100 years of experience in ion plating make for the perfect partner.

The Gundam tumbler has a black titanium colored outside and a silver colored inside.


There is just too much involved in the production process to write down and not sound like a total bore, so trust me when I say that this tumbler isn’t something you can make yourself or something you can find at your local Wall Mart.

These tumblers have a double-wall structure preserving the warmth or coldness of the drink you pour in it splendidly.


製造工程1:治具にタンブラーを設置して手作業でプ レス加工
The basic form is made in a jig
Manufacturing process 2: continue to fine-tune the shape of the tumbler in hand
They fine-tune the shape by hand

It comes in a beautiful box with illustrations of Kunio Okawara, which is a collector’s item by itself.

大河原邦男イラストの桐箱に入った「GUNDAM バーニアタンブラー ION PLATING(イオンプレーティング)」


Reservations are accepted until  April 8 and the delivery date is in June.

All the  folks who ordered the tin sake cups from us, can vouch that these products are guaranteed of the highest quality (thank you all for the nice messages) and a true collector’s dream! We don’t send direct mails (it’s against our policy of keeping personal information), so we hope that all of you don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Price 7,344 yen (+tax)

bandai store

request form

Japanwebshopping JWS



METAL GEAR SOLID V Iphone case is pure art.

In December we wrote about the awesome Duralmin Mobile Suit Gundam Iphone cases, these cases also became our most requested product of 2015 thereby acknowledging our effort we put in finding you the latest and best products on the Japanese market.

When we find a new product, we always have to sit back and see how people react to them, sometimes the reactions and demand are surprising like these pervy umbrellas  and sometimes unfortunate lukewarm like these Hello Kitty shoes….. we can never really predict what succeeds and what doesn’t. We were extremely confident though about these cases. they are beautifully made, unique, and light (shipping).

These cases escaped our attention, released for the 45th anniversary of Kamen rider…sold out…(hitting head with closed fist)

The GILDdesign, is the company responsible for these master pieces and they are also the makers of this  Bio Hazard (resident evil) case which was released for the 20th anniversary of this successful game. link

Or these Bio Hazard cases

Don’t like solid? They also have bumper cases, for example these Radio Eva cases:link

My “wanna have” case is one of these METAL GEAR SOLID cases for the 6(s) and 6

These cases are really a step above other cases, the details and quality are second to none in our opinion..and like I wrote before; I bought an Iphone just to use this case(I’m an Android man), making it the most expensive, best looking Amazon prime TV remote control in the world!


Serge Roso JWS

Drinking Japanese sake from Char Zaku’s head?

Yep that’s now possible with these handmade Guinomi tin cups made by Takaoka  casting in collaboration with Kunio Okawara. Guinomi tin cups are a little deeper than the usual sake cups and it is said that tin brings out the full flavor of the rice wine…BUT what Gundam lover is going to fill these little pieces of art with anything but love and care?

These cups come in traditional wooden boxes and cost 8,424 yen  and come in Zaku and Gundam, for 16,848 yen you can get both.

They will be up for sale on the 23rd of January with delivery scheduled in March.




Duralumin mobile suit Gundam bumper set

Sometimes you make choices in life which prove to be the right ones …..for a long time, but then one day this choice hits you in the face and stumps on your sensitives…total despair and a high voice are what you’re left with.

I’m an Android man, I love the fact that I have control over my device, I love the fact that I can choose the phone which is right for my purposes and I love the fact that I don’t have to use I tunes… I own the biggest phone on the planet, a Galaxy Note 8…yes I’m the guy who’s  talking on his 8 inch tablet!

But then Bandai releases this……for the iphone 6 and 6s..

Yes a limited Mobile Suit Gundam duralmin bumper three piece set by Gild design

A beautiful crafted bumper with a laser etched back plate and a gorgeous metal earphone plug with the Gundam logo on it.

They come in three types ; the Gundam ver., Char zaku 2 and Hundred style.

The Gundam version is Blue with a “metal ” colored plate and a  “metal” colored front and a gold colored earphone plug∨

the Char Zaku 2 version is competely red pink..

And my favorite the Hundred style comes with a yellow plate, a black back bumper and a green front and a green earphone plug.


The inside is covered with a soft silicon cushioning material and small details like one different colored screw is just the icing on the cake.

These bumpers don’t come cheap of course, but they won’t break your piggy bank either at 18,144 yen and you get 181 Bandai points (if you order through us).

Now up for pre-order and delivery in January so you won’t have to wait too long.

Please use our request form for inquiries and orders

request form

Mobile Suit Gundam duralumin bumper set

Well I guess , I have to get an iphone 6 now, and use it as a remote control for my Amazon Fire Tv stick…I’m going to have the best looking remote control on the planet!