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Almost finished with 2015, time to rest your laurels on these cushions.

Just as we announced the arrival of these Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou trolleys, Premium Bandai has released these Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou cushions, but just like the trolleys they’ve been selling like crazy leaving you with just these two:

Chikage Kazama:

Nagakura Shinpachi

These are large cushions with (vertical 55cm × horizontal 55cm × height 38cm ) made out of highly elastic fabric filled with urethane.

They are not cheap at 20,000 yen ($180,-) but they are order made and very limited!

Just to show what you’ve been missing out on..

If you want one then YOU BETTER MOVE YOUR BUTT, cause otherwise the only thing your butt will be resting on is your plain old sofa.

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Travel in style with these 2 way carry cases.

So you’re on your way to the latest cosplay convention, carrying all your stuff in your old suitcase looking like just another tired traveler on their way to yet another boring seminar….but the smile on your face betrays your feeling of coming freedom and pleasure. You’d fool the customs at the airport into thinking that there’s something more sinister behind that smile and you just set yourself up for a thorough check, and when they pull out that fake katana….

No more, now you can travel in style, carrying a small 31L suitcase which you  according to the site can change to reflect your feelings or suit your TPO (time, place, occasion) What they mean is that you buy one suitcase which includes two different sheets from each of the 12 characters of the  Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou game. One sheet displays a character while the other sheet is little less flamboyant but no less beautiful.

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They cost 32,000 yen(320 points) and are made out of PC and ABS resin. The size is 550 × 360 × 230mm and weighs 3.5 kg. They are now ready for pre-order, but you don’t have to wait too long since they are ready to be delivered late December.



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薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章 2ウェイデザインキャリーケース【プレミアムバンダイ限定】


On a sour note….most of them are sold out except the following three:

Hijikata Toshizo薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章 2ウェイデザインキャリーケース【プレミアムバンダイ限定】

Okita Soji薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章 2ウェイデザインキャリーケース【プレミアムバンダイ限定】

Saito A薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章 2ウェイデザインキャリーケース【プレミアムバンダイ限定】

So you better hurry if you  want one.


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JWS japanwebshopping website renewal.

Let me first thank you all dear customers/friends who have been putting your trust in our service, without your help we’d all be working for other companies and we wouldn’t enjoy our jobs/lives as much as we do now.

We’ve been  getting the most surprising and unusual requests and thereby expanding our horizon in what you want and we learn what makes our fellow human being tick. Communicating with folks from all around the world has been a challenging at times (we had to bring in a part-time Spanish speaker/translator  and on a rare occasion a Russian translator), but besides  these rare hiccups, chatting with you through Skype/WordPress/mail and Facebook has been a blast.

We also value your input a lot, and a common complain was that our website loaded like snail…our mistake was that we tried to put as much information and connecting links in it as possible, thereby creating a headache for those without high speed internet access.

So we went a bit simpler this time, and changed the look to a more material/metal look. The pages load a bit faster and it’s definitely easier to the eye. Our love for manga and anime are also more present this time around.




This dark metallic look continues in the separate product pages.


We still haven’t completed the whole site yet though(especially the Japanese section), but we’re working hard to have it finished before Christmas.

Thank you all so much for your patience and in the meantime we will continue to be the best/safest/cheapest (and most personal) personal shopper for you.


Metal gear solid female figures ooze sex..wraf!

Sniper Wolf figure hits the bullseye where a love of boobs, video games, and dogs overlap.

The Metal Gear Solid video game franchise is pretty good at having its cake and eating it too. On one hand, it’s a complex story about nuclear proliferation, child soldiers, and war profiteering. On the other hand, it’s also a series where the hero can kiss posters of pinup models, playfully splash enemies with a squirt gun, and expertly conceal himself in an array of cardboard boxes like some sort of grade-school super spy.

Taken in that light, maybe we should have seen this newly announced Sniper Wolf figure coming. The player’s long-range boss fight with Wolf is one of the highlights of the first Metal Gear Solid installment, and her tragic backstory and eventual death are presented as some of the most tragic elements of the game’s multi-layered story.

And now she’s been immobilized in a sexy statuette.

SF 2

The portrayal doesn’t come from totally out of left field. Wolf’s original design by artist Yoji Shinkawa shows off plenty of cleavage and a glamorous hairdo for the canine-loving riflewoman, and her in-game charms are such that supporting character Otacon falls in love with her despite being her hostage. Still, the sex appeal has been ramped up several levels between Shinkawa’s original…

SF 3

…and the new figure, based on a reworking of the character by illustrator Shunya Yamashita.

SF 4

If that name rings a bell, it might be because Yamashita was also the driving force behind these two figures that turned slasher movie villains Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees into shapely, scantily clad women.

SF 5

Like those two crazed killers, Sniper Wolf is part of figure maker Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line, which reimagines fictional icons as sexier, cuter versions of themselves. Still, the difference in facial features between Shinkawa’s Sniper Wolf and Yamashita’s is striking, until you remember that most gamers’ visual point of reference for the character isn’t Shinkawa’s sketches, but her polygonal model from the PlayStation Metal Gear Solid, which looked like this.

SF 6

Given the level of abstractness necessitated by the hardware limitations of the day, it’s only natural that fans use their imaginations to fill in the gaps, and apparently Yamashita’s imagination is particularly salacious.

▼ We’d make a phallic symbolism joke, but nothing we’d say could top Metal Gear naming its protagonist Solid Snake.

SF 7

But it’s not all long, hard rods and provocative poses. Look closely, and you’ll find an adorable half-wolf, walk-husky pup peeking his head out.

▼ It’s the same little guy who pees on you in Metal Gear Solid!

SF 9

SF 9

Kotobukiya is currently taking pre-orders for the 7,800 yen (US$65), 190 millimeter (7.5-inch) figure here, with shipping scheduled for May.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Kotobukiya