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Scary cute deep sea creature goods put a smile on your face.

YOU+MORE! a branch of mail order company Felissimo was created  produce and sell useful products with a humorous touch, hence the name YOU+MORE! (humor..witty uh?).

They derived their inspiration from animals. cute animals, as is common in Japan…however their new line of pouches are hard to be called cute, that is if you’re a common human being and not a sea biologist… Their new line is called YOU+MORE!scary!

Instead of cuddly dogs or heart warming pandas, they chose deep sea creatures as their inspiration. And when I think of deep sea creatures this comes to mind:

Cuddly and heart warming it isn’t…but let’s see what they came up with and we’ll include a picture of the original eh monster.

the frill shark


What da ya know…you can clean your smartphone screen with its mouth!


The men dako (octopus)


You can actually fit quite a lot in this octopus due to its flexible body.


The yeti crab


It will connect to your back pack with its claws.




You can actually operate your smartphone when it’s in the pouch!


They sell for 2,156 yen, and they are light, so shipping won’t hurt your wallet either.

If you’re not in the market for a pouch, but dig the deep sea theme, then what do you think of these deep sea cups?

This is how they look….but when you poor a hot beverage in it…..




The cups can be ordered to be delivered monthly and each month you’ll receive a different cup until you’ve collected all six…you can’t however decide in what order they will appear.

Not into deep sea animals, but dogs instead?


The mopdog!

Ha ha this is why we love  Japanese consumer products!



Serge Roso JWS gets a Spring make-over.

It’s May, the flowers bloom, the birds lay eggs, the smell of fresh green grass tickles your prefrontal cortex….memories from  happy times are triggered and a feeling of nostalgia flows through your body. Life is good.  But May isn’t just a month of memories, it’s also a month of renewal, new wallpapers are chosen, Ikea is busier than ever and websites get a sunny make-over. Japanwebshopping has been sporting a very dark look, yeah we are freaks and we’re proud of it! Problem is that it was maybe a bit too otaku and scared away the casual shopper. We went to work and created a lighter and easier accessible site, while still holding on to our beloved black and gray (that we are great Yohji Yamamoto fans is something that goes without saying).

Let us know what you think about it, your opinion greatly matters to us.


Hirano JWS



METAL GEAR SOLID V Iphone case is pure art.

In December we wrote about the awesome Duralmin Mobile Suit Gundam Iphone cases, these cases also became our most requested product of 2015 thereby acknowledging our effort we put in finding you the latest and best products on the Japanese market.

When we find a new product, we always have to sit back and see how people react to them, sometimes the reactions and demand are surprising like these pervy umbrellas  and sometimes unfortunate lukewarm like these Hello Kitty shoes….. we can never really predict what succeeds and what doesn’t. We were extremely confident though about these cases. they are beautifully made, unique, and light (shipping).

These cases escaped our attention, released for the 45th anniversary of Kamen rider…sold out…(hitting head with closed fist)

The GILDdesign, is the company responsible for these master pieces and they are also the makers of this  Bio Hazard (resident evil) case which was released for the 20th anniversary of this successful game. link

Or these Bio Hazard cases

Don’t like solid? They also have bumper cases, for example these Radio Eva cases:link

My “wanna have” case is one of these METAL GEAR SOLID cases for the 6(s) and 6

These cases are really a step above other cases, the details and quality are second to none in our opinion..and like I wrote before; I bought an Iphone just to use this case(I’m an Android man), making it the most expensive, best looking Amazon prime TV remote control in the world!


Serge Roso JWS

Duralumin mobile suit Gundam bumper set

Sometimes you make choices in life which prove to be the right ones …..for a long time, but then one day this choice hits you in the face and stumps on your sensitives…total despair and a high voice are what you’re left with.

I’m an Android man, I love the fact that I have control over my device, I love the fact that I can choose the phone which is right for my purposes and I love the fact that I don’t have to use I tunes… I own the biggest phone on the planet, a Galaxy Note 8…yes I’m the guy who’s  talking on his 8 inch tablet!

But then Bandai releases this……for the iphone 6 and 6s..

Yes a limited Mobile Suit Gundam duralmin bumper three piece set by Gild design

A beautiful crafted bumper with a laser etched back plate and a gorgeous metal earphone plug with the Gundam logo on it.

They come in three types ; the Gundam ver., Char zaku 2 and Hundred style.

The Gundam version is Blue with a “metal ” colored plate and a  “metal” colored front and a gold colored earphone plug∨

the Char Zaku 2 version is competely red pink..

And my favorite the Hundred style comes with a yellow plate, a black back bumper and a green front and a green earphone plug.


The inside is covered with a soft silicon cushioning material and small details like one different colored screw is just the icing on the cake.

These bumpers don’t come cheap of course, but they won’t break your piggy bank either at 18,144 yen and you get 181 Bandai points (if you order through us).

Now up for pre-order and delivery in January so you won’t have to wait too long.

Please use our request form for inquiries and orders

request form

Mobile Suit Gundam duralumin bumper set

Well I guess , I have to get an iphone 6 now, and use it as a remote control for my Amazon Fire Tv stick…I’m going to have the best looking remote control on the planet!