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One Piece and music lovers can now add Brook’s iconic Shark Guitar to their collections!

The new instrument is also perfect for confusing your bandmates when you tell them that your biggest musical influence is a skeleton.

Fans of One Piece‘s “Soul King” Brook should be pleased to know that the jammin’ skeleton’s very own Shark Guitar is now available for preorder!

This guitar is a welcome collaboration between Premium Bandai and Shimamura Music, and is made entirely in Japan with a body crafted from American basswood. In addition, the parts are produced by Gotoh, a Japanese guitar hardware and accessories company known for their top-notch quality. In other words, this isn’t just some cheap anime tie-in product, but a bona fide musical instrument fit for the pros.

Check out the Shark Guitar’s sleek design, faithfully replicated from the One Piece anime:


▼ Amusingly, the output jack is located right in the mouth area.


▼ This sweet official plate adorns the head.




▼ The Shark Guitar also comes with a hard case, a leather strap, and a certificate of authenticity acknowledging your own guitar’s unique serial number.


▼ Detail of the leather strap


▼ Guitar specifications


Both Premium Bandai and Shimamura Music are now taking preorders for the Shark Guitar, with an expected shipping date of September. Shoppers should be warned that the guitar will set them back 270,000 yen (US$2,640), tax included, but that’s a small price to pay for dedicated fans of Brook…right?

If not, Shimamura Music is also selling 27 collectible One Piece-themed guitar picks. A pack of two randomly selected picks goes for just 450 yen ($4.40), which should make your wallets just a teensy bit happier:


Enjoy jammin’ the Seven Seas on your very own quest to become the best guitarist there ever was!

Rocketnews 24 edited by JWS

Sources/Images: Premium Bandai, Shimamura Music gets a Spring make-over.

It’s May, the flowers bloom, the birds lay eggs, the smell of fresh green grass tickles your prefrontal cortex….memories from  happy times are triggered and a feeling of nostalgia flows through your body. Life is good.  But May isn’t just a month of memories, it’s also a month of renewal, new wallpapers are chosen, Ikea is busier than ever and websites get a sunny make-over. Japanwebshopping has been sporting a very dark look, yeah we are freaks and we’re proud of it! Problem is that it was maybe a bit too otaku and scared away the casual shopper. We went to work and created a lighter and easier accessible site, while still holding on to our beloved black and gray (that we are great Yohji Yamamoto fans is something that goes without saying).

Let us know what you think about it, your opinion greatly matters to us.


Hirano JWS



Fans of The Rolling Stones will get a kick out of this!

How long have you been a Rolling Stones’ fan, well if the answer is”I can’t really remember”, than the chance is big that you have some vinyl carefully stacked away behind your CD cases. I love my records (I have 4..) much more than I love my CD’s, this has nothing to do with the sound quality or any hi-fi snobbism , no it’s about the fact that a record has character… A CD is basically an upscaled floppy disk, it’s digital, it’s cold, it’s the tin man from OZ before he met Dorothy…it lacks personality. You use old scratched CD’s to scare away pigeons.

Now how many folks hold on to their 45 rpm/33 rpm or 12 inch records, even though they skip or are scratched…I’m sure you can scare away the pigeons, hell even a freaking emu, with those black shiny circles, but we don’t…no we treasure our old records, put them in boxes and give them a nice place in the attic next to our old toys(well if they didn’t escape to some daycare center led by a grumpy teddy bear) .

People love  analog, it feels handmade and personal and that includes its shortcomings, a $40.000 Bell&Ross watch is truly a magnificent piece of art, analog, hand-made and every stockbrokers dream, but it loses one minute a day, while your $30,- Casio watch will keep perfect time.

Bell  Ross BR01-92 Airborne:
Bell Ross BR01-92 Airborne 4.2 million yen

Phew that introduction was much longer than I intended it to be, I hope you’re still with me,  because I’m getting to the main story just now…     The problem with records has been that they damage easily, aren’t very portable and record players aren’t that cheap either or convenient or good looking (except the really expensive ones). A Technics   SL-1200 looks good in club or a bed room, but I’m sure the missus won’t see it as extension to her carefully arranged interior. Recent record players are quite complex to use and delicate, not something you let your 6 year old handle, well maybe except for this Record Runner…, the Record Runner is a battery-powered record player which  you place on your record, and the Record Runner will spin on the vinyl, and pushes sound out through the frankly awful speaker.record runner amazon link  

record runner

RECORD RUNNER (Lime Green) ポータブルレコードプレーヤー


Well Japanese electronics brand Amadana has come up with the perfect record player, it really ticks all the right boxes; it’s of proper quality, it’s very easy to use, it’s very reasonably priced and it’s lovely to look at.

For those Rolling Stones fans there is this 27,000 yen, limited edition (1000) record player. Let’s see what this baby has to offer and why I think that this will make the perfect player for the casual listener. First up is its design, it’s beautiful in its simplicity, coming in acrylic black with the famous John Pasche designed “tongue”logo, a limited edition serial number plate, one knob a  tone arm and the platter is all what is present on the top, a slip mat with “the Rolling Stones” written on it and  ”smoke”cover are also included.

ザ・ローリング・ストーンズ / Amadana Music レコードプレーヤー Limited Edition The Rolling Stones


The single knob on top of the player is not to adjust the it’s a volume button! Yes this turntable can work as a stand alone player without the need for an amp and speaker system, the sound comes from two 40 mm full range speakers located in the front legs, it’s genius.  It has a RCA analog terminal which means that you can connect this player to your amp and use it as a conventional record player. It also has USB output so you connect this to a computer and turn your analog records into digital files. The speed selector is located beneath the player and you can pick from “33” for your regular records and “45” for your singles and 12 inch records there’s  even “78” for your grand father’s collection ! (reviews on Amazon Jp have revealed that this might not be the case, the switch is located beneath the player but it’s not so easy easy to find…a lot of reviewers complained that they couldn’t locate it at all..)

Included in the package is a   cartridge and stylus(needle), which is a good thing, but  for this price the included stylus will be crap(ish), and we highly recommend you to get a proper needle…yes it DOES make a big difference!

audio-technica VMカートリッジ+ヘッドシェル AT100E/G
Audio-technica AT 100E/G  10,281 yen

This product is now up for pre-order with delivery scheduled on the  22nd of April, only a 1000 will be made so…..

If you don’t care about the Rolling Stones, then this “normal version” would do the trick too and that for 10,000 yen less.

Amadana Music / Amadana Music record player SIBRECO [record player]

Amadana Music / Amadana Music record player SIBRECO [record player]

Amadana Music / Amadana Music record player SIBRECO [record player]


Remember though that this Record player isn’t a substitute for an expensive one, the quality of construction and things like damping, the balance and quality of the tone arm, the perfect pitch, the power unit and even the quality of the RCA ports are non comparable to say a Teac TN-570, a record player with digital output as well, but that comes with a price….if I had the money, no children, no technologically challenged wife, a proper record collection (you don’t need great record player for Shakin’ Stevens), and most of all a great stereo than the Teac would be very high on my wish list….sigh. link

Teac TN-570-B  129,600 yen


If you don’t care about the digital part then the Denon DP-500 would make a great


DENON アナログレコードプレーヤー 木目 DP-500M
Denon DP-500 62,000 yen
The choice is yours with the exception that the Amadana players aren’t available outside Japan…that’s where you need our kind help.


Time to dust of your records and paint some black doors red again, no reason to shut out the past if the “now” has the ability to combine both.

The rolling stones turntable link

amadana web store

JWS request form for orders and inquiries

While you’re at the store check out these Bluetooth snow-globe speakers with led!



Serge Roso JWS



Sukapara × FLiPLiPS × Nano Universe, collaboration T-shirt Limited release.

Wow that must be the longest title ever, and yeah although I agree that it’s a mouthful, I couldn’t shorten it anymore even if I tried…

Select fashion shop Nano Universe and radio station FLiPLiPS (coolest name ever) announced the sale of a T-shirt created for the upcoming of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s(Sukapara in short) concert in Kyoto on April the 15th and the 16th.

As the band’s name suggests, this is a ska band and not your average J-pop group, these boys have the musical skills to back up their game, they are not just a bunch of good looking,  fabricated by some clever agency short termers.  They have performed at concerts all around the globe and they have established themselves as a true ska band.

Back to the T-shirt..the shirt is designed by Moriya Tsutomu, designer of Ila and art director of several musical acts in Japan.

The design of the shirt is inspired by the petals of cherry blossom which are blown from the trees by strong May winds or hanafubuki as the Japanese call it(flower-storm),  which is a strong part of the love the Japanese have for these lovely pink blossomed trees. Its fleeting beauty is  as a metaphor for life itself. The Japanese take their hanami or blossom viewing season very serious and although lots of foreigners see the usual hanami parties as just an excuse to drink and be jolly, for Japanese it’s so much more…. kinda like a tulip to a cloggy.

Falling petals for the Japanese and a tulip(glass)for the Dutch

In the center of the shirt you can see Kyoto tower and as an act of selfless promotion, Kyoto Tower has announced that 100 wearers of this T-shirt will get free admission to this tower and you’ll receive a sticker in the same design as the shirt! So if you  want to visit Kyoto this year during its most beautiful season then ordering this shirt would be a no-brainer.


Sukapara × FLiPLiPS × Nano Universe collaboration T-shirt

This shirt is now up for pre-ordering and will be delivered in April, maybe just in time to wear to the concert and cost ¥ 3,800.

While you’re at it why don’t you ask us to send you some cheap Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra cd’s, we can get you used ones for the cheapest of the cheapest and we can even upload these cd’s for you on a private cloud account so you can listen while the cd is on its way to you….life has never been more convenient.

Serge Roso JWS



Get Japanese music, anime cd’s/dvd’s for the price of a starbucks latte.

Japanese j-pop and anime music lovers have been having a hard time getting their fix, sure some retailers sell Cd’s/DVDs online, but you’ll be paying at least 3,000 yen a CD or more for DVDs and this doesn’t include shipping! You can use I tunes, but a lot of Japanese artists avoid this format and with I tunes you never really own the music, but you still pay a good deal for it..I never really understood why people fall for this, but well each their own. Keep reading till the end, because there might be a way to download music you paid for in the cheapest possible way, and own the CD.

J-pop artists aren’t that big overseas and therefore most labels won’t bother releasing their music, because in the music world you go big or you don’t…and most labels don’t want to invest a big deal in something which is not guaranteed to succeed. Besides the home market is still so profitable that there’s no need to take the risk.

mobile suit gundam;Char’s counter attack original soundtrack:original price 3,153 yen now 598 yen!

So what to do? Well we might have found  the solution for you in used Cd’s and DVD’s。Due to their stubborn attitude towards mp3 files, Cd’s rule in Japan, which means that used Cd’s are big business here with plenty of online shops and normal shops.

One of the biggest is Book Off, a chain with several  …..Off varieties like Hobby-Off, Hard-Off (always makes me giggle), etc. But Book Off is the only one which has a online shop

BOOK-OFF Online link

They sell used manga, DVDs, CD’s, books and games, mostly for a fraction of the original price.

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, 3,291 yen now 1,980yen

Disk Union is less specialized in J pop and you won’t find the usual suspects here, but they have a large collection of (Japanese) rock, indie, rap and other forms of less mainstream music styles. They won’t have any 500 yen CD’s but they sell a lot of artists you won’t find anywhere else including loads of foreign hard to find artists.


MC寛MC 漢 a.k.a. GAMI

Furu1online (furu ichi online)link is another online retailer which deals in used comics, used books, new and used games, new and used DVDs, new and used CD’s and hobby collectibles. They are not always the cheapest, but they still beat the new prices hand down.

Perfume JPN first press limited edition with DVD. new price 3,394 yen, now 1,280 yen.
Fate/stay night saber promised victory sword excalibur was 10,885 yen but now 4,623 yen

And of course there’s always good old Amazon Japan link who also has a huge assortment of used CD’s and DVDs..often slightly more expensive, but far easier to navigate through and they have all the latest albums often slightly used with a “feel good” discount.

Tree, sekai no owari, new price 3,240 yen, used 1,912 yen.

Finding it hard to navigate? We feel your pain, so drop us a message with the name of the artist you’re looking for, give us two days( we will visit some used CD  shops) and we will find the best and the cheapest option for you! Or send us the link of the product you want and we will get it for you, or upon request look for a better deal.

request form

Remember we charge 10% commission on the total price of all the products bought (this is excluding shipping on which we don’t charge a dime of course). So a 500 yen CD will cost you 550 yen.

Last but not least, we will upon your request upload your CD to a private cloud server which you can download or stream , or we can upload it direct to your private website, so that you can enjoy the CD until the physical CD arrives…In case you don’t care about the physical CD we can upload it in FlAC or MP3 format and just send you the receipt.  This file will be only accessible by you.

We will send you your physical copy whenever you want us to.

We are still a little bit in the dark about the legality of this, so we can’t guarantee this until we receive final word from our legal team (an old retired lawyer with too much free time on his hands)