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Indulge your GochiUsa obsession with these classy but cute Rabbit House headphones.

Is the Order a Rabbit?, known to fans as GochiUsa, is a comedy/slice-of-life anime series based on a yon-koma (four-panel) manga about a group of young girls working at the Rabbit House cafe. The anime, which recently wrapped up its second season, has proved a hit with its super cute characters and lighthearted storylines. And of course, a series making it big means lots and lots of related merch. Thankfully the latest product in the never-ending slew of goods to collect is something you can actually use, rather than a bit of plastic that will serve only to sit around collecting dust on a shelf.

Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Onkyo has announced a collaboration with the popular moe anime to produce a set of limited edition hi-res headphones.


The ONKYO E700MW GochiUsa Model will feature the Rabbit House logo as deco on the back casing and will be available in silver and pink-gold. It’s a relatively unobtrusive design, so the only people who will recognize your loli-loving otaku tendencies are fellow otaku. The packaging will also feature a special design with a book-style box that will store stylishly on your shelf.

Pre-orders opened on February 1 and will close at 3pm on March 4 for an expected delivery by the end of May. The price is 19,800 yen (US $168), including tax and shipping costs within Japan, which is 6,000 yen (US$51) more than the plain ordinary model. These companies know that fans are willing to pay a premium!


For those who are more interested in the quality of the headphones rather than the fact that they come with a cute anime logo, here are the basic specs of the E700MW:

Play frequency band: 6-40000Hz
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 108db
Speaker diameter: 13.5mm
Maximum input: 30mW

More detailed information on the specs can be found in the company’s press release [Japanese].

Source & Images: C-Lab

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Boobs on your phone provide good grip.

Nekomu Otogi is a Japanese co splayer who made a big impact last year’s Comiket,  she has thousands of fans who all adore her good looks and uh other things.

Embedded image permalink

Otogi is a gravure(sexy glamorous) model for a weekly magazine and appears at conventions in Japan and abroad showing off her countless “talents”.

Well two of her most adored talents are now available for your phone and as a mouse pad!


kore de gaman shite hoshii/ I want you to keep your patience with this….eh?

As a man I sure respect her talent(s), but they come at a steep price:  4,000 yen (US$33.20) for the Iphone case and 10,000 yen (US$82.99)for the pad. Pricey sure, but I think that you can’t put a price on such talent.

Still not convinced? Just imagine when you’re girlfriend sees this…her reaction will surely sound something like “Wow so cool what a great boyfriend do I have!”, trust me, women are like that, sure.

Serge Roso

These ukiyo-e style renditions of Lupin the Third characters just might steal your heart!

We found something for the  fans of the series to look forward to, as animation studio TMS Entertainment has come out with a stunning line of Lupin the Third ukiyo-e woodblock print-style art!

This is actually the first time the characters from Lupin the Third have been turned into ukiyo-e art, and the prints will be available for advance order at the Shinjuku Isetan event. They will be selling five large prints each featuring one of the main Lupin characters (plus a set of the five prints together if you want all of them) as well as a special print showing the gang in beautiful Venice.

Here are the five individual prints portraying the characters in kimono to match the ukiyo-e style. The 34 centimeter x 20 centimeter (13.4 inch x 7.9 inch) prints each are priced at 64,800 yen (US$540).

▼ Lupin is looking suave in a blue kimono, the same color as the suit he wears in the recent anime series set in Italy.


▼ Jigen still sports his trademark hat even while wearing a black kimono, and it’s interesting to see that his gun doesn’t really look out of place with Japanese-style dress.


▼ We’re of course used to seeing Goemon in a kimono, but that doesn’t mean he looks any less cool, with his precious Zantetsuken sword at the ready.


▼ Here’s the lovely Fujiko, about three-quarters dressed in a gorgeous kimono decorated with fuji (wisteria) patterns, which we’re guessing is a deliberate selection in connection with her name. Not exactly the proper way to wear a kimono, but that brash personality is what we love about Fujiko-chan, isn’t it?


▼ And last, but not least, we have the persistent yet lovable Detective Zenigata, shown wielding a jutte, a traditional weapon that was used by the police in Japan during the Edo Period (1603-1868).


▼ The set with all five prints costs 540,000 yen ($4,500), but it will come autographed by Monkey Punch, the creator of the original Lupin manga series.


▼ And here’s the 34 centimeter x 52 centimeter (13.4 inch x 20.5 inch) special print, priced at 162,000 yen ($1,350), a dynamic piece of work that shows the characters in the canals of Venice.


So, what do you think of the prints? We certainly like the vivid colors and particularly love the Japanese style patterns decorated with plum flowers in the background of the individual prints of the five characters. True, the prints don’t exactly come cheap, but the art is made by Takezasado, a Kyoto-based woodblock printing company with a history of over 120 years, and the character’s names written in traditional Japanese-style text in the individual prints is the work of respected calligrapher Tansetsu Ogino, who is known for creating the Suntory Hibiki label. In addition, the art is printed on Japanese washi paper produced by living national treasure Ichibe Iwano, so the quality is definitely top-notch.

All prints will be made to order, and orders taken at the Lupinissimo in Isetan 2016 event (from February 3 to 8)were we will attend, are scheduled to be delivered in early April.

Source, images: @Press

Written by rocketnews 24 edited by JWS

Pac-man takes time off eating ghosts and makes himself useful.

Pac-man that eighties game icon has always been busy eating ghosts and more recently Adam Sandler, but turning 36 this year he has had a change of heart and decided to give back to human kind… Instead of pouring our hard earned coins into a pac-man arcade, pac-man and his creator Namco have teamed up with traditional leather craft company Inden-ya and US bag maker Outdoor to create some interesting products you can spend your money on instead.

Most reader know Outdoor, the producer of bags and other rugged travel gear and they have collaborated with Namco/Bandai or other anime/manga companies before like these JoJo’s bizarre adventure backpacks.

Or these Tiger&Bunny bags.

This time Outdoor and Namco created these lovely bags:

Day Packs  9,800 yen

Day Bag

Day Bag

Sling Bags 6,800 yen

Sling BagSling Bag

Mini Boston bag 6,800 yen

Mini Boston Bag

Mini Boston Bag

Smartphone pouch 2,800 yen

Smartphone PouchSmartphone Pouchmain


A little more upscale are the the wallets and pouches created by Inden-ya a company with a 434-year(!?) history in making fine craft arts. Made out of deerskin leather to which decorative lacquer is added these wallets are made to last and impress!

long wallet, priced at 21,500 yen

PW 1

folding wallet  at 16,500 yen.

PW 3

business card holder 6,500 yen

PW 5

For the true Pac-Man fans the real “must have” of this birthday celebration of our yellow hero was this  limited gold plate.  This commemorative plate was
an official collaboration with Japanese jeweler GINZA TANAKA and is one of a kind creation. Unfortunately this was released last year to celebrate his 35th birthday and is no longer available…but we can dream can we?



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Serge Roso

Almost finished with 2015, time to rest your laurels on these cushions.

Just as we announced the arrival of these Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou trolleys, Premium Bandai has released these Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou cushions, but just like the trolleys they’ve been selling like crazy leaving you with just these two:

Chikage Kazama:

Nagakura Shinpachi

These are large cushions with (vertical 55cm × horizontal 55cm × height 38cm ) made out of highly elastic fabric filled with urethane.

They are not cheap at 20,000 yen ($180,-) but they are order made and very limited!

Just to show what you’ve been missing out on..

If you want one then YOU BETTER MOVE YOUR BUTT, cause otherwise the only thing your butt will be resting on is your plain old sofa.

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Sailor moon travel cases and other accessories.

Just as we wrote an article about the awesome Hakuouki Shinkai Kaze no Shou travel bags…the perfect cases to take on your trip to your cosplay conventions or to visit your parents, or just to walk around with…yeah they make great shopping bags too, Premium Bandai and anime fashion house Super Groupies release a complete set of Sailor Moon travel items.


They have  24,840 yen trolley cases in six Sailor suit designs:

▼ Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon


▼ Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars


▼ Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus


▼ There are even gorgeous little details on the zipper closures.


▼ Each case bears the colour and name of its famous senshi warrior.



The leather schoolgirl bow on the front is detachable so you can dress the case up with a charm if you prefer, while the inside of the bags feature a pretty pink lining filled with a variety of transformation items, symbols, and a cute image of Luna the cat.


They have six matching carry-on bags for 7,344 yen each.


The extra-large tote bags feature the same pink lining, zipper details and leather bow charm as the cases. Plus, they fit snugly on top of them, making for a neat looking set.



▼ And to complete the set, there are six passport cases retailing for 3,132 yen each.



The Sailor Moon travel items are available by pre-order only, from Premium Bandai and Super Groupies for a limited time until 13 January, with delivery scheduled for the end of April 2016. We can order these for you from both sites…if you’re more into goods and toys we recommend you ask us to order from Bandai, since we give you the points which you can use on your next purchase, but if you’re more into fashion we say you’d go for Super Groupies…it’s all in the points!

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Get Japanese music, anime cd’s/dvd’s for the price of a starbucks latte.

Japanese j-pop and anime music lovers have been having a hard time getting their fix, sure some retailers sell Cd’s/DVDs online, but you’ll be paying at least 3,000 yen a CD or more for DVDs and this doesn’t include shipping! You can use I tunes, but a lot of Japanese artists avoid this format and with I tunes you never really own the music, but you still pay a good deal for it..I never really understood why people fall for this, but well each their own. Keep reading till the end, because there might be a way to download music you paid for in the cheapest possible way, and own the CD.

J-pop artists aren’t that big overseas and therefore most labels won’t bother releasing their music, because in the music world you go big or you don’t…and most labels don’t want to invest a big deal in something which is not guaranteed to succeed. Besides the home market is still so profitable that there’s no need to take the risk.

mobile suit gundam;Char’s counter attack original soundtrack:original price 3,153 yen now 598 yen!

So what to do? Well we might have found  the solution for you in used Cd’s and DVD’s。Due to their stubborn attitude towards mp3 files, Cd’s rule in Japan, which means that used Cd’s are big business here with plenty of online shops and normal shops.

One of the biggest is Book Off, a chain with several  …..Off varieties like Hobby-Off, Hard-Off (always makes me giggle), etc. But Book Off is the only one which has a online shop

BOOK-OFF Online link

They sell used manga, DVDs, CD’s, books and games, mostly for a fraction of the original price.

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, 3,291 yen now 1,980yen

Disk Union is less specialized in J pop and you won’t find the usual suspects here, but they have a large collection of (Japanese) rock, indie, rap and other forms of less mainstream music styles. They won’t have any 500 yen CD’s but they sell a lot of artists you won’t find anywhere else including loads of foreign hard to find artists.


MC寛MC 漢 a.k.a. GAMI

Furu1online (furu ichi online)link is another online retailer which deals in used comics, used books, new and used games, new and used DVDs, new and used CD’s and hobby collectibles. They are not always the cheapest, but they still beat the new prices hand down.

Perfume JPN first press limited edition with DVD. new price 3,394 yen, now 1,280 yen.
Fate/stay night saber promised victory sword excalibur was 10,885 yen but now 4,623 yen

And of course there’s always good old Amazon Japan link who also has a huge assortment of used CD’s and DVDs..often slightly more expensive, but far easier to navigate through and they have all the latest albums often slightly used with a “feel good” discount.

Tree, sekai no owari, new price 3,240 yen, used 1,912 yen.

Finding it hard to navigate? We feel your pain, so drop us a message with the name of the artist you’re looking for, give us two days( we will visit some used CD  shops) and we will find the best and the cheapest option for you! Or send us the link of the product you want and we will get it for you, or upon request look for a better deal.

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Remember we charge 10% commission on the total price of all the products bought (this is excluding shipping on which we don’t charge a dime of course). So a 500 yen CD will cost you 550 yen.

Last but not least, we will upon your request upload your CD to a private cloud server which you can download or stream , or we can upload it direct to your private website, so that you can enjoy the CD until the physical CD arrives…In case you don’t care about the physical CD we can upload it in FlAC or MP3 format and just send you the receipt.  This file will be only accessible by you.

We will send you your physical copy whenever you want us to.

We are still a little bit in the dark about the legality of this, so we can’t guarantee this until we receive final word from our legal team (an old retired lawyer with too much free time on his hands)