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It’s May, the flowers bloom, the birds lay eggs, the smell of fresh green grass tickles your prefrontal cortex….memories from  happy times are triggered and a feeling of nostalgia flows through your body. Life is good.  But May isn’t just a month of memories, it’s also a month of renewal, new wallpapers are chosen, Ikea is busier than ever and websites get a sunny make-over. Japanwebshopping has been sporting a very dark look, yeah we are freaks and we’re proud of it! Problem is that it was maybe a bit too otaku and scared away the casual shopper. We went to work and created a lighter and easier accessible site, while still holding on to our beloved black and gray (that we are great Yohji Yamamoto fans is something that goes without saying).

Let us know what you think about it, your opinion greatly matters to us.


Hirano JWS



JWS japanwebshopping website renewal.

Let me first thank you all dear customers/friends who have been putting your trust in our service, without your help we’d all be working for other companies and we wouldn’t enjoy our jobs/lives as much as we do now.

We’ve been  getting the most surprising and unusual requests and thereby expanding our horizon in what you want and we learn what makes our fellow human being tick. Communicating with folks from all around the world has been a challenging at times (we had to bring in a part-time Spanish speaker/translator  and on a rare occasion a Russian translator), but besides  these rare hiccups, chatting with you through Skype/WordPress/mail and Facebook has been a blast.

We also value your input a lot, and a common complain was that our website loaded like snail…our mistake was that we tried to put as much information and connecting links in it as possible, thereby creating a headache for those without high speed internet access.

So we went a bit simpler this time, and changed the look to a more material/metal look. The pages load a bit faster and it’s definitely easier to the eye. Our love for manga and anime are also more present this time around.




This dark metallic look continues in the separate product pages.


We still haven’t completed the whole site yet though(especially the Japanese section), but we’re working hard to have it finished before Christmas.

Thank you all so much for your patience and in the meantime we will continue to be the best/safest/cheapest (and most personal) personal shopper for you.


Hatsune Miku appears with J-pop legend Namie Amuro in new music video

Vocaloid music still isn’t exactly what you’d call mainstream in Japan, but the genre of virtual idols has made considerable strides in popularity over the last couple of years. Just last month, Vocaloid Hatsune Miku appeared on perpetually popular TV program Music Station, a feat that’s considered a feather in the cap of any performer.

Now, Japan’s most popular virtual vocalist has teamed up with one of its most popular human ones, as Hatsune Miku and J-pop recording legend Namie Amuro have collaborated on a new song and music video.

Since Miku doesn’t have a physical body, Amuro (who’s no stranger to innovative videos) instead ventures into her world, appearing alongside the Vocaloid in animated form to promote their joint project, titled “Be Who I Want 2 B feat. Hatsune Miku.”

MN 5

MN 6

In keeping with Miku’s technological based roots, there’s a heavy use of synthesized sounds. But Amuro rose to fame on the strength of her dance and R&B releases, so in short order there’s also a strong, steady beat bumping along.

The animated medium obviously allows for quick and easy costume changes, but the producers did more than just mix up the two singers’ outfits and makeup. As the video goes on, Miku and Amuro transition multiple time from hand-drawn anime to CG models and back.

MN 3

There’s even a point in which the two strap on headsets to play a round of what looks like VR Splatoon This gives us the unusual situation of watching a representation of a virtual idol running around and firing a laser in a second layer of virtual reality.

▼ Wait, if this is a case of double-virtual reality, does that mean Miku is real now?

MN 4

▼ Back to hand-drawn style

MN 7

At just two minutes and 36 seconds long, “Be Who I Want 2 B” is likely to have fans ready to hit the replay button as soon as it’s done, although it’s possible the album edit, which appears on Amuro’s, is a bit longer. Still, the short and sweet music video is a treat for the eyes and ears, and who knows, it might just be the start of a beautiful friendship.

MN 8

Source: Twitter/@namieamuro_jp
Images: YouTube/AmuroNamiech