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Bandai to release life-like posable plastic figures to help you draw “realistic” epic poses

It seems like Bandai really wants us to get better at drawing. First they released the totally awesome and totally-not-just-for-kids Magic Illustrator, and now they’ve announced that they will be selling life-like posable figures for all of your human-sketching needs.

And what’s more, these figures come with dozens of sweet accessories, making it easier than ever to draw a someone wielding a sword, a deadly cellphone, or their own awesome lightning fists. Ready to never again lose friends by asking them to hold a pose while you carefully draw it? Then read on!

Now for those of you who haven’t done much life-drawing before, you may wonder: why would you need plastic models? Can’t you just draw without them?

And the answer to that is a resounding… well, er, uh, kind of. Some great artists can rattle off drawings of people no problem. But for the rest of us, it helps to have a model to work off, especially if you’re drawing something that doesn’t typically happen in everyday life.

▼ It’d be hard to model this scene without someone breaking their neck, but the posable figures make it easy to sketch.


The posable figures themselves are being produced by S. H. Figuarts, a maker of high-quality Japanese plastic figures. They come in two varieties, male and female, appropriately named “Body-kun” and “Body-chan.”

▼ It was love at first bend.

What sets these figures apart from other posable art models before is that these ones are built to only bend in natural human ways. This means you can’t accidentally put the figure into an unnatural pose, which could potentially mess up your sketch. And since they bend in over 30 places, you can get a lot more detail than from other similar products.

The figures also come with a variety of accessories and interchangeable parts, making it much easier to see what certain hand positions look like when interacting with objects.

▼ You typically don’t live very long after you see someone pose with a gun or sword like that, so naturally they’re pretty hard to sketch.


And the possibilities don’t end there. Here’s what people all over the internet have been doing to show off the unlimited potential of working with Body-kun and Body-chan:

▼ The ultimate kabe-don.

body-chan kabe donTwitter/@hobby_maniax

▼ “Hey Body-kun? Whatcha thinkin’ ’bout?”

body-chan computerTwitter/@INSIDEjp

▼ “Was it me growing wings an ascending to a higher plane? Because that’s what I was thinking about.”

body-chan angelTwitter/@hobby_maniax

▼ This battle is really heating up. If no one stops these two then they’re going to…

body-chan kickingTwitter/@1up_news

▼ Go Super Saiyan! Yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh!

body-chan lightningTwitter/@hobby_maniax

If you think Body-kun and Body-chan would make good additions to your artistic arsenal, then be sure to check back in April 2016 when they’re officially released. The models range in price from 4,320 yen to 6,480 yen (US$36 to $54) depending on how many accessories it comes with.

But come on, let’s be real, are you going to really be happy saving a few bucks if it means missing out on that sweet sword and posable clear plastic stand? The awesomeness basically pays for itself.

Source: Tamashii Web via Inside Games


Training wear for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber? These DBZ threads are the perfect fit!

Halloween may be right around the corner, but October also means it’s time to break out all the hooded jackets and heavy sweaters that have been hidden away in drawers for the last several months. For those who find that moths have attacked your precious layers, look no further than these stylish zip up hoodies that are a little “bad” and a whole lot of fashionable.

Introducing a pair of parkas inspired by the greatest villains of the Dragon Ball Z universe; wearing one of these will definitely grant you a stylish level over 9,000.

Don either of these hooded jackets and you will never find yourself stronger or warmer. These lovely fashionable pieces of clothing are inspired by the villain that never seems to die, Freeza, and the combat suit that is worn by some of the strongest Saiyans.

hoodie 8

The Freeza jacket is easily recognizable by the two distinct colors of his final form, white and purple. The hood also features raised, cylindrical “ears” that will definitely set you apart from any other white-and-purple hooded figure you may be standing beside.

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

▼ Cross your arms in a pose that says, “I am far superior to you” to really emulate the Emperor of the Universe.

基本 RGB

The second zip up is inspired by the combat outfit of Saiyan soldiers such as Raditz or Nappa. The iconic protectors on the shoulder and the pouch in the front are made from thick fleece and detailed with very deliberate stitching so it looks just like the armor in the manga and anime. You will feel like you can take on any challengers when decked out like the elite Saiyan warriors. No matter where you are, this jacket will keep you warm and show everyone your impeccable style.

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

基本 RGB

▼ Be sure to purchase this bag to really up your fierce vibe. hoodie 13

Both hoodies are ready for your pre-order at 13,000 yen each (US$108.33) in small, medium, large and extra-large and will be available starting at the end of December.

Source: Net Lab

Kancolle presents Moe battleship girls at TGS 2015..

Much is written about the phenomenon that is Kantai Collection, or Kancolle. The free-to-play online game featuring battleships anthropomorphized as cute girls has spawned an anime, mountains of merchandise, and limitless sexy fanart, cosplay, and doujinshi.

Since Kancolle is still most famous as a game, with over 3 million registered players, it had a strong presence at this year’s Tokyo Game Show at the booth. They had an impressive display of detailed figures available, faithfully recreating the 2D moe battleship girls in glorious 3D. And we got photos of some of the best!

▼ Kongou


▼ Haruna


▼ Takao


▼ Musashi


▼ Musashi Kai


▼ Atago


▼ Yamato


▼ Shimakaze


▼ Amatsukaze


▼ I-19


▼ Yukikaze


▼ Chibis!


▼ Chibi Yamato


If there are any figures you just have to have, then you’re in luck! These figures aren’t just for TGS; they’re all commercially available. However, you’ll have to grind a lot of real life currency to afford them, as most will set you back around 10,000 yen (US$83) apiece. Collecting the entire fleet could end up costing you almost as much as a real-life ship! So for us, and many other attendees, just seeing the collection and getting some close-up photos was enough. Besides, we still have all our in-game girls!

Photos © RocketNews24

Over 700 photos of men undressing! Because what manga artist doesn’t draw half-naked men, right?

This may be a rather random question, but are you capable of drawing a man in various states of undress? Most of us can probably visualize how it should look, but turning those thoughts into illustrations doesn’t always come at a snap of the fingers.

Coming to the rescue of budding illustrators and manga artists is a new pose reference book dedicated solely to men undressing. From T-shirts to kimono to boxer briefs, this is probably the most educational book we’ve seen filled with men stripping off their clothes.

We’ve heard of illustrators and manga artists relying on mirrors and cameras to observe their own expressions and movements, but there are times when having a model to pose for you makes things so much easier, especially if you’re trying to draw a character of the opposite sex. Besides, it’s probably kinda awkward to ask a random friend to pose and undress for you.

From the publishers of the highly popular posing reference book A BL Pose Collection Created Together With Manga Artists (see description beneath this article), the latest addition to the series is titled A Pose Collection Created Together With Manga Artists – Men’s Undressing Pose Collection and focuses on the process of undressing. Not only does the book document the process at various stages of undress, it also provides views from different angles, as well as illustration tips from manga artist Scarlet Beriko to help readers grasp the techniques more effectively.






A Pose Collection Created Together With Manga Artists – Men’s Undressing Pose Collection contains a total of 763 photos, showing various types of apparel, from casual wear to business suits and traditional Japanese clothing, not sparing the details of the removing of smaller fashion items such as footwear and accessories.

・Taking off a T-shirt
・Putting on a T-shirt
・Taking off a baggy T-shirt
・Removing a belt
・Taking off jeans
・Taking off a sweater
・Putting on a sweater
・Taking off sneakers
・Taking off socks
・Removing a scarf

・Taking off a jacket
・Putting on a jacket
・Taking off dress shoes
・Removing a necktie
・Taking off slacks
・Taking off a shirt
・Putting on a shirt
・Removing a wristwatch
・Undoing a button
・Taking off socks

・Taking off a haori
・Taking off a kimono
・Taking off a yukata
・Taking off a fundoshi (with underpants)
・Taking off tabi
・Taking off setta

・Taking off boxer briefs (with underpants)
・Putting on boxer briefs (with underpants)
・Removing glasses
・Removing a ring
・Removing an ear stud

The book comes with a CD containing all the photo data, and retails for 2,592 yen (US$21.50) on Amazon Japan. You should also be able to find it at major bookstores in Japan. It may seem slightly pricey for an illustration reference book, but considering the amount of weird stares it’ll save you from approaching people to undress for you, we think it’s well worth the money!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Amazon Japan

漫画家と作るBLポーズ集 (A BL Pose Collection Created Together With Manga Artists). As its title suggests, it’s a posing reference book for Boy’s Love illustrations created from the viewpoint of actual manga artists, ensuring that the poses featured in the book are poses that can be effectively applied in illustrations.

The sixth and most recent installment of this reference book series revolves around a “celebrity” theme, and features the roles of a wealthy president of an entertainment company and his capable secretary and lover.

▼ Kentarou Takisawa, 24-years-old, 180cm
Role: CEO of an entertainment company, uke (“bottom”)

▼ Kaito Akagi, 24-years-old, 188cm
Role: Secretary and lover of the CEO, seme (“top”)

To achieve the golden touch, the photoshoot was done at a tastefully done up luxury mansion with tall ceilings, sparkling chandeliers, and a real fireplace to boot. Not to mention, the legendary indoor swimming pool that has appeared in countless TV dramas, gravure photobooks and most of all, adult videos. This particular swimming pool has gained such extensive exposure in the adult entertainment industry that most of the AV-watching population in Japan simply refers to it as “that pool”.




The scenes involve rose petal baths, handcuffs, blindfolds, roulette, drenched shirts and feather play. (Don’t ask, we have no idea what feather play explicitly means either. Sounds ticklish, though.)







Perfect atmosphere, well-proportioned models and a variety of situations… this book definitely feeds the imagination of fujoshi (or fudanshi, guys who are fans of homoerotic fiction)! Volume six of 漫画家と作るBLポーズ集  retails for 2,160 yen (US$20.80) on Amazon Japan and various bookstores in Japan.

Manga materials website offers thousands of reference poses for budding artists to download

If you’re just starting out on the path to your goal of becoming a manga artist, it can be hard to properly visualize how your characters’ head, limbs, and torso should be positioned for a specific pose. Practicing by sketching with a human model is a time-tested way to hone your understanding of how to draw human anatomy and clothing, but it still poses a problem.

See, most art classes don’t feature models for such manga staples as, say, a girl in a sailor suit firing a pistol. An alternative would be to hire a model on your own, but that’s beyond the budget of many artists who’re still in the amateur stage of their artistic endeavors.

But as long as you can scrape together about 2,000 yen (US$16.26), there’s a new website that will supply you with thousands of reference photos to help kick-start your manga dreams.

A few months ago, we took a look at a website that offered pre-drawn, ready-to-use manga backgrounds. Manga no (“Manga”) doesn’t go as far as doing the actual drawing for you, but it does offer extremely thorough packs of reference photos that you can use to create your own drawings with.

▼ Pleats as far as the eye can see.

MM 2

Each of the site’s downloadable photo packs is priced at 1,980 yen (US$16.10), and of course the very first is of a woman in a school uniform, because there’s no other single outfit that’ll get as much mileage in manga creation.

MM 7

The sailor suit package contains 1,652 pictures of model Ainya performing 43 different types of poses. In addition to waving, holding an umbrella, looking at her cell phone, and braiding her hair, Ainya also shows off more action-packed moves such as swinging a baseball bat, kicking, and popping off a shot with a revolver.

MM 6

MM 9

The Manga no website has examples of artwork produced by tracing over the photos, although it goes without saying that serious artists will want to instead do their own line work while merely referring to the provided pictures.

▼ This short video shows off just a few of the poses in the sailor suit set.

If the schoolgirl outfit doesn’t hold any special allure to you, there’s also the Female Fundamental Poses pack, which has Ainya in non-schoolhouse attire performing 32 poses in 1,421 photographs.

MM 10

MM 11

MM 12

But unless you’re planning to tell the thrilling story of a group of arctic explorers lost in a blizzard, you’re going to need something other than a plain white void behind your characters. Manga no is once again ready to help with its Small-Town Shopping Arcade and Backstreets background pack.

MM 13

MM 14

This is just the beginning of what Manga no has planned, too. In the near future, the company plans to release character model packs for women wearing suits, maid outfits, and winter clothing, plus a dedicated batch of reference photos for human hands. Upcoming backgrounds will include shrines and temples, coastlines, traditional Japanese homes, and neon-soaked cityscapes. Each one is likely to be priced at Manga no’s standard 1,980 yen, and while that outlay might mean purchasing a few fewer volumes of the manga you love to read, it may end up being money well-spent if it helps you create a comic you’re proud to draw.

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Top image: Manga no

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