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Manga materials website offers thousands of reference poses for budding artists to download

If you’re just starting out on the path to your goal of becoming a manga artist, it can be hard to properly visualize how your characters’ head, limbs, and torso should be positioned for a specific pose. Practicing by sketching with a human model is a time-tested way to hone your understanding of how to draw human anatomy and clothing, but it still poses a problem.

See, most art classes don’t feature models for such manga staples as, say, a girl in a sailor suit firing a pistol. An alternative would be to hire a model on your own, but that’s beyond the budget of many artists who’re still in the amateur stage of their artistic endeavors.

But as long as you can scrape together about 2,000 yen (US$16.26), there’s a new website that will supply you with thousands of reference photos to help kick-start your manga dreams.

A few months ago, we took a look at a website that offered pre-drawn, ready-to-use manga backgrounds. Manga no (“Manga”) doesn’t go as far as doing the actual drawing for you, but it does offer extremely thorough packs of reference photos that you can use to create your own drawings with.

▼ Pleats as far as the eye can see.

MM 2

Each of the site’s downloadable photo packs is priced at 1,980 yen (US$16.10), and of course the very first is of a woman in a school uniform, because there’s no other single outfit that’ll get as much mileage in manga creation.

MM 7

The sailor suit package contains 1,652 pictures of model Ainya performing 43 different types of poses. In addition to waving, holding an umbrella, looking at her cell phone, and braiding her hair, Ainya also shows off more action-packed moves such as swinging a baseball bat, kicking, and popping off a shot with a revolver.

MM 6

MM 9

The Manga no website has examples of artwork produced by tracing over the photos, although it goes without saying that serious artists will want to instead do their own line work while merely referring to the provided pictures.

▼ This short video shows off just a few of the poses in the sailor suit set.

If the schoolgirl outfit doesn’t hold any special allure to you, there’s also the Female Fundamental Poses pack, which has Ainya in non-schoolhouse attire performing 32 poses in 1,421 photographs.

MM 10

MM 11

MM 12

But unless you’re planning to tell the thrilling story of a group of arctic explorers lost in a blizzard, you’re going to need something other than a plain white void behind your characters. Manga no is once again ready to help with its Small-Town Shopping Arcade and Backstreets background pack.

MM 13

MM 14

This is just the beginning of what Manga no has planned, too. In the near future, the company plans to release character model packs for women wearing suits, maid outfits, and winter clothing, plus a dedicated batch of reference photos for human hands. Upcoming backgrounds will include shrines and temples, coastlines, traditional Japanese homes, and neon-soaked cityscapes. Each one is likely to be priced at Manga no’s standard 1,980 yen, and while that outlay might mean purchasing a few fewer volumes of the manga you love to read, it may end up being money well-spent if it helps you create a comic you’re proud to draw.

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Top image: Manga no

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Figure sellers leave you high and dry…

If you’re a true  anime or manga fan, than you surely know about the often life-like figures  created after your favorite character for sale on the net.

Although often fabricated in China, the design and the final check happens in good ol’ anime obsessed Japan. Some are true pieces of art and the prices of these figures can go up into the hundred thousands of yen, but whether you’re in the “big head” variety,

ねんどろいど 衛宮士郎 (フィギュア)
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works
Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works

or the “realistic” kind

hatsune miku variant play arts

The cute sexy fully busted  “idol” kind

ヘスティア (フィギュア)

The highly erotic NSFW kind…

[閉じる] 純愛果実 木谷椎 カバーガール 夏色少女 まなつちゃん (フィギュア) 商品画像1
manatsu chan
(in case you were wondering, those are ice cream sticks in her hands..)

Maybe you’re into game characters like…

[閉じる] Monster Hunter X(Cross) PLAY ARTS改 ディアボロス装備(レイジシリーズ) (フィギュア) 商品画像4
Monster hunter

Cartoon figures like..

Robin (batman; Arkham knight)

and big scale 1/3 big figures/dolls,

[閉じる] 『劇場版 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ [新編] 叛逆の物語』 悪魔ほむら (ドール) 商品画像3
Movie magical girl Madoka (50cm)

They are all produced in limited editions and require pre-ordering. Some shops online will order these for you and sell these with a significant price increase or they cut you out of the point system. You might not think much about points until you can buy a figure for free, than you realize what you’ve been missing.

The main sellers in Japan are hobbysearch    Bandai premium    cjmart

These three sites all have in common that they don’t ship abroad and that they let your earn points.

Our policy on pre-orders is that if payment is required will ask you to pay for this, however your payment won’t be removed from our paypal account until the whole order is completed.

If due to circumstances the product won’t or can’t be produced, then we will reimburse you the complete amount minus nothing.

Shopping has never been easier!

Want to be a manga artist, but can’t draw backgrounds? Website has environments you can download

If you’re a budding manga creator, odds are you spend most of your time working on your character artwork. That’s probably a wise choice, too, as most famous comic artists focus on drawing their stories’ leads, and hand off work on other details, such as background art, to a team of assistants.

Of course, another reality of being a budding manga artist is that you probably don’t have a publisher bankrolling your comic and paying for the abovementioned team of assistants. But thankfully there’s now a way for you to pour your efforts into story and character art and still produce something that looks polished, thanks to a new Japanese website that sells ready-to-use manga backgrounds.

Haikei Soko, or “Background Factory,” just began service on July 21. As the name implies, the website has a stockpile of backgrounds that you can purchase, download, and then augment with your own original characters, effects, and dialogue


As the vast majority of Japanese comics are published in black and white, the environments are devoid of color. Single backgrounds are priced at just 270 yen (US$2.20), while two-piece sets are 432 yen and three-background bundles 648 yen.

Haikei Soko’s products are grouped by location, with the largest selection of artwork being for Japanese schools


bg-7▼ Where else are your characters supposed to bump into each other or excrete bodily waste?bg-5Currently, Haikei Soko has roughly 100 backgrounds available on its website here, which should be enough for you to get started on your tale of teen lovers, teen martial artists, or teen martial artists lovers right now. The company also promises to have an additional 100 backgrounds available every month, and if that’s still not enough to keep pace with your drawing, odds are you don’t really need any help in the first place.

The site is completely in Japanese so if you can’t make head or tail from it, mail us we are glad to help you.

Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises manga to be published in collected form for the first time

As the last feature-length anime from Hayao Miyazaki, we’re sure The Wind Rises is going to be watched over and over by anime enthusiasts hoping to squeeze one last drop of mana from the celebrated director’s final film. But even if those repeated viewings won’t wear out your The Wind Rises Blu-ray like a fifth-generation Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind VHS fansub, you can only watch it so many times before diminishing returns start to set in.

But soon enough, there’ll be another piece of Miyazaki’s legacy for fans to pore over, as the manga version of The Wind Rises, drawn by the legend himself, is finally being published in a collected volume.

Not every talented anime director is also a talented artist. For example, Mamoru Oshii, of Ghost in the Shell and patlabor fame, can’t draw, which affects his fim process

Miyazaki, though, has no problem single-handedly producing visuals. Not only did he create the storyboards for many of Studio Ghibli’s biggest hits, he penned the Nausicaa manga over a two-year period and also drew a short companion comic for Porco Rosso.

Even those who regularly read Japan’s weekly and monthly manga anthologies cover-to-cover may not be aware of the manga version of The Wind Rises, as it was serialized in model-building magazine Model Graphix, which previously ran the Hayao Miyazaki’s Daydream Data Notes series of illustrated essays. Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises first appeared in the magazine’s pages in 2009, and its last installment came in January of 2010, still three and a half years before the animated The Wind Rises premiered in Japanese theaters.


Like the anime, the manga is focused on Jiro Horikoshi, a fictionalized stand-in for the real-life Japanese fighter plane designer of the same name, although the comic’s storyline does not exactly mirror the film’s. There’s also a pretty big difference in the character designs.

Whereas the anime version of Horikoshi has the plain but soft facial features of a typical Ghibli lead, the manga’s Horikoshi has a pig’s snout. While this might seem an insulting choice for a proxy of a historical figure that Miyazaki seems to hold in high esteem, Miyazaki often draws himself as a pig in self-portraits. The artistic choice once again hammers home the parallels Miyazaki draws between the life of Horikoshi and his own, in that they were both skilled craftsmen who put so much of their souls into their work.

A five-year gap between a manga ending its serialization and being published in collected form for the first time is extremely rare, and even in the 2013 documentary about Studio Ghibli, The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, Miyazaki mused that The Wind Rises’ manga would never be sold as a stand-alone book. Luckily for his many fans, that prediction turned out to be wrong, and publisher Dai Nippon Eiga says that the book will go on sale in early September.

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