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Gender-bent Naruto bends over seductively as sexy new anime figure

Believe it or not, that’s the male star of the hit ninja series.

Recently, we took a look at a batch of amazing photos from the upcoming Naruto stage play, which had the ninja of the hit anime and manga looking grittily realistic. Now, it’s time to go in the completely opposite direction, with a scrubbed and shiny figure that’s based on fetishized fantasies which themselves exist within a work of fiction.

NF 1

Compared to many of its contemporaries, the Naruto franchise isn’t particularly heavy on sexy fan service, so if you only follow the series casually you might not immediately recognize this devilish temptress. However, rest assured that if you’ve ever watched even a single Naruto episode, you’ve seen this character before, because that’s none other than leading man Naruto Uzumaki.

NF 2

Among the many tricks ninja in the Naruto world have up their sleeves is the ability to transform, changing their appearance into that of other people or objects. And since ninja combat is more about outwitting your opponent than beating him straight-up, during the course of his training and adventures Naruto occasionally employs the tactic of changing into a busty, scantily-clad woman, a tactic he calls the Oiroke no Jutsu, or “Sexy Technique.”

▼ The whiskers should be a dead giveaway that this is really Naruto in disguise, but the beauty of the gambit is how few male adversaries will actually bother to look at his face.

NF 3

The approximately 22-centimeter (8.7-inch) figure is priced at 12,528 yen (US$117) and is currently available here from online retailer Premium Bandai, with shipping scheduled for late September.

NF 4

Also, if you’re hoping to combine the Iroke no Jutsu with the Bunshin no Jutsu/Clone Technique, please be advised that orders are limited to three units per customer.

Source: Premium Bandai

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JWS japanwebshopping website renewal.

Let me first thank you all dear customers/friends who have been putting your trust in our service, without your help we’d all be working for other companies and we wouldn’t enjoy our jobs/lives as much as we do now.

We’ve been  getting the most surprising and unusual requests and thereby expanding our horizon in what you want and we learn what makes our fellow human being tick. Communicating with folks from all around the world has been a challenging at times (we had to bring in a part-time Spanish speaker/translator  and on a rare occasion a Russian translator), but besides  these rare hiccups, chatting with you through Skype/WordPress/mail and Facebook has been a blast.

We also value your input a lot, and a common complain was that our website loaded like snail…our mistake was that we tried to put as much information and connecting links in it as possible, thereby creating a headache for those without high speed internet access.

So we went a bit simpler this time, and changed the look to a more material/metal look. The pages load a bit faster and it’s definitely easier to the eye. Our love for manga and anime are also more present this time around.




This dark metallic look continues in the separate product pages.


We still haven’t completed the whole site yet though(especially the Japanese section), but we’re working hard to have it finished before Christmas.

Thank you all so much for your patience and in the meantime we will continue to be the best/safest/cheapest (and most personal) personal shopper for you.


Full trailer for ‘Boruto –Naruto the Movie-‘ hints at difficulties of raising a ninja son –


It’s shaping up to be an exciting summer at the theaters for anime fans. This week brings the second “Attack on Titan” animated feature, and in July we’ll be seeing the latest project from “Summer Wars” director Mamoru Hosoda.

In August, though, the big anime event is the premiere of “Boruto –Naruto the Movie-,” featuring the newest generation of ninjas in manga creator Masashi Kishimoto’s “Naruto” franchise. But many kids fight with their parents while growing up, and it doesn’t look like “shinobi” families are any exception, as the film’s first full trailer shows that new protagonist Boruto doesn’t exactly get along with his famous father.

Toho showed off a short teaser for “Boruto” back in April, but this week the distributor has released a regular trailer for the film. Thanks to Bolt’s few snippets of coarse dialogue in the teaser, we already had a hunch that he might not hold Naruto in the same lofty regard as the ramen-loving ninja master’s legions of adoring fans, but the preview shows their relationship is even more strained than we’d imagined.

The film opens with the title of Hokage, the highest rank among the ninja, having been bestowed on Naruto. It’s not a hereditary positon, though, so there’s no guarantee that it will ever passed on to Boruto. That seems just fine by the kid, though, who angrily declares to his dad, “I don’t want to be Hokage, and I’d have been better off without a parent like you!”

But hey, if Boruto isn’t interested, Sarada, son of Naruto’s rival Sasuke, sure is. “Stupid Bolt,” she announces, “the next Hokage is going to be me.”

But while Sarada is gunning for Naruto’s job, Boruto is turning to Sasuke for help. The trailer shows him begging the older shinobi to make him his disciple so that he can become strong enough to defeat his father.

Sasuke agrees to the request, though he doesn’t seem to harbor anywhere near the anger and resentment against Naruto that the Hokage’s own son has for him. On the contrary, he chides Boruto for being less capable and intelligent than his father, even while taking him under his wing.

Good-natured Naruto doesn’t look to be turning his back on Boruto, either, given some of the tender scenes the two seem to share.

Don’t worry, though, it looks like it’s not just parenting techniques that Naruto will get to show off, but his ninja ones as well, as the trailer also makes references to a crises threatening the village.

“Boruto – Naruto the Move-” opens in theaters across Japan on August 7.

Source: Jin