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Japan limited products part 2 日本限定

Every country has its share of  “limited to this country” products,  this is often  a marketing ploy to work on people’s nationalistic feelings and sometimes doesn’t involve more than a slight color alteration or worse, special packaging…and charge more. However lots  of producers realize that each country has their own set of values and tastes, and therefore develop these products with this single group of consumers in mind, and knowing that these products no matter how popular they can be in one market, they could create a huge loss in another.

A lot of producers have other local companies produce their original product through licensing, and these local producers often like to add their own flavor, which is especially the case in the food and beverage industry (Macha KIT KAT annyone?)

If a company decides that a certain product should only be sold in one country they don’t take the folks in account who would love these products…leaving them empty handed, frustrated and over-paying at various auction sites, often spending way too much money, which in turn leads to months of unpaid rent, eviction, sleeping on the streets and feeding on those cheese cake Kit-Kats and Pokka  kamenrider cola…….

We at JWS, went to through a list of Japan limited products at Amazon Japan and came up with a few examples of what you can get for limited stuff against original prices with an almost pathetic 10% commission…we will look for even cheaper options if you want us to..we just don’t want you to end up on the streets…that’s us, a company that cares!

Ok here we go:

We kick off with this handsome Luminox watch:

[ルミノックス]LUMINOX 腕時計 ネイビーシールズ カラーマーク 日本限定 ブラックアウト 3051BlackOut メンズ [正規輸入品]
Luminox navy seals color mark blackout 3051 Yen 45,360 (receive 6,795 points)

For those Apple fans who treat their phone/pad with uttermost care and love to personalize it in a distinguished matter..A spigen aluminum home button in “Japan only” royal blue..cheap as chips for only yen 690,- and we reckon that shipping will set you back just another 2 bucks. (no the 69 yen won’t make us rich, but we hope that you have a million friends who also love to have one..)

【国内正規品】 SPIGEN SGP アルミニウム ホームボタン 日本限定モデル [ロイヤル・ブルー] for iPhone & iPad SGP10554

spigen button

Are you Asian and do you also suffer from damaged eyelashes? Well worry no longer Rivitalash has released the revitalizer rush advance Japan mascara, which is a “reborn” product to suit the characteristics of the Japanese. But we all know that the “we Japanese have shorter intestines” is a blatant lie, so we reckon this product would work well with all women of asian decent.

[Japan only regular commodity] RivitaLash Revitalizer Rush Advance Japan 2ml
Price: ¥ 10,584

RivitaLash Revitalizer(wow that’s big)

Are you the proud owner of a Dolce Gusto machine? Try Macha(green tea) Latte, it has a mild, slightly sweetened and relaxing creamy green tea taste. Japan in two tiny capsules!

¥ 980

nestle macha latte

I’ve never been in the army, but I kick butt on the virtual warfields, my weapon of choice: Call of Duty! One of my vices (besides beer, e-cigs, anime, manga, cars, and more beer) are game consoles, and the soon to be released Playstation 4 call of duty: Black ops 3 limited edition 1TB including game is already pre-ordered.

Playstation 4 Call of Duty

For the wealthy upcoming parents there is this Phil&Teds baby car in “Japan only” pink. It isn’t cheap at yen 94.500 but remember that you can carry 2 kids, so it’s basically only 47.250 yen a kid!


Austrian company AKG will be releasing  a Japan Limited Edition of the populair DJ Style headphone for Yen 9,380 without tax (5%) It’s a proven fact that the colors green, pink and orange enhance the sound quality because they’re the mix of two primary colors,(or did I just make that up?)

Y50 JAPAN LIMITED EDITION。左よりグリーン/ピンク/オレンジ
Japanese color version
original version


If you buy sneakers as a fashion accessory, but prefer the streets of Milano over the uh well the streets,   then these Japan limited Gucci sneakers will suit your Dolce and Gabanna black jeans and black Prada turtle neck sweater outfit. I say absolutely gorgeous, but stay away from the basket ball courts. they are yours to have for yen 7,8758, yes that’s a cool $700…but while you’re reading this you glance at your $500.000 Patek Philippe and just shrug and smile

GUCCI|グッチ 7万8750円

.Gucci sneakers

A little more downscale, but certainly not less extravagant are these Adidas Original SS ENML Pamyu Pamyu sneakers, cute as a camouflage dyed French Bulldog and cheap as a few packs of gum.

Yen 7,580 :


So there you have it, if one product caught your eye, shop around on e-bay or Amazon and check the prices, if you can find them cheaper then good on you, if not ask us for a price estimation, because with the Yen at an all time low, shopping has never been cheaper!

Of course if you’re looking for something else, anything (except mail order brides) we help you track it down, and give you a price estimation….you’re not obliged to buy a thing, until you say you want to. We include all the receipts(product price, shipping cost etc) so you know with 100% certainty that you got the best bang for your buck….

We keep your personal information on a separate not internet connected computer, so you never have to worry about your security and privacy.

Give us a shot, we promise that you won’t regret it.